bedroom layout The bedroom is the most intimate space inthe whole apartment, so the presence of strangers in this area is extremely undesirable. The problem of a separate bedroom is familiar, probably, to every second family, and in each specific case this issue is solved in its own way. But there are general rules for planning. After all, in the bedroom most often not only sleep, but also read, work, relax or iron underwear. Therefore, so important is the proper planning of the bedroom in accordance with their own lifestyle and habits. Even if it seems that for the bedroom there is absolutely no place in the apartment, it is better to combine the living room with the kitchen, but to allocate a separate room for sleeping.

What, where, where?

Planning the layout of the bedroom, it's important to try,so that it is as far from the entrance as possible and does not border on the living room and kitchen. The bedroom according to the proportions should be closer to the square than to the rectangle, but if this can not be achieved due to the peculiarities of the apartment, you should not be upset. You can change the space if you use all sorts of niches or give part of the room under the dressing room. A podium or a good location of the bed at an angle to the walls can also change the perception of the proportions of your bedroom. When planning the furnishing of a bedroom, the most important task is the proper placement of the bed. According to the rules of planning the bed should be placed in such a way that it does not interfere with moving around the room. You can place the bed head-to-wall, leaving the passages on the sides, preferably not very narrow. It will be very good if the door to the bedroom is viewed from the bed. If this is not possible, then in this case a mirror will help. It will need to be installed so that you can see the incoming. In our time of plastic windows the problem of drafts has disappeared by itself. But experts still do not recommend placing a bed near the window. In the event that it is located above the head, the sleeping person will be psychologically uncomfortable, because he will feel a sense of insecurity. If the bed is placed opposite the window, in the morning the sun's rays will beat the sleeping person right in the face (if the room is located to the east), which is also unpleasant. In small apartments you can beat space if you apply asymmetry reception. To do this, the bed must be placed diagonally. Worthy furnishings in this case can be a triangular cabinet and a pillar at the head of the bed, which can serve as a table for a lamp or a bedside table for storing bed linen. In a small room, the principle of minimalism will come in handy, because in this case the bedroom will look more spacious than it is. Visually, the built-in wardrobe or a separate wardrobe will help to relieve the room. If there is absolutely no room for them, then for storage of things you can use a podium bed, equipped with capacious boxes. large bedroom layout

Just a bedroom or ...?

Very often one room performs two basicfunction. For example, it combines a sleeping and a working place, or next to the parent's bed the baby's crib adjoins. A feature of the layout of the bedroom in this case will be its competent zoning. If you can not build a blind stationary structure from gypsum board, you can replace it with a sliding system of translucent partitions made of stained glass or frosted glass. It will become light, bright and, most importantly, aesthetically attractive solution. If you want to keep the opportunity to vary, then you can use portable folding screens that can easily be rearranged to another location. Instead of a partition, you can also use an ordinary rack. Make it visually more spacious you can almost any bedroom. To do this, you can use mirrors, which due to multiple reflections visually increase the room's footage. At the same time, they should not be placed in the legs or on the side of the bed, but best of all at the head of the bed. The design of the ceiling in the bedroom is not recommended to be complicated by a large number of levels and complex patterns. The simpler the shape of the ceiling, the easier it will be for you to rest and sleep in it. In some cases, you can generally abandon the suspended ceiling in favor of a smooth and smooth. Creation of a harmonious and cozy atmosphere can be facilitated by observing the correct proportions in the space of the room. For example, to correct high ceilings it is possible due to a false ceiling from gypsum cardboard. The layout of a large bedroom in the presence of a low ceiling can significantly benefit if you beat it with multi-tier ceiling structures. A huge role is also played by color, light and texture of selected finishing materials. In a small bedroom there should be no relief plasters, dark tones and complex ceiling designs. To the interior there was a feeling of lightness and airiness, it is necessary to fill it with light pastel shades or gray-blue gamma.

Let there be light!

With well-designed lighting, you cancreate in the bedroom not only a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, but also get a charge of vivacity at the right time. Experts recommend using as a central light source traditional chandeliers or plafonds. The standard of lighting per square meter of living space is 20 watts of artificial light. Therefore, it is worth keeping to the measure in lighting the bedroom. For example, in order to get an additional light source for reading, it will only be enough to place a desktop or hanging fluorescent lamp on the bedside table. In order to diversify the light scenarios in the bedroom, you can place a spotlight on the perimeter of the room or set beautiful floor lamps at its corners, for example, with a wide lampshade that guides the light upwards. The light that hits the ceiling will gently dissipate, thus creating in the bedroom a situation of intimacy and soft comfortable lighting. As additional illumination it is possible to apply zonal lamps, for example, directional light for lighting paintings. The original and non-standard solution for organizing intimate lighting can be fluorescent lamps built into the bottom of the suspended bed. In support of them, you can install the same lamp in the ceiling cornices of plasterboard. At the moment, wall niches with built-in illumination are especially popular. They are very functional, because they replace closed cabinets with shelves, at the same time play the role of bedside sconces, if they are located on either side of the bed. Bedroom layouts

Size matters. And the color?

Making a bedroom is impossible without literateselection of colors. Here it is important to take into account both the side of the light, which the windows of the room are facing, and the temperament of the master of the bedroom. For example, for impulsive people, bright and saturated colors are contra-indicated, olive or beige calm tones are more suitable for them. For phlegmatic persons, on the contrary, colors are more intense to tone their already relaxed temperament. Not everyone knows the fact that deep blue also refers to active and "disturbing" colors. Despite the fact that outwardly it seems calm and comfortable, it can induce an internal tension that can interfere with proper rest and relaxation. Neutral and soothing shades, such as pearl gray, light pink or light blue, are usually used to decorate the bedrooms. They blend well with the color of natural wood in the bedroom setting. So beloved by women light pink shade may not like the male sex, it is better to use either a beige-brown range, or a calm orange. Orientation on the sides of the world also leaves its imprint on the choice of color in the bedroom. If the windows of the room go to the north side, then for the walls it is better to use peach or pink-beige warm tones. For bedrooms facing south, you need to apply for the finishing of walls colder shades, for example, gray or blue. We advise you to read: