How to learn to smile beautifully "From the smile it will be all brighter". Surely, each of us remembers the words of this kind children's song. And throughout our life we ​​again and again are convinced that the value of a smile is difficult to overestimate. A smile can be very different: kind, ironic, formal, sincere. But any smile should be beautiful. And in the power of absolutely every person to make your smile perfect. This article will talk about how to make a beautiful smile. We hope that every reader will find useful information on how to smile in the photo and look good. Very many women, seeing photos in magazines, think: "What a beautiful smile! I also want a beautiful smile! Despite the fact that this, at first glance, seems impossible, in fact, to make sure that you had the most beautiful smile in the world, it's easy. However, a simple desire "I want a beautiful smile" is not enough. To achieve it, you need systematic training. A beautiful smile of models with covers of glossy magazines is most often the result of constant work on oneself.

Secrets of a charming smile

In order to understand how to learn beautifullysmile, you need to have a clear idea of ​​the mechanism of the appearance of a smile. After all, this information will give you knowledge about how to make a beautiful smile. With a smile, about 40 different facial muscles work. However, in most cases the smile turns out to be asymmetric. This is because different muscles have different degrees of training and development. But the most beautiful smile is a symmetrical smile.

  • If you do not develop mimic muscles, then achievesymmetry is almost impossible. And an asymmetrical smile will not be so spectacular. If you regularly perform exercises for a beautiful smile, then a month later the question of how to smile beautifully, will cease to be relevant for you.
  • In addition, do not forget about the state of the cavitymouth. If a smile shows yellow, unclean teeth, and even with carious holes, the most beautiful smile will lose its charm. It is necessary to regularly visit the dentist and carefully care for the oral cavity: brush your teeth, and also use the interdental thread.
  • Remember also that the fact thatyour smile will be beautiful, it depends also on the correct makeup of your lips. After all, even fully knowing the science of how to make a beautiful smile, it is very easy to spoil it with bright, flashy and ineptly applied makeup. If you doubt your abilities, do not regret your time and contact a good make-up artist - a cosmetologist who will prompt and show the most suitable variant of make-up for you.
  • The condition of the facial skin is also of great importance. If you have dry, flaky skin, you need to moisturize it, if, on the contrary, it's greasy, use scrubs. The rim of black dots on the contour of the lips looks very repulsive.
  • The skin of the lips also needs care. Use hygienic lipsticks, try to avoid that the skin of lips becomes dry and cracked. If you are susceptible to such a disease as herpes, always keep on hand medications that are able at the slightest sign of a rash to stop the further development of the disease. In addition, attention should be paid to strengthening immunity. Once your immunity gets stronger, the number of exacerbations of the disease will drop significantly.

Exercises for muscle training

how to smile properly The very first thing to start with isexercises for a beautiful smile. The first results you will notice after only one week. The main condition for success - the systematic implementation of this set of exercises that contribute to the emergence of a beautiful smile. The complex should be performed twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. In addition, that these exercises will allow you to master the technique of a proper smile, they also help to avoid the appearance of facial wrinkles, and also delay the appearance of age-related. Those women who master and will apply the exercises described below, the question of how to smile beautifully, will not even arise. Skills of a beautiful smile they will be honed to automatism.

  • Bring your finger to your lips, but do not touch them. The distance between the finger and the lips should be about 3-4 centimeters. Try to reach out your lips to your finger, applying maximum effort to it. Of course, you will not be able to do this, but this will make a certain group of muscles work fully. Pulling out your lips, open your mouth, then tightly close. This must be done, keeping the lips in an extended state. After that, completely relax all the facial muscles for a few seconds. Repeat the exercise 5 times.
  • Blend and stretch the lips in the same way asin the first exercise. For 30 seconds, move the lips to the tube with the lips from side to side, then relax the lips for 10 seconds. Repeat the exercise 5 times.
  • Pull tightly closed lips and try to outline the eight in the air. After that, relax the muscles. Repeat the exercise 5 times.
  • Put out your tongue, tightly grasp his lips andfix the muscles in this position for a few seconds, then as much as possible relax the muscles of the lips and tongue. This exercise must also be performed at least 5 times.
  • Slightly open your mouth and pull it forwardfolded lips. Hold them in this position, and then exhale sharply, as if you were blowing out the flame of an imaginary candle. After that, relax the muscles of the lips. This exercise is sufficient to perform only 3 times.
  • Put more air in the lung, squeeze tightlylips and try to exhale through the mouth. Then exhale the air. During this exercise, you will feel the tension of the muscles of the cheeks, which are also actively involved in the process of smiling.
  • The following exercise is similar to the previous one,however, the muscles of the lips are also included in the work. You need to inhale, inflate your cheeks and release air in such a way that your lips feel a vibration. At first glance, this exercise may seem rather complicated, but in practice its implementation does not cause any difficulties.
  • This seemingly simple exercise, like stretching the lips in an unnaturally wide smile, also perfectly coaches all the muscles of the lips.

Stop, moment!

Probably, every person knows the feelingThe disappointment that sometimes you experience when you look at your own photos. And it happens most often because most people do not know how to smile properly in the photo. The biggest mistake people make is an unnatural, constrained pose and a "forced" smile. But it depends on the smile, how you will look on the photo. The secret of how to make a beautiful smile is extremely simple - smile more often! How to learn to smile beautifully is described above, but how correctly you will be able to smile on the photo depends on your ability to fix the smile at the moment of taking pictures. Smile in front of the mirror, critically examining your smile. Choose the smile that suits you: a broad smile or mysterious, with closed lips, or maybe mysterious? It does not matter if you plan to make a career as a model, conquer the best podiums in Paris or just want to dazzle others with your smile. After reading this information, you now know exactly how to make a beautiful smile. And by applying the knowledge gained in practice, you will have the most beautiful smile in the world. You will become a real expert in all matters of how to correctly and, most importantly, beautifully smile. We advise you to read: