sandals on a wedge The wardrobe of the modern fashionista abounds with products,which in a matter of seconds are able to transform the lady literally beyond recognition, effectively emphasize only the winning features of the figure, to give lightness and graceful grace to her image, and if to talk about shoes, then give the fair sex a few saving centimeters of growth. Here, with the last condition, sandals on the wedge can most effectively cope, because it is not a secret that shoes with a lift, for example, a heel, platform or wedge, a priori makes the ladies leg more elegant, gives the posture an aristocratic touch and ennobles the female gait with coquetry. And if you consider that fashion critics in one voice argue that sandals on wedges - products from the category of must-have this summer season, then women of fashion should seriously think about where to release a place in the wardrobe for this universal footwear. The trendy model of sandals this season is an obligatory combination of a mind-blowing, high wedge that does not become less stable and does not start to lose in convenience, as well as the frenzy of the color solutions in which summer sandals are performed on a 2016 wedge. At any rate, this shoe model firmly took its niche in the world of great fashion and quickly migrated to the streets, pleasing the eye and leg of its owner.

Historical excursion - women's sandals on a wedge

Popularity began to come to the sandals athigh wedge back in the distant 30-ies, of course, the model-grandparents were less courageous and a variety of style solutions, focused on comfort, practicality and convenience. But over time, the excitement around this universal style began to grow in geometric progression, already in the 50s women's sandals on a wedge could be safely called one of the most important discoveries of the fashion industry. Yes, it was in the 50's that the popularity of the wedge came to its apogee, that fashion critics were sure to notice, they hastened to build a model of sandals on a wedge in the rank of international shoes, however, this was quite true. Modern women's sandals on wedges are only remotely resembling their ancestor, but in general they convey the common original idea of ​​the product. If you touch the history of the emergence of this shoe, then this type of sole came from a massive, somewhat rough platform. However, the fundamental difference and innovation, thanks to which the wedge has received worldwide love among the fairer sex, is the raising of the sole, which begins at the very heel and descends to the middle of the foot, and maybe even to the fingers. For the most demanding ladies, fashion masters started to offer a non-monolithic, non-integral sole with the time, such a design solution made it possible to achieve greater grace, accuracy and the quickest popularization of shoes of astounding heights. Special demand and great respect for the sole-wedge is used in Latin American countries, as well as women of the Mediterranean coast. Imagine how the hot sun, the sea, yellow sand and frankly provoking ladies' attire with summer sandals on a wicker wedge are in harmony. But the legs of our compatriots decorate models made according to the latest standards and technologies from environmentally friendly materials, for example, light cork, wood or resistant rubber. For Western women of fashion, eminent couturiers offer a more extravagant and unexpected wedge made of metal of special properties or plastic. It is obvious that the summer sandals on the 2016 wedges are authentic, original footwear that went far ahead of its prototype both in design decisions and in terms of tailoring technology, but today's wedge as well as the progenitor model combine incongruous: expressive beauty, brightness, convenience and practical functionality.

Sandals on a wedge that offers high fashion?

sandals on a wedge 2016 Good or bad, but whimsical fashion environmentchangeable and constantly sends dust to the shelves once the trend products and outfits, so it is important to follow the latest newfangled trends that determine the level of style and relevance of sandals this season. Of course, mostly Western couturiers and high fashion masters set the tone and dictate their rules on the fashion market, creating more and more new sandals on the 2016 summer dresser, and we, coquette and lovers of dizzying heights, have to keep track of the latest trends in order to be always in the trend.

  • Sandals on a wicker wedge are a squeak of the presentseason, this colorful, original product made of environmentally friendly materials. Decorative weaving allows you to shift the focus from the massive sole and focus the look on a unique binding, most often it is made from wood, recycled fibers, which in the process of exploitation will not lose their splendor. The connoisseurs of all natural will appreciate collections from Chloe or Bottega Veneta, because they abound in models based on rubber or weightless cork. Heaviness is only an optical illusion, because such materials are guaranteed to give the leg an unearthly ease.
  • Ralf Lauren and the world famous brand Miu Miureleased an experimental line of shoes on a wedge. That is characteristic, the sole of such models was not monolithic and continuous, and the top was carried out without backdrops, so they could be confused with Latin American clogs. Shoes in these shows were decorated with rivets and mini-straps, as well as massive buckles, thanks to this unexpected performance of sandals on a high wedge made a real sensation in the circle of socialites and public ladies. However, fashion critics are hesitant to give any forecasts about the further relevance of such models.
  • Sandals on a wedge 2016 summer - maximumfreedom and lightness for the feet. Therefore, specialists in the creation of these products prefer to use narrow straps that would reliably fix the leg, but at the same time give it the ability to breathe, it is well ventilated. On the catwalks more and more often appear closed models by the type of ankle boots, but for such footwear an obligatory attribute is a perforation, it was this dressing-table that the Marni show was full of. This style looks unusual and defiant, but in hot weather it gives way to simple and light shoes.
  • Notch Romanticism can transmit models with closedheel, such a wedge was actual in the mid-50's in America and France, it was decorated with small bows or textile flowers. Designers support this flirtatious romanticism and in modern models, recommending combining a wedge with a closed heel with lush, multilayered midi skirts, aged also in the best traditions of the 50's. Thematic magazines such as pin-up often place vintage wardrobe items on their pages, as well as fashionable sandals on 2016 wedges, the photos revealed the secrets of how modern products can convey the stylistics of the past decades.

Summer sandals on a wedge 2016 - determine the style for yourself

sandals on a wedge 2016 photos

  • Modern materials for sewing

In addition to the most common trend trends, whichmost clearly traceable to the latest shows and rulers of famous couturiers, there is a great variety of original techniques and design solutions that can set the tone for the whole product and emphasize its unique image. If you touch the theme of texture and material, which often appears on the stage and is very relevant, then the unchanging skin will be the clear favorite. Such shoes on the wedge emphasize the status of women, the desire to stand out with restrained elegance and quality, rather than variegated cheapness. The label for the production of expensive leather shoes Bogetta Veneta produced the leather version of footwear. Women's catalogs with lightning speed posted on their pages fashion sandals on a 2016 wedge, photos passed a raid of elitism, which was permeated and the collection itself. However, summer time simply beckons to depart from the canonized stiffness and calls for the acquisition of fervent, bright, youthful sandals trimmed with textiles. In addition, textiles, after all, also have noble "blood", for example, a shiny satin that plays with all colors and colors, it will not be shameful to get out in such shoes, and the leg will only say "thank you" to the woman of fashion, because the textile provides the best airflow in difference from the skin.

  • Combining Styles

What are fashionable sandals onwedge of this season? On this question, designers unequivocally answer that the trendy version of shoes will be considered an eclectic product, that is, in which the shifting of styles is enclosed. It can be a combination of classical, traditional elements, say, a low wedge, a restrained style of the upper trim of sandals with a safari image, for example, represented by a sole-braid or rubber. It is such an exquisite combination that can be seen at the Mango label show - a feeling that their shoes combine the western restraint and freedom of African peoples. Women's reviewers posted on their pages these sandals on a wedge, photos show that the experiment is not always a bad thing. The lover of playing with styles in fact is Louis Vuitton - the king of free fashion. His collection of shoes on a wedge is built on ethnic motives, which are characterized by rough dressing of leather, ornamentation of sandals with fringes, as well as catchy leather brushes. It was with an easy hand Louis Vuitton'a increasingly sandals on the wedge were decorated with accessories in the style of safari: exotic feathers, shells, imprinted under the skin of a python or crocodile. Fashionable women's magazines included in their reviews such models of sandals on a wedge, photos from the collection of Louis made an immediate sensation in the fashion environment.

  • Trendy color solutions

In conclusion, I would like to share with you whatThe color palette is a trend for shoes on a wedge, what color solution should be preferred? This season removes any "taboo" and gives ladies an opportunity to experiment. Young and active girls are ideal for saturated and bright colors: sunny yellow, sexy red, harmonizing blue, in the must-have category there is a multi-colored wedge, as well as animal stylistics. Animalism repeats the pattern of animal skins, for example, a zebra or a leopard. For ladies who are guided by classical, calm color solutions, pastel colors, sandy scales, ivory colors, as well as traditional deep dark shades, say elegant black, will be optimal. The main thing is that a woman should feel herself in harmony with color, and a wide range of choices will allow her to find shoes according to her own taste preferences.

Women's sandals on a wedge: advice of specialists in creating an image

sandals on a wedge photo Despite the great versatility of this modelshoes, many of the fairer sex are hesitant and immediately ask the question: sandals on a wedge, with which to wear, so that they are in good harmony with the image as a whole, complemented and emphasized his femininity? We dare to assure that difficulties will not arise with the combination and selection of wardrobe elements to the wedge. For businesswomen who are subject to strict regulation of the business dress code, such sandals can easily be combined with classic models of trousers with an overstated waist or arrows, or with narrowed pencil skirts, air-balloon skirts, the trapeze skirt is in good harmony with the wedge . You can complement the entire composition with a smart blouse, and in order to avoid excessive dryness, it is better to give preference to a blouson with a frill, in an autumn-winter season you can throw an extended jacket or blazer. In addition to the above, sandals on a wedge are worn in everyday situations? In these cases there are no prohibitions. For the top you can choose laconic in the form of tops, T-shirts, T-shirts or more representative blousons; in cool weather, an easy pullover, bolero or shortened youth jacket that has little to do with business and traditional will fit perfectly. For active walks, casual socks or recreation, a combination of breeches, short shorts, leggings, and also traditional jeans is considered very successful. What can be easier, more accessible and attractive? sandals with a wedge with what to wear But the women of fashion who adore flirtatiousromanticism, can easily transform into this image, dressed in a flowing, light dress of noble fabrics, for example, silk. Especially attractive will be a wedge with a transparent outfit of maxi length - a truly summer version for the temptress. It is very tempting to look non-strict, playful skirt models, for example a balloon or a tulip with their volumes in combination with summer sandals on a wedge. In general, to create a complete, completed style composition, it is important to simply decide on what will be the emphasis: either it is an outfit that is complemented by shoes, or it is a bright shoe that neutral, quiet clothes emphasize. So, from all that has been said, it is obvious that by purchasing such distinctive footwear as sandals on a wedge, any lady kills two birds with one stone, as it receives not only the product itself, but also comfort, fairly spiced with original styling and color design. The dressing-table is capable in a few minutes to remind the lady of her true femininity, to give her a special fleece to the gait, to give grace and graceful coquetry, and what else is required to conquer the male hearts? We advise you to read: