sandals on a wedge The wardrobe of a modern girl is varied. Different things in a few minutes can transform us beyond recognition, emphasize all the pluses of the figure, and if we are talking about shoes, then add us a few centimeters of growth. With the latter task, sandals on a wedge can easily cope. It's no secret that shoes on a heel, platform or wedge make the female leg more elegant, gives the correctness of posture and adds coquetry to the gait. Such shoes are most relevant in the summer, when we want to open our legs to the maximum. Sandals - this is the style, beauty, openness and comfort, which every girl needs so much in hot weather. Sandals on a wedge can be combined with almost any clothing, they will easily emphasize the harmony of your legs, and at the same time your legs will not get so tired. Every year, girls are becoming more active, because urban rhythms make us be more dynamic. Activity, among other things, suggests mobility, and in this case, first of all, the legs suffer. Now there are very few sparing shoes, so the girls have to literally "trample down" the legs into tight shoes to look stylish and elegant. At the same time, not only the legs, but also the girl's mood suffer greatly, because it's very difficult to keep a smile and good health when unbearably aching legs. To ensure that your legs do not hurt, and at the same time your style is not hurt, you need to wear summer sandals on a wedge or clogs. These are the most compromise models of shoes, which differ in their simplicity and convenience, which can not be said about high-heeled shoes or a heavy platform. So let's figure out the fashion trends of the coming spring-summer season. summer sandals on a wedge or clogs

Fashion sandals on a wedge

Sandals on a wicker wedge will be squeakedcoming season. This original product is made of environmentally friendly materials. Unusual weaving will switch attention from the massive sole. Connoisseurs of naturalness will gladly appreciate the collections of Bottega Veneta and Chloe, because they contain quite a few models of weightless cork or rubber. Miu Miu this time released experimental shoes. It is characterized by an unusual sole, the top is made without backs, so they are easily confused with Latin American clogs. Sandals on the wedge were decorated with rivets and small straps, as well as massive buckles. Thanks to this fashionable performance, sandals on a high wedge made a real storm of emotions, not only in the circle of public ladies and secular lionesses, but also among the most ordinary girls. Summer sandals on a wedge 2012 - is the maximum ease and freedom for your legs. Fashion designers also preferred to create models on narrow straps, which reliably fix the foot, while allowing it to breathe. Notes of romanticism will give models with a closed heel, this version of sandals on a wedge was very relevant in the mid-50's in France and America. Modern designers decorate such models with bows and textile flowers, and also recommend combining with lush, multi-layered skirts.

What materials are used for shoes?

Today there are so many differentdesign solutions and original techniques that will easily accentuate your image. Unchanged and the most popular material is the skin. Such shoes will emphasize your status, as well as the desire to be always in the center of attention. In addition, this material always looks luxurious and rich. Bogetta Veneta as a constant admirer of leather and managed to stand out here, creating a fashion model of sandals on a wedge. But you will simply have to acquire bright, fervent, youth sandals from textiles. And this material also happens to be "noble" blood, for example, shiny, playing in different shades and colors an atlas. In such shoes it is not a shame to go out into the light, and the leg will be provided with a constant supply of air, in contrast to the skin. sandals on the wedge 2012

With what to combine a wedge?

For business ladies who are subject to the regulationsbusiness dress code, sandals on a wedge are better to combine with different models of trousers in the classical style, for example, with pronounced arrows or an overstated waist. Also very good looking shoes with a skirt-pencil, air-balloon skirt, skirt-trapezium. You can supplement such a composition with a smart blouse, for example a blouse with a jabot. In the cool season, you can wear a blazer or an elongated jacket. In the variant of the everyday image of prohibitions simply does not exist. For the top, choose different tops, T-shirts, T-shirts or original blouses. In the autumn-winter season, a bolero, a light pullover or a short jacket, which has nothing to do with business or traditional, is perfect. For relaxation or walks, a combination with breeches, short shorts, leggings or traditional jeans is perfect. Romantic flirts, wearing a light flowing silk dress, will undoubtedly be at the very center of events. This image is perfectly complemented by sandals on a high wedge. No less seductive combinations will be unusual skirt models, for example, tulip styles or a balloon. And initially you will need to make a decision on what the accent will be put: either it is a shoe of bright color, complemented by calm clothes of neutral tones, or it is a bright attractive outfit that will complement the shoes.