beef baked in foil And what only people thought of to eattasty, but economically and with benefit. Especially if it was meat. To preserve its taste and useful qualities, our predecessors baked animal carcasses directly over the fire, without removing the skins from them. Then they began to cover pieces of meat with clay and bake them in a fire. Then the clay was replaced with a dough, and the fire with a stove. And now, at last invented foil. They invented it, of course not for baking meat, but for other purposes. But the chefs quickly evaluated and adopted this invention. And so today beef baked in foil is just one of the few dishes that are cooked with magic metal paper. Let us also learn this simple, but useful work. Especially because:

  • baked in foil meat has a taste of stew, and the smell of roast;
  • cooking takes place without the participation of fat;
  • Baked meat is juicier and more tender than boiled and softer roasted;
  • this method of cooking is suitable for a diet menu;
  • it's just very tasty!

Classic recipe

So, having in your kitchen an ordinary oven (oven) and checking the presence of foil, we prepare the following ingredients for beef baked in foil:

  • Meat, better fillets - about a kilogram
  • Carrots - half or whole
  • Garlic head
  • Salt - 2 tablespoons
  • Black pepper - a teaspoon

Preparation: Meat is cleaned of films, washing and dried with a clean waffle towel. Carrots mine, clean, cut into long thin bars (large straws). Garlic cloves are cut along two to four parts (depending on the size of the denticles). A piece of beef is pierced from several sides by a long, thin and sharp knife. In the puncture, push the lobes of carrots and garlic. Mix the salt with pepper and rub this mixture with meat. We take a sheet of foil, put meat on it and tightly wrap it. We put the meat on a baking tray, put it in a preheated oven. When the characteristic "shaking" sounds are heard from the oven, the fire is slightly diminished. We cook meat for about an hour. The exact time depends on the size of the piece of beef and the tightness of the oven. You can serve such meat in hot and cold. baked beef in foil

Portion beef in foil

Dish, of course, for the title of dietary notpretends, but with the role of "nail" on the festive table quite cope. However, for a casual dinner or dinner, such a baked beef in foil is also suitable. Ingredients:

  • About a kilogram of beef (veal)
  • About a kilogram of potatoes
  • A pound of champignons
  • Half a glass of creamy cream
  • Butter for roasting
  • Spices (to your taste)

Preparation: Cut the meat into portions (as for chops). Cut the meat strictly across the fibers, so that on the cut was a characteristic pattern in the form of "curls" or uneven rings. We beat off it, sprinkle with pepper and salt and quickly fry in a hot frying pan. As a result, we will get almost ready beef with a ruddy crust. Cut the fried potatoes in the same oil. Chopped mushrooms are first fried, and then pour the cream and stew until cooked. For each portion we take a sheet of foil, we put meat on it, then potatoes, and on top mushrooms. After seasoning each serving with spices, tightly wrap the foil, leaving a little free space inside. We bake for 40 minutes. We serve on the table directly in foil. how to bake beef in foil

Tips and Secrets

Beef in a foil will get tastier if meatpre-soak in marinade from soy sauce, garlic, salt and olive oil. In order for the baked beef to turn out with a ruddy crust, unfold the ready-made meat and pour it over with a drunk juice. Send the meat to the oven for another 10 minutes. Determine the availability of meat can be by the appearance of the foil. Once her folds begin to smell and turn black, the meat is ready. While cooking meat, you can safely engage in other activities. Only ten minutes before the readiness is worth carefully following him. Knowing how to bake beef in foil, you can easily prepare a festive and casual meal. Find what to do on the road or on nature. With sliced ​​slices of this meat make sandwiches, and with the leftovers - pizza, salad or pie. Dare! We advise you to read: