Doctor for help

If the patient is in a medical facility, there are no questions with his placement. This is the responsibility of the medical staff. But what if should I use it in a house or apartment? The first thing to do is to consult a doctor. With some diagnoses, the patient's horizontal position is completely used, while in others, the functionality of the device is important.

Each case is special

To prevent leg swelling, the bed is raisedat an angle of 30 degrees. The transition of the bed from the horizontal to the vertical position will help the patient to avoid embolism and other dangerous diseases. The presence of a built-in toilet device is necessary for patients who are not allowed to move. For other cases, the problem is the lack of an arc to pull up a recumbent. It turns out that to choose a medical bed, you have to know a lot about the specific situation in which the patient is. 1


Not everyone can afford to buy a new onemultifunctional medical furniture. The price of a used bed is also influenced by many factors. The device with the electric wire is controlled by the remote control. Adjustment of sections of a mechanical bed is carried out by means of special handles. The final price is also affected by the quality of the materials from which the product was manufactured.


When choosing, pay attention to the possibilityheight adjustment of the bed, number of sections. No less important parameter is the maximum possible angle of the lifting of the legs and head sections. Do not forget to take into account the weight of the patient, each bed has its own load limit. Important is the presence of wheels, brakes, handrails. 1

Alternative option

The patient recovered, bed in a small apartmenttakes up a lot of space. You'll have to take the time to get rid of it. If a medical bed is needed for a short amount of time, it is more profitable to hire it. Such a unique service is provided by the company . You can choose the goods with the electric drive or with the screw drive. There is a rental of new and used beds.

Bed Accessories

If the patient is for a long time in theit is important to purchase an anti-decubitus mattress. For the comfort of the patient it is desirable to use comfortable orthopedic pillows, headrests, supports under the back. An excellent purchase will be a special breakfast table, which is easy to carry and place in a convenient position. 1


You choose a device that istime will become a limited space for a loved one or a loved one. Let the patient lying down spend these days in comfort, as much as possible. Choose the best option, considering all the nuances mentioned above.