Boots Stockings Overcast in the street, and the cold wind squealsthrough. On what to stop your choice to look fashionable, stylish, effective and sexy, and at the same time be warmly dressed? For this, the designers have created new collections of boot-stockings, which again come into fashion. Boots of stockings will help to attract the admiring gazes of men, who are struck by the length, harmony and eroticism of your legs. You will see a wide variety of models in 2016, if you get acquainted with the shows of famous designers. In order to correctly choose winter boots, you need to know the important details:

  • From the snow that can get into the bootleg, perfectly protect the boots-stockings with the outer fur.
  • Comfortable movement on slippery surfaces will provide boots on a non-slip ribbed sole made of natural rubber or microporous rubber.
  • In glaze of shoes on the heel, it is better to prefer a wedge.
  • Comfort and warmth while walking will provide a soft boot that will never press your feet. Shoes, in which the upper part is made of suede, and the bottom of leather, is considered ideal for winter.
  • It's much faster to wear boots with a zipper than those who do not have it. The most important thing is that the lightning is made of quality material.
  • Legs sweat much less often in shoes with natural fur.
  • Never crack in a frosty boots-stockings of genuine leather.
  • There are many models of boots-stockings: starting from black leather on a zipper, on a hairpin and platform, finishing with a bright scarlet sole. Fashionable black boots, stockings made of genuine leather, with great pleasure you can wear under shorts, a mini-skirt, a short dress, a long sweater and leggings, a short coat or a jacket. They can be worn by tucking, it's also very easy to turn boots into stockings, deploying them to full length. With the help of remarkable, very high with a slightly rounded toe, high heel or a platform of boots-stockings of bright colors, you can create a unique image. Those who want to look original and do not spend a lot of money can buy cheap boots from Italian manufacturers, which often differ in no way from famous brands. Looking through the catalogs, pay attention to the fact that the winter collection shoes 2015-2016 are distinguished by a variety of bright natural colors, except for classic black, gray and brown. Chains and ribbons are decorated with many models. boots stretch stockings

    What kind of boots to choose?

    Think about where you intend to put them on:

    • For solemn occasions, suede boots with a high heel are intended.
    • For everyday use, it's better to buy leather boots with a steady heel, although black or brown natural leather also looks chic.
    • From the rains, colds and piercing gusts of the wind will protect you this season's fashion winter boots from suede for cold weather, having a woolen lining.
    • White or beige boots with lace, on a high hairpin will suit those who plan a wedding in the winter. They will perfectly harmonize with a short wedding dress and a fur cape.

    boots boots How to choose boots that fit the shapefeet? This issue is most relevant among women. For extremely thin and very full legs, shoes are the hardest to choose. Boots stretch stockings are perfect for such legs. They look very elegant and perfectly fit your foot. Beautiful knitted socks can be safely put on such shoes. On thin legs, boots with lacing will look great. They are quickly adjusted to the desired size of caviar. You can not buy narrow boots in any case, if your calves are very full, as they squeeze the shin. Not too high, or with special inserts, the models are suitable for such legs. In the event that full only ankles, shoes on the platform will do. But keep in mind that this model makes the full legs even more massive. Stretchy boots will fit any fullness of calves and emphasize your harmony and individuality, visually extending your legs, thanks to the elasticity of the material. To go to a party or a holiday they will do perfectly. Since the boots are very airy, you will be very comfortable in them. You will feel like a star of every party, especially since they can be worn at full length. Boots jackets of maximum length are extremely fashionable this season. It is best to buy boots of neutral shades. Colors such as blue, purple, eggplant, orange, red, as well as pastel shades will please those who prefer extravagant things. But on girls of low height boots-boots look ugly. Visually shorter legs shoes that have straps around the ankle. Buying boots, it is worth considering whether they will be combined with your wardrobe. If you already have boots of classic black or dark brown color, you can experiment with other shades. Boots of stockings will give you a special attraction if you have slender, beautiful legs. Remember this! We advise you to read: