50th anniversary park If you are thinking about where to go on vacation, ifyou are tired of sultry beaches and obsessive service, if from the view of the majestic pyramids and camels you no longer enjoy, is it time to think about traveling through Europe? And to visit a fabulous, unforgettable Belgium, whose sights are remembered for life. If you worked a lot and fruitfully the whole year and you just need to change the situation, you better not find Belgium. Or maybe you have troubles in your personal life and you broke up with your loved one? Only the atmosphere of this hospitable, affable, sympathetic small country can dispel all anxieties and longing. Having visited it, breathing it with air, wandering through the narrow, so cozy streets of old cities, admiring the sights of Belgium, you will feel that life is just beginning! And ahead of you is waiting for all the fun!

First impression

Once in her, no one cannot fall in love with this country at first sight and for life. you will not hear screams like in France, you will not see arrogance and bombast, like in Italy. From the first steps, getting off the train and finding yourself in any city in Belgium, you will immediately feel a completely pacifying atmosphere. The Belgians are sympathetic, friendly and smiling people. You will have a feeling that you are here every weekend. In Belgium they speak three languages: German, French and Flemish. But if you know English, be sure, you will understand and help in any situation. Problems with communication and mutual understanding will not arise. If you are tired and want to rest in one of the many cafes, you will not be banned, even if you have not ordered anything. A pleasant addition is that in Belgium the Internet is everywhere. There are open networks in museums and cafes, there is free city internet. you can use it, sitting on any bench in the city, and there are plenty of shops in Belgium. monument pissing boy

The ancient cities of Belgium

Each city of this country has its own face, individual identity.

  • Brussels is the capital of Belgium. The political and cultural center of the country, as well as the entire European Community.
  • Lear is known for his astronomical clock,a ring of fortifications of the XVI century and the ancient tower of Zimmer. Not far from the city is the Kalmthaut nature reserve, which protects relic sand dunes, surrounded by pine forests and heathland.
  • Antwerp is the second largest port in Europe and the largest center of the world for diamond cutting.
  • Bruges is a medieval shopping center and the main city of West Flanders.
  • Ghent - in this city the largest number of ancient buildings, is the capital of East Flanders.
  • Spa is a famous resort.
  • Mechelen (Malin) - in this city Beethoven was born. Known for its famous bells and stunning architecture.
  • Tongeren - this city saw Julius Caesar. The oldest city in Belgium.
  • Yui - is known for his tin production.
  • Liege is a large and ancient city in Wallonia.
  • Waterloo - the battlefield between Napoleon and Wellington. The famous tourist center. Sights are dedicated to the battle between the French and the British.
  • Binsh is an ancient city in which the famous carnival is held.
  • The tour is a city of churches.
  • Charleroi - the birthplace of the Carolingian dynasty.
  • The Great Ardennes Forest is located near the border with Luxembourg and Germany. This is the pride of the country. It is home to a lot of Belgium's sights surrounded by pristine forests.

The rainy climate of Belgium

The weather in this country is differentimpermanence. It often rains and overcast. On the coast of the North Sea, the climate is damp and mild. In the Ardennes - more continental. The best time to visit this country is from May to September. From July to August, you can try to plunge into the sea, although the water temperature rarely rises above 18 degrees. Winter is considered quite cold, but not for residents of Russia. Recommended clothes for winter in Belgium are clothes for late autumn in Russia. In the summer it's cool, so come in useful demi-season. The umbrella is obligatory. park of mini-europe

Character of the Belgians

National feature of the Belgians can becharacterize the Russian proverb: "Cause - time, fun - hour." They know a lot about work, they do not know crazy folly. They consider it proper to postpone something in reserve, and rest well for rest. Very respectful common sense, understand humor and are distinguished by tolerance. Externally obedient citizens of their country, but behind this lies a strong national character. A true Belgian will never behave in a society in an inappropriate way, he will never wear defiant clothing. The tourists are very friendly. It even surprises those who first came to this country. Always ready to come to the rescue, tell the road, explain something.

Belgian Chocolate

Chocolate refers to the sights of Belgium. In this country, occupying 30.5 thousand square meters. km, there are 16 chocolate museums, 12 chocolate factories and 2,000 chocolate shops. In every town, in every village there is a shop that offers simply luxurious chocolate sweets. If you compare Swiss and German chocolate with Belgian, then the latter wins by its taste qualities. Belgium is the leading chocolate producer in Europe. In a year it produces 172 thousand tons of chocolate. Till now many chocolate sweets are made manually. If you are constrained in the means, and you really want chocolate, there is one way. Walking around the city, go to a specialized chocolate shops. They are allowed to try chocolate for free. When you visit a few shops, you will realize that you are full of it. Vrydagmarkt - the main square of the genta

Creative monuments

Attractions in Belgium includea large number of unexpected sculptures located on the streets, in parks, on sidewalks, at public transport stops. In no country in the world you will see anything like this. Some monuments live for a long time, some only a few weeks or months. Everyone has heard about the famous "Pissing Boy", which is in Brussels. Near him, crowds of tourists gather, are photographed. Meanwhile, in the small town of Geraardsberg there is also the "Manneken Pis", which is older by as much as 160 years. But in Brussels there is also a "Pissing Girl", and even a "Pissing Dog". There is a cat monument in a pink T-shirt, sitting on a bicycle. There is a car attached to the wall of a residential building at the level of 2-3 floors in the city of Leuven. It is unclear what the author of this monument wanted to say, but to look curiously. An interesting, unusual monument "Abduction of Europe" is located in Brussels near the building of the European Commission. Right at the crossroads in the Belgian capital, next to the curb, is a sculpture depicting a plumber climbing out of the sewerage hatch and grabbing a policeman standing by the foot. Shown in motion as the policeman got scared and falls. At the tram stop is a sculpture "Waiting for a tram". A guy and a girl are sitting and holding hands. All the sculptures can not be described: there are a lot of them and they are in the most unexpected places. Belgium and its attractions are creative.

Travel to Belgium

It's best to get from one city to anothertrain. It's cheap, comfortable and fast. It is better not to use taxi services. Prices bite. Be sure to visit the city of Bruges. It is famous for its bridges. you can go boating through the canals. In restaurants, do not go, because the prices in them are simply unrealistic, but there is no taste. If you have a small budget, go and have dinner at McDonald's or Quick. If you are in Brussels, visit the bar "Dellerium", where you can try a large number of beers. This bar is even listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Next to this bar is a sculpture of a pissing girl. Be sure to try the Belgian waffle. Pay only 2 euros, but you will understand what a great taste it has. Be very careful and careful in the area of ​​the Nord and Midi stations. These are lofty places. Nearby is the Arab quarter and the "red light street". Be sure to try the French fries. It is sold in kulechkah, as in Russia seeds. Very tasty! Do not miss the opportunity to visit the trekking in a real castle. The entrance costs 2.5 euros. Inside, you can take pictures and stay on the territory for as long as you like. Three times a day in the castles for tourists are stylized performances. This happens at 11, 14 and 16 hours. Do not ignore the symbol of Brussels - the Atomium monument. This is a 165-billion-fold increased molecule of iron. Its height is 102 meters. Next to it is located the no less famous miniature mini-Europe park. It contains models of the most famous and beautiful buildings and structures in Europe at a scale of 1:25. Belgium is proud of its Cathedral of Our Lady, located in Antwerp. It contains the famous paintings of Rubens: "Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary", "Resurrection of Christ". This must be seen with your own eyes. Entrance to the cathedral - only 2 euros, impressions - 1000.

Conclusion and conclusions

This is a fabulous, unique place. Once you arrive in this country, you will want to wander again through the narrow, cozy streets, listen to street musicians, breathe the aromas of chocolate and waffles. See the friendly smiles of passers-by. Belgium is a country whose sights will be remembered for a long time.