ankle boots spring 2012 Not far off spring, and that's why alldesigners are in a hurry to surprise and even shock every girl with new styles of shoes. We all want to update your wardrobe with the right things, so consider a very important topic: ankle boots spring 2016.

Fashionable colors of spring ankle boots

  • This spring, you should pay attention to the botilions of classic colors: dark blue, black, brown, white, red and beige. They are perfectly combined with any clothing of different styles.
  • Actual ankle boots spring 2016 are made in coral, gold and turquoise hues.
  • A trendy hit is such shoes withanimals, floral prints, as well as in stripes, polka dots or with abstract images. Very nice look ankle boots in leopard coloring - they will act as a perfect addition to a black dress or costume, as well as to any clothes of pastel shades.

trendy ankle boots spring 2012

Different models of ankle boots

Fashionable ankle boots spring 2016 - on a wedge orplatform. The first is more often characterized by an unusual original shape and varied height. Decorations of such models have become the most diverse elements of decor, including metal buttons, rhinestones and buckles. Such shoes are very comfortable and comfortable, at the same time it will decorate your legs. Ankle boots on a platform or a wedge suit perfectly with a variety of clothes, whether it's a mini skirt, dress or leggings. Very original looks shoes with rocker additions - these are large zippers, metal buckles and rivets. No less fashionable are the ankle boots. They can be very bright, flashy, and also unobtrusive, complemented by lace or rivets. These shoes are best combined with a skirt, dress or narrow trousers, which should be tucked inside. Very stylish botilony 2016 spring, made in two shades on a stable low heel in the form of a glass. This option is perfect for everyday wear. Also worth paying attention to models with high heels, because their variety and wide choice will amaze the heart of every fashionista, from the lovers of original things and to classics. An attractive novelty can rightfully be considered ankle boots with crocheted elements. They perfectly complement any knitted thing, such as a dress, and also emphasize your style. Very beautiful will look styles, decorated with lace, mesh and multi-colored inserts. These shoes are for those who follow fashion and are not afraid to experiment. We advise you to read: