Bird's milk candy There is an opinion that most of all sweet lovechildren and women. But in fact, many severe men also do not mind eating something delicious, especially if they are sweets. Even the most brutal representatives of the stronger sex are not alien to such small weaknesses. Particularly scanty for chocolate, sweets and pastries people who are in a difficult life situation, experiencing a crisis or are subject to mood swings. It has long been proven and well-known fact that various kinds of sweets, getting into the human body, produce a hormone of joy, or, as scientists call it, serotonin. That's how you eat in a fit of sadness, for example, "Bird's Milk", and the mood is noticeably improved, the forces appear literally out of nowhere. That in your family all were cheerful and happy, we offer to master a simple recipe. Such sweets, of course, can be purchased at the store, but believe me, a homemade dessert is much tastier! Plus, to cook them yourself is twice as pleasant.

Appetizing sweets at home

To make "Bird's milk" with your own hands, youneed a good mood, quality products and special molds. And everything else is a matter of time and experience. We offer you a completely simple recipe, the advantages of which are in the speed of cooking and in the availability of its ingredients. Give your child a home dessert! Ingredients:

  • 200 grams of ordinary (preferably black) chocolate
  • a little lemon acid (take about at the tip of the knife)
  • three egg whites
  • 180 grams of sugar (if desired, replace with powdered sugar)
  • 150 grams of fat enough condensed milk
  • one package (or 20 grams) of good gelatin
  • the same amount of fresh butter

Cooking method: First, take three eggs and separate the yolks from the proteins, the latter whip with a fork, spoon or special broom and pour into a bowl. In it, gradually pour a small amount of citric acid (at the tip of the knife). Preliminarily in another bowl, soak 20 grams (about one standard package) of gelatin in water, let it swell. Then grind the butter with a blender and mix it with the condensed milk. Put a bowl of gelatin on a quiet fire, pour sugar into it and melt, but in no case bring to a boil, so as not to spoil it! By the way, you can make a dessert with sugar powder: it dissolves better and does not form lumps. At the next stage of making candies, combine gelatin (cool it a little) and proteins, continuing to stir constantly, place the mixture of condensed milk with butter, then spread it into prepared forms. Put them for a while in the refrigerator (enough for 60 minutes) to make them freeze. Now melt the black (or another of your choice) chocolate and let it cool. To make it easier to melt, you can build a steam bath. Ready soufflé dip into warm chocolate and lay on parchment or foil. You can decorate with grated nuts, peanuts or other elements. We hope you managed to make a delicious dessert using this recipe! Serve "Bird's milk" for tea, coffee or milk. candy bird's milk

Gentle sweets for kids

Many mothers forbid children to eat sweet,worrying for their health. We offer another recipe for delicate and delicious sweets called "Bird's Milk". You can make it in your kitchen without spending 30 minutes cooking. Your child will be happy! Ingredients:

  • one biscuit (or 250 grams) of ice cream (take the "Plombir")
  • packing of dry food for children (this is ideal for "Baby" or "Baby")
  • cocoa powder
  • sugar (at your discretion)

Cooking method: Take out the ice cream from the cup and cut into small cubes, in a separate bowl, mix with baby food. Then form the middle balls and sprinkle them with a thick layer of cocoa. We did not use sugar, but you can add to the taste. Prepared sweets are kept in the refrigerator until they are stiff. Voila, "Bird's Milk" is ready for the young sweet tooth! Such a recipe should always be at hand by a busy and working housewife. Prepare this dessert will be even faster than to buy it in the store. candy bird's milk recipe

Delicious sweets with juice

Classic "Bird Milk" is custom made fromchocolate, chicken eggs, with the addition of condensed milk and so on. We suggest making candies, loved by many, on the basis of juice. Think it's impossible or tasteless? You are wrong! Ingredients:

  • one spoon (table) of gelatin
  • two glasses of any fruit juice
  • a bank of concentrated pasteurized milk
  • one tile (or 100 grams) of chocolate of your choice (it is best to use milk or black)
  • three tablespoons of not very fatty sour cream
  • you can add sugar if desired

Cooking method: First you need to make a filling: to do so, soak a tablespoon of gelatin in a glass of juice (if it is not, you can use compote). Leave it for a while to make it swell (it will take about an hour). Then pour the resulting mixture with the remains of a fruit drink and put on a weak fire, do not forget to stir it. Cook until gelatin is dissolved (the main thing - do not bring to a boil). When the finished mass has cooled, add a jar of milk and whisk until a foam forms. After that, pour all into special forms and put in the fridge for half a day (for 5-6 hours). Take care not to freeze the products severely, otherwise they will flow in the warmth and lose their original appearance. After the above time, take out the candies and place them on the work surface. Melt the chocolate and mix it with three tablespoons of low-fat sour cream (until a homogeneous mass is formed). Now pour "Bird's milk": firstly on one side, and when it stiffens, on the other. We are sure that this recipe will take root in your kitchen! Now it is not necessary to buy sweets in the store, because you can make them yourself. Firstly, it is very tasty and quite useful (it is not known what sweet producers add to their products). Secondly, you will always be assured of the quality of such dessert and do not become worried about the health of your child. We advise you to read: