biscotti recipe Biscotti is an Italian dry biscuit. It is baked in a special way - first a whole loaf, and then cut into slices and then dried in the oven in this form. There are a lot of biscotti species. In different types of biscotti cookies, the recipe assumes different ingredients of the dough and fillings. The filling can be added directly to the dough when kneading, and can be laid out on the rolled dough, which then folds into a roll. Biscotti is served, as a rule, with some kind of drink, because the cookies are rather dry and firm in texture. The traditional serve is with sweet dessert wine. And they eat biscotti, dipping into wine. But tea, coffee, and juice will be fine. It is believed that the biscotti was Christopher Columbus's favorite pastry. It is understandable: the composition and structure of the cookie allows you to take it on long trips. Well, if so, then for a long-term storage of the house, it is all the more suitable. Biscotti can be cooked in large quantities, folded into a tin can and hold in the event that you want a sweet or unexpected guests unexpectedly arrive. So, for start we suggest to make biscotti with poppy seeds and dried berries.

Biscotti with poppy seeds and berries


  • 200 g of flour and sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • A bag of baking powder
  • Poppy (1 tbsp.) And dry berries for filling (cherry, cranberry, raisins) - 2-3 tbsp. spoons.

Preparation: Mix the flour with sugar and baking powder. Add the filling. Mix and pour eggs, beaten in a separate bowl. Knead the dough, a little sticky and viscous. We form from it a loaf with a thickness of 2-3 cm. We lay the baking tray with baking paper, lay out the dough on it. We send it to the oven, heated to 180 degrees. Baking time is about 20 minutes. We get out of the oven, we cool a little. We cut the loaf across into thin strips (about 1 cm). We lay them wide on the baking tray and put in the oven for another 5 minutes. After five minutes, turn the biscotti on the other side, and then dry it for another 5 minutes until golden. Ready biscotti should be hard and crunchy. And, of course, delicious! As a filling in these biscotti, you can add other dried fruits or nuts. biscotti

Biscotti with citrus and spices


  • 500-600 g of flour
  • 200 g of brown sugar
  • 100 g of high-quality butter
  • 80 g fatty sour cream
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 tsp. baking powder
  • 1 tbsp. lemon peel or orange peel
  • Ground cinnamon and cardamom (by pinch or slightly more)
  • Nuts chopped (walnuts or almonds)
  • Salt (pinch)

Preparation: Beat butter and sour cream. Sprinkle sugar and spices. Continuing to mix, add eggs. Pour the zest, nuts. Gradually adding flour with salt and baking powder, kneading the dough. Flours can go from 3 to 4 glasses, be guided by the consistency of the dough. It should be pleasant and pliable. Place the dough into a film and put in the refrigerator for several hours. Preheat the oven to 190 degrees. Cover the pan with baking paper. From the dough, form two loaves with a thickness of 2-3 cm. Bake in the oven for about 20 minutes until the loaves blanch. Get out, cool a little. Cut across the strips 1 cm wide. Use a thin knife, because the biscotti will crumble. Dry both sides in the oven for 7-10 minutes. Ready to cool the biscotti on the grill, fold it in a tin or glass jar, close tightly with a lid. Thus they can be stored for at least a week. We advise you to read: