causes of furuncle in the nose The appeared furuncle in the nose - this is none other than,as an acute inflammatory process, which is characterized by the formation of a purulent focus. The furuncle is caused by infection (in this case, Staphylococcus aureus) in the hair follicle. The reasons for which the boil jumped on the nose may be very different, but for the most part it is a violation of personal hygiene rules, the use of care products, dirty water through which the infection has penetrated this zone. To contribute to the development of furunculosis, diseases such as sinusitis, sinusitis, rhinitis can also occur, as they are constantly exposed to mucus from the nose, which is the most favorable area for the penetration and development of pathogenic bacteria. The treatment of the boil may also be different, it depends on the stage of the disease, its shape and other conditions. If there are signs of furunculosis in the nose, you should consult a doctor who will prescribe the appropriate, correct treatment. Do not get involved in non-traditional methods, especially for children, since boils with wrong care can cause sepsis and other complications.

Causes of a furuncle

In order to quickly and effectively cure such athe center of an inflammation in a nose, it is necessary to understand, whence he appears. The immediate cause of the boil was a golden staphylococcus aureus or streptococcus. Infection of the hair bulb is due to injury, that is, the formation of scratches, cuts, scuffs. This inflammation can also occur with severe supercooling, due to stress. In this case, treatment is required not only from the boil, but also from the source of its origin. In some cases, furunculosis is one of the concomitant diseases of diabetes mellitus. To cure such focal inflammations, it is necessary to take comprehensive measures, although treatment in such patients is very complex, unsuccessful. Often many people do not pay attention to the severity of the disease, they begin to squeeze out the abscess. Such amateur treatment can lead to the fact that the infection will penetrate into all tissues, can even hit the brain. If there is a fever, swelling on the lips, cheeks, eyelids, it is necessary to urgently consult a doctor for taking appropriate measures. consultation with a doctor on the treatment of boils

Treatment for the first symptoms

Treatment of a furuncle formed inside the nosecan be carried out by various methods. Depends on everything from the general state of health, the degree of the disease itself. Most often prescribed vitamins, antibiotics, ointments. Treatment in the nose requires special attention, since venous blood from here comes first in the skull, that is, goes to the brain. Therefore, it is strictly recommended not to squeeze out the furuncles inside the nose until they are ripe. Physiotherapy is not prescribed in all cases, especially it is not recommended to be performed when infiltrates can be observed near the boil. In such cases, suitable ointments for the removal of inflammation and resorption, antibiotics. Often recommend to use laser therapy, which allows you to quickly cure the boil, surgical intervention is performed only in the most difficult cases, when the boil for a long time can not ripen, there are strong swelling. Prevention of the occurrence inside the nose of furunculosis includes:

  • observance of rules of personal hygiene. All scratches, abrasions, cuts and the like must be immediately treated with alcohol, iodine, chlorhexidine;
  • you can not clean your nose with dirty napkins, climb with dirty hands, use matches for this purpose and others that are not at all suitable as hygiene products;
  • In the case when furuncles do not pass for a long time, new ones appear.

Home methods of treatment In the treatment of furunculosisAt home, it is not necessary to use antibiotics, doctors often recommend inhalation, use ointments and decoctions based on common herbs. Inhalations To inhale through the nose of vapors, you can use a wide variety of formulations, among which are:

  • decoction of oak bark (a glass of water 20 g of bark);
  • infusion of St. John's wort (15 g of herb per glass of water);
  • decoction of willow bark (10 g of bark on a glass of water);
  • infusion of sage (20 g of sage leaves on a glass of water);
  • decoction from the root of violets (a glass of water 10 g of root);
  • infusion of mint (a glass of water 10 g peppermint).

To treat the chosen means of furunculosis should be suchway: the prepared solution is slightly cooled, poured into a deep container, after which you have to tilt your head and cover it with a towel. The vapors are inhaled for five minutes. One course of treatment is three to four of these inhalations. Locally anesthetizing ointments To treat the boil inside the nose, you can also use local anesthetic ointments, which are also easy to prepare with your own hands. In addition to anesthesia, they can also have an anti-inflammatory effect, reducing swelling, contributing to the resorption of the boil. For such ointments, you can use the following recipes:

  • lemon balm leaves 15 g, leaves of plantain 10 g, parsley 5 g, petrolatum and lanolin 50 g thoroughly mixed. All affected areas are lubricated three to four times a day;
  • a spoonful of dry chopped chamomile flowers is poured into a glass of boiling water, insisted. It is used as follows: cotton swabs are wetted in infusion and applied to the affected area in the nose;
  • You can use and infusion of leaves of plantain,mother-and-stepmother, peppermint, which in an amount of 10 grams are poured a glass of water. Tampons are wetted in the product obtained, applied to the boil.

You can treat the furuncle at home not only with herbs, butand medical drugs prescribed antibiotics. Sometimes you have to go to physiotherapy in a clinic, but this is only necessary for complex forms. treatment of boils with ointment

Useful advice from specialists

Treatment of a boil is very responsiblea process that can not be taken lightly or allowed to go by its own accord. If you have consulted a doctor, then follow his recommendations exactly. Experts offer several useful tips to help you cope with this unpleasant disease.

  • Do not try to squeeze the boil before itwill ripen. The fact is that in the area of ​​the head and face all the venous blood first flows into the cavity of the skull, so the infection from the furuncle first comes to the brain, which can lead to unpredictable consequences. Wait a couple of days, use the medications that the doctor recommended to you, or herbal remedies. The purulent head of the boil usually ripens in a few days, after which it bursts on its own.
  • Home treatment of furunculosis can be different. Most often, the affected area is treated with greenery or alcohol, in severe cases, antibiotic treatment, physiotherapy methods may be required. Do not interrupt the schedule prescribed by the doctor, only if there is no deterioration, in which case you should immediately contact an observing specialist.
  • If you have swollen eyes, nose, cheeks, orlips, urgent hospitalization is necessary. In this case, treatment with antibiotics, heparin for the dilution of blood is prescribed, which is necessary for the prevention of such a disease as thrombophlebitis. Procedures for laser irradiation of blood are often used.
  • When the furuncle surface appears densea purulent head, this indicates that the lesion can be cleansed. The vial should be gently pierced with a sterile instrument, completely clean out all pus. Doing this yourself is not recommended, the cleaning of the boil, especially in the nose, is carried out in hospital conditions. Usually, such a surgical intervention is performed under local anesthesia, it does not take much time. If you clean the abscess at home, then you must thoroughly rinse the affected area with alcohol, apply a bandage.
  • Summarizing, once again note that if I jumpeda furuncle in the field of a nose it is not necessary to start at once to squeeze out it or him, it is necessary to wait ripening. During this period, you can carry out treatment that is prescribed by a doctor, or use herbal infusions for dressing. If the form is not very complicated, then the boil can dissolve, not reaching the stage of maturation. If the inflammation can not ripen in any way, causes severe pain, the person begins swelling, it is best to see a doctor right away, it may be necessary to start taking antibiotics, in particularly severe cases, surgical intervention is required.