Buying a bicycle for a child Summer is the time for holidays and children's school holidays. At this time, children love to ride their bicycles. In addition, a bicycle for a child plays a big role in its physical development. He can also play an important role in the future sports career. Perhaps your child will become a famous rider or cyclist. The parents' task is to choose a quality and comfortable bicycle for the child. Your child will appreciate such a gift. It's not difficult at all , but you need to pick up really high-quality,comfortable and comfortable bike. These are the Cube bikes, which are very beautiful, modern, quality and comfortable. And this is one of the most popular and popular among children brand of bicycles. German brand Cube, known throughout the world, is famous for its high-quality bicycles. This company appeared in 1992 and won many admirers due to its high-strength and very reliable products. Velotech, which provides security for bicycle products, is cooperating with Cube. In children's bicycle models, the main condition is the safety of the child. One of the novelties is an electric bike. This is a very beautiful, comfortable, comfortable and safe bike with an electric motor. The variety of children's bicycles of this model is amazing. All provide maximum comfort and protection fora small rider. There are both simple models for the youngest, and advanced for teenagers. For example, for a child aged 3-5 years, the Team Kid 160 model is perfect. Here, a hand and foot foot brake as well as removable additional wheels are included. Your child will simply be delighted with the tempting and stylish appearance of this bike. A ride on it will be a real pleasure. For a 6-year-old child, the company offers a very comfortable and interesting bike Cube Team Kid 200. This is a popular 2011 model with V-Brake brakes and seven-speed turn switches. On this bike, your child can ride perfectly, while at the same time as safely as possible. Such a bicycle weighs 10.5 kg. Bikes models Team Kid 240 and Team Kid 260 are suitable for older children. On such transport it is possible to drive confidently and quickly on impassability. An additional advantage is the availability of switching speeds at 21 and 24 speeds.