Woman’s Day has compiled a list of the best toys for walking.Photo: Getty Images

Sandbox set

Most children can spend hours playing with sand,and this applies to different ages. As soon as the baby begins to walk, he will certainly choose a sandbox among all the entertainment on the playground. Therefore, in a set of street toys, the first thing to do is to have accessories for playing in the sand: a scoop, a bucket, molds for kulichikov, a sieve, a watering can (in case the child plays close to the water). For boys, it will not be superfluous to stock up on toy trucks, excavators, or any other typewriters at will.

Wheeled toys

Photos: Getty Images There are two kinds of them: on a stick and on a rope. Particularly active toys, wheelchairs are bought up by parents of very young children, just starting to take the first steps. For many guys, a walk without such a toy is generally unthinkable. After all, it is not only entertaining for the child, but also helps him to keep his balance and serves as a support for not very confident walking (this applies to a stick with a stick). Turtles, ducks, crocodiles, elephants - you can choose anyone. Multi-colored, rattling, spinning toys in all directions are the best companion of a kid for a walk. They can also include a doll carriage. The toy carriage has recently lost its gender identity. Modern parents also buy compact strollers that can be bought by boys. All children with great pleasure rush with them in parks and squares.

Tolokara and children's electric cars

A photo: Getty Images A wheelchair or tolokar is a toy that children love. The principle of riding on it is extremely simple, and a one-year-old baby can easily master such a transport. All you have to do is tolokar (by the way, they also come in the form of locomotives, ships, animals) and, pushing with legs from the ground, move forward or backward. You will not go far away on it, this, of course, is not a bicycle or a running bike, but the sea of ​​joy for a child’s walk is guaranteed. Most models of tolokars are equipped with music, lighting effects, and some even have a handle attached, with which an adult can roll the baby. The next stage after the wheelchair can be a more solid transport, namely, an electric child car. In fact, this is a mini-model of an ordinary car that a child can drive himself. In the electric car there are pedals and even a gear shift lever. You can go back and forth, but remember that the battery charge usually lasts no more than an hour, so a long walk on this car will not work. If your baby is still small and cannot independently drive a car, some models in the kit have a control panel with which the parent himself can navigate the route of a young car enthusiast. A similar toy is not a cheap pleasure, but seeing the shining face of pride of a child driving around the park on your own car, it is difficult to resist buying an electric car to your child. If you still consider this type of machine superfluous in the arsenal of toys, in many parks you can rent an electric car. Read also: