fringe for a square face You want to change the image, but not socardinally, to do a haircut? Try to correct your hair with a bang. Thanks to this detail you can find a romantic image and look a couple of years younger. They were fashionable at all times, as they go to almost everyone. You just need to figure out which shape to choose. First of all, consider the shape of the face. As you know, it is round, oval, triangular, trapezoidal, rhombic and square. To correctly determine the type of face, collect all the hair on the back of the head so that they do not interfere.

  • Round face This face has round, round outlines, the horizontal and vertical dimensions of which are equal to each other. Bright representatives: Christina Richie and Drew Berimore.
  • Oval face This type of face is considered idealby the proportions. The contour of the face is oval and smooth, without sharp outlines. Bright representatives: Cindy Crawford, Sharon Stone, Julia Roberts, Madonna, Angelina Jolie.
  • Square face In such a person, the width of the forehead, cheekbones andChin are practically equal to each other. Chin line with rigid corners. Bright representatives: Demi Moore, Catherine Zeta - Jones and Christine Scott Thomas.
  • His triangular face is also called heart-shaped. This face is wide in the forehead and gradually narrows to the chin. Bright representatives: Sophia Loren and Catherine Hepburn.
  • Rectangular face This face looks like an oval,but the distinctive feature of it is that the upper and lower parts are slightly elongated. The owners of this type of face often have a high forehead and a heavy chin. Bright representatives: Sandra Bullock, Gwyneth Paltrow and Stephanie Seymour.
  • Trapezoid face Trapezoid or pear-shaped face tapers from chin to temples. Bright representatives: Tori Spelling, Minnie Driver, Yana Churikova.
  • Rhomboid face A face with prominent cheekbones. In the region of the forehead and chin narrows. Bright representatives: Nicole Kidman, Linda Evangelista.
  • oblique fringe for a square face

    We select a bang for a square face

    So, you determined that you have a squareform of the face. Now let's try to figure out which form of bangs is better to prefer to successfully hide flaws and emphasize the dignity of appearance. Do not be disturbed by sharp lines and a wide chin. Cholka will profitably correct the situation and bring the face closer to an ideal oval shape. Just like haircuts, the squares for a square face can be different. Many girls with this form of face believe that these details of the hairstyle do not go to them. However, this is a completely wrong opinion. Such a lock of hair can decorate the owner of any type of face. The square shape is no exception.

  • Long slant fringe Oblique strand is considered nowthe most fashionable. With its help you can make a square face more feminine and sexy. However, consider that the oblique bangs should not end at the level of the chin, so as not to focus attention on this part of the face. Remember: flaws must be hidden, not emphasized. Therefore, the ideal option is when the long oblique bang ends just below or slightly above the chin line. We also add that it is better to make it with torn edges. This will hide the angular features of a square face.
  • Volume and wavy strands Our task is to impartsquare face femininity, to make its outline softer and smoother. The best way to do this is to slightly twist the strands. Of course, this option is not suitable for short bangs. But the wavy oblique strand just below the chin line is an excellent variant of the hairstyle for the owners of a square face, which will give an image of romance. A short broom should simply be given an easy volume. To slightly extend the square face and bring it closer to an ideal square shape, this detail of the hairstyle can be slightly combed over. Just do not overdo it. Too high hair you too to anything. Another option to lengthen the face is to pick up a bang and pin it back.
  • Slanting asymmetry Asymmetric bangs makethe image is more playful and will smooth out the monumentality of the square face. It should start not in the center, but slightly away from the imaginary line, held in the middle of the face. Can be shifted to the right and to the left. It depends on the preference of the hostess. Parting is best located near the ear. And the hair on the left and right sides try to make the same length and curl in different directions.
  • Melting and coloringColoring - small strokes that will make the image more interesting. You can choose the color and degree of brightness to your taste. The chalk with highlights looks very original and fervent. And soft colors suitable for women of any age and refresh the appearance.
  • Unsuitable options for a square for a square face

    Straight short bangels are strictly forbidden. The features of the square face are already too angular. Straight straight lines will only emphasize this defect and expose your face in an unfavorable light. Do not be upset that you have to avoid straight bangs. They are out of fashion now! It is not recommended that owners of a square face also wear too thick bangs. They will focus on the heavy chin and rough outlines. The lack of volume and the so-called "slickness" are also not suitable for a square face. Your motto in choosing a bang is a lot of volume and soft smooth lines. Excessive accuracy in the hairstyle will only spoil the appearance. Create on your head something like the so-called "artistic disorder": asymmetry, ragged and graded edges, funny curls. bangs square face

    The rules of caring for the square for a square face

    A black-haired hairstyle detail that requiresconstant attention. This concerns not only female representatives who have a face shaped like a square. The untrodden lock looks extremely aesthetic. In the care of her you need, above all, a hair dryer and comb. To make your hair look shiny and healthy, apply a special serum to the bang. However, do not put such a cosmetic on the roots. Cholka in this case can lose the volume, which is so necessary for the owners of a square face. But mousses and foams to give volume will be good helpers for styling. For opponents of monotony, you can recommend changing the image from time to time, pinning a long bang. However, remember that you are strictly forbidden to fully open your face. It is better to kill the bangs on one side, making an asymmetric parting, and decorate it with a beautiful hair clip. To maintain the desired shape of the bang, use a hair spray. However, do not get carried away by this cosmetic. Excessive amount of hairspray will weight the bang. Girls with a type of face of a square form should not be complexed about their appearance. Nobody is perfect, every woman should have a zest. A properly selected hair and a slanting bang smooth out your small flaws and emphasize the individuality!