Logical board games

A similar category of games is very useful for childrenthis age. Because of them, the child learns a lot of new things. Moreover, such entertainments well stimulate the memory and imaginative thinking of the baby. In addition, such leisure can gently teach the child new skills.board games for children 7 years oldBoard games for children of 7 years help to improvechild's mind. Photo: Getty Developing board games can help a first-grader quickly master math. If a child has problems with this science, then it is worth paying attention to such of them:

  • The Kotosovs. This game teaches a quick verbal account, and also enhances logical thinking and reaction speed.
  • The Zwentarium. The edition will help you to master multiplication effortlessly and memorize the table.
  • Traffic Gem. Thanks to this game, the kid will be able to learn the number series, and learn how to compare numbers.
  • Chronolet. The publication unobtrusively teaches the children the concepts of time.
  • Floor plans. In the process of passing the game, children will learn how to quickly add and subtract in the mind.

If the child has problems with reading, then it is worth paying attention to such publications as "Read it" and "Zveroberkvy". Parents of first-graders leave only positive feedback about these games.

Popular Board Games

Every year many new similar entertainments, suitable for children of 7 years are issued. The best of them:

  • Monopoly: Unlimited wealth. This is a children's re-release of everyone's favorite board game. Thanks to entertainment, the child develops intelligence, and learns to calculate the moves ahead.
  • Rummycube. The publication perfectly stimulates logical thinking, and makes you think through your moves in advance.
  • Mikado. This exciting game improves fine motor skills and coordination.
  • Cheese castle. The game improves intelligence and tactical abilities.
  • Run, suck, run. A great publication, helping to develop dexterity and accuracy.

Exciting board games will be an excellent entertainment for the whole family. In addition, this kind of leisure has a positive effect on the development of the baby and takes full advantage of his skills.