Foot baths hydromassage Just imagine how much the load isevery day lies on your feet. They have to carry all the weight of your body all day long. And the pursuit of fashion, often makes us wear beautiful, but uncomfortable shoes, especially on high heels, which in the evening there is swelling and pain in the legs. Unfortunately, if you do not take care of your legs on time, then, in time, you risk to earn a "bouquet" of diseases: varicose veins, deforming osteoarthritis and other equally unpleasant consequences. Unfortunately, all these diseases are chronic and very reluctant to treat, which is why it is so important to prevent them from occurring on time. Hydromassage baths are widely used to relieve fatigue and relaxation of leg muscles. The baths are made of plastic, with a built-in aerator and pump. Sometimes, as additions, they are built in magnets or infrared lamps. With the help of hydromassage foot baths, hygienic and cosmetic foot massage is performed, which perfectly removes fatigue, swelling, restores normal muscle tone, improves blood circulation. Plus, there is a stimulation of biologically active points that are located on the soles of the feet, and that are the projection of almost all internal organs. Thus, the whole body is stimulated. The most important and pleasant function of electric foot baths is massage with air bubbles. The air is pushed out with force into the water, creating intense massage vibrations, which penetrate deeply into the tissue. This massage helps to increase the flow of blood, from which the body receives more nutrients and oxygen, and stimulates metabolism. Another, no less pleasant way of massage, is made by thin streams of water, which are fed under pressure. This procedure helps to expand blood vessels, increases blood pressure, and has a refreshing effect. Some foot baths with hydromassage are equipped with magnets, for regular procedures with convulsions, pain in the muscles and joints. Magnets are mounted in the bottom of the bath and create a weak magnetic field, which has a powerful healing effect for the entire body. Some infra-red lamps (located under the waterproof visor) are built in some of the bathtubs. Warming up the lamp can be used in both empty and filled bathrooms - the effect will be positive. Infrared radiation will be useful for improving blood circulation and increasing muscle elasticity. Just a few minutes a day will be enough for your legs to rest and the pain is gone.

About the benefits of hydromassage

In addition, that foot baths are hydromassage andsimple, perfectly relieve fatigue, they also have a number of medical indications. For example, the hydro-massage of the feet is successfully used in reflexotherapy, which consists in influencing the very points on the feet that are responsible for most of the vital organs of man. So, by working on certain areas of the foot, you can positively influence the work of some organs, and massage of the entire foot will have a great effect on your body as a whole. With the help of hydromassage baths, you can have a beneficial effect on the tonsils, lungs, stomach, kidneys, liver, bladder, sciatic nerve, appendix and other organs. But, unfortunately, the use of whirlpool baths is not available to everyone. No matter how useful and safe the hydromassage baths for the feet would not be, they also have contraindications. For example, with tumors, open wounds on the legs, inflammations, muscle injuries, allergies or fungal skin lesions, the use of a whirlpool bath is contraindicated. It is not advisable to hydromassage with polyneuropathy (reducing the sensitivity of nerve endings), since the likelihood of burns or hypothermia is high. Be careful with the use of whirlpool baths during pregnancy and circulatory disorders. In order not to risk, consult with a specialist. Most likely, the doctor will allow you to take the foot bath, but not too hot and short. It is advisable to consult a doctor if you have joint pain, vascular disease, varicosity or thrombosis, diabetes, cancer. In general, the main recommendation - track your condition after using the bath. If you feel unwell, it's best to contact your doctor immediately or stop using the massage. To maximize the benefits of the whirlpool, you can use special cosmetic supplements. It can be various oils, salts, herbs, foams or bath milk. Herbal extracts and essential oils have a positive effect on the condition of the whole organism. Chamomile extract, for example, will be useful for sensitive skin, and lavender will help relieve tension and soothe your legs after a hard day's work. If you suffer from permanent swelling of the legs, use as a cosmetic supplement horse chestnut extract. If you are worried about excessive sweating of your feet, add a little dried flowers of rosemary to warm water. Before going to bed, you can take a relaxing bath with melissa. Some hydromassage baths are specially equipped with a small container for oils and salts. This allows you to gradually dissolve in warm water the supplements you need and get the maximum benefit from the bath. It is very useful to take contrasting foot baths. They significantly improve blood circulation and increase the overall tone of the whole organism. The duration and intensity of exposure to such trays is very important. In order to carry out such a procedure you need to have 2 baths: one of them fill with hot water, the other cool. The legs must be alternately immersed in cold, then in hot water, and then wipe dry with a towel. That's all! Do not abuse this procedure, use it no more than twice a week. Girls who have experienced on themselves what a hydromassage foot bath reviews leave almost always positive. To use the whirlpool for the whirlpool brought only positive results, you must follow certain precautions. To begin with, remember: the foot bath can only be taken while sitting. The bottom of the device is not designed for heavy loads and the bath can break. To perform the procedure, the tub should be filled with water, but in no case should you completely immerse the device in water. Never plug the appliance into the mains if you have already lowered the legs into the bath and do not leave the appliance without supervision. Do not use the appliance in rooms with high humidity. whirlpool for feet reviews

Types and models of whirlpool baths

Now, whirlpool baths arepleasure accessible to everyone. In the shop windows you can see a large number of different models of massagers. Here are some examples of the most popular whirlpool baths. Hydromassage foot bath from Lanaform BUBBLE MASS. With it, you do both a vibrating and bubble massage. Moreover, the bath is equipped with an infrared lamp, which will ensure a deep heating of tissues. Such a bath will easily remove puffiness and a feeling of fatigue, help relieve tension and relieve pain in the legs. Foot bath with the effect of turbomassage BF2011. The use of this bath provides a deep relaxation and toning effect. By acting on the biologically active points on the soles, you can get rid of colds, migraines, varicose veins and other diseases. This container also provides a container for oils, for a more pleasant procedure. Hydromassage foot bath MD6014. The use of this device most effectively affects the veins, increasing their tone and contributing to the outflow of blood. It perfectly removes puffiness and is equipped with a heating element that keeps the water temperature at 42 degrees C throughout the procedure. The hydromassage bath Babyliss Hydro Spa 8046E, made in France, relieves stress and tension, soothing the pain. It combines massage with the supply of bubbles and has three modes of intensity. The foot spa, bosch, made in China, is a very popular and affordable model. Many customers like it because of the variety of levels of massage intensity and a few special nozzles that provide the most pleasant and comfortable massage. Models of trays are in different colors, which means they will occupy a worthy place in your bathroom. A set of pedicure set for many models of Bosch hydromassage footbaths is also included for even more comfortable foot care. Many prefer a reliable whirlpool, Japanese-made. They stimulate blood circulation in the legs, pleasantly massage your feet, help to relax and relieve fatigue, has a healing effect on the entire body. The bath allows you to massage in three different modes: dry massage, water massage and massage with air bubbles. The choice is yours. The price for hydromassage baths ranges from 1000 to 10 000 thousand rubles, which makes them available to any woman. Take care of your beauty and your health! We advise you to read: