Hair Biolamination The Japanese in their technology almost alwaysrely on computerized and mechanized processes. An exception is the cosmetological sphere, where preferences are given to natural components. It was the Japanese who invented hair biolamination, thanks to which many women can boast of brilliant and beautiful hair, regardless of the season. Hair after this procedure for a long time retain its color, look natural and perfectly hold the styling. The very procedure of lamination involves the sealing of something in a transparent film. This is done in order to protect the object from the effects of external harmful factors (chemical or physical). In fact, hair balancing for the hair follows the same principle and is designed to achieve the same goals. Let's consider what hair balamination is, and also we will stop in more detail on each of its kinds. what is hair balamination

Effect of biolamination on hair

When biolamination, the hair is covered with a film ofnatural cellulose. This bio-film allows hair to breathe freely, strengthens their structure, without affecting the appearance. Biolamination - a technology quite common and developed in our time, it is used by many beauty salons. Covering hair with bio-laminate has a beneficial effect on them. If your hair becomes fragile and split after staining or perm, then after the procedure they will get a healthy look. After lamination, the hair grows 10% in volume, much better retain its color. Treated hair is easier to lay, as natural cellulose acts as a natural styling product. The effect of biolamination lasts a little more than a month, after which the coating begins to wash off. We have to do the procedure anew. Biolamination of hair is

Species of biolamination

  • In any beauty salon, the masters will be able toto offer not only transparent bio-lamination, but also color. Depending on the manufacturer's firm, the number of possible shades can vary from 6 to 20. You will not be able to dye your hair with this procedure, but give a new beautiful shade - easily;
  • There is also hot biolamination. This procedure is slightly different from the usual one. A laminating compound is applied to the hair plates, after which each of them is treated with an iron with a thermoregulator. Thanks to the warmth of the hair, it seems to be sealed, after which an air conditioner is applied to them, restoring the structure;
  • Biolamination with the help of cosmetics «PaulMitchell. " The components of this cosmetic product do not contain ammonia and alcohol, which means that the procedure is absolutely harmless. The composition of the product is based on wheat protein, with the addition of extracts of various herbs: chamomile, hops, yarrow. Such a cocktail of beneficial additives has a beneficial effect on hair growth and has a curative effect on them;
  • "Lebel cosmetics" is a Japanese company thathas developed a cosmetic means for hair care "Color Prefal". The composition of the product includes many components of plant origin, as well as coating RRT - extract from pearls. This procedure allows you to make both colored and transparent hair lamination;
  • "Hair company" is a young Italian company,A releasing agent suitable for dyed and tossed hair. The product is suitable for both cold and hot biolamination;
  • "Kemon" - cosmetics, which manyhairdressers recognized as one of the best in the world market. Each hair is filled with extracts of medicinal plants and keratin, after which the hair is covered with a protein compound;
  • If your hair is depleted by staining andpermanent use of hair dryer, you can try cosmetics for lamination "By Fama", containing a lot of active substances and vitamins. Lactolan - milk protein regenerates hair bulbs, moisturizes the scalp. Proteins of wheat and soybeans create the same protective film that prevents the exposure of ultraviolet rays, and also reduces the fragility of hair by 80%. Keratin - restores the natural structure of the hair;
  • Barex Biolamination is ideal forbrittle and dry hair. This drug contains wheat proteins, silicone derivatives and many essential oils. The effect lasts not for long, but this procedure is considered the safest of all. You can do it both on straight, and on curly hair. The result is equally effective.

Perhaps, from the decision immediately to enroll in the salonyou are distracted by the thought of the dangers of biolamination. Experiencing is not necessary - it is absolutely safe and even useful procedure. Cellulose film prevents the influence of harmful factors on the structure of the hair and has a light water-repellent effect - the hair will finally stop curling and fluff in wet weather. Just remember an important detail - you need to do biolamination only in professional conditions! Now, modern technologies for hair care are available in beauty salons of any city. The only thing that can make you doubt is the cost of the procedure, which depends on the length and degree of hair density. Of course, the price of many can be alienated. But if you have the opportunity and desire to look attractive, do not give up! Believe me, you will never regret the money spent! We advise you to read: