Since ancient times belly dance personifiessexuality and attractiveness of the female body. Over time, the name of this dance has undergone some change: now it is in most cases referred to simply as fitness bellydance. Moving to fitness clubs, he conquered the hearts of many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, becoming for them fitness for body and soul. Fitness bellydance has some characteristic features: first, all movements during the dance are performed on the principle of "from simple to complex," and, secondly, the rules for building ligaments are borrowed from aerobics. The lesson itself, as a rule, is based on the technique of classical belly dancing, but it does not stop in intensive mode, which is certainly a considerable physical load.

How useful is Fitness bellydance?

  • effectively relieves stress
  • promotes a harmonious change of shape
  • increases the elasticity of the abdominal muscles
  • stabilizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract
  • strengthens the back muscles
  • strengthens blood circulation in the pelvic area
  • increases self-esteem
  • relieves pain during menstruation

What clothes are suitable for classes?

It is most convenient to practice in soft sportstrousers and a short top that maximally opens the stomach. As for shoes, it is better not to wear sneakers. The best option is ballet shoes or just in one socks. The use of a ringing belt will give the dance some magic, and its owner - an extraordinary charm. In the absence of such an accessory, it can be replaced with a bright shawl tied to the hips.

How is fitness bellydance?

At the very beginning, a 10-minute warm-up forwarming up the muscles. The main part of the training is devoted to the study of previously studied movements and the study of new ones. In the classes for beginners, the main emphasis is on performing basic shocks and setting the case. At the end of the training, relaxation exercises are carried out, which help to relieve fatigue and restore muscle. Do you dream to attract the attention of men? Do you want the admired views of the opposite sex to be directed at you? Then sign up for belly dancing and conquer their hearts! We advise you to read: