bangs for a round face How to choose the shape and length of the bang? What secrets related to this detail of haircuts are known only to hairdressers-stylists? Who fits a short fringe, and who is long? Can I wear it to the owner of curls? About all the subtleties and nuances of hairdressing art told us the creative director of the Institute of Beauty Le Colon, star stylist Pavel Vahan. It turns out that with the help of a bang each of us can give our image a newness and freshness. But do not forget that this detail of the hairstyle can not only add attractiveness, but also disrupt the harmony of the face. Owners of heavy straight hair will approach a light casual bangs with a thinning, as in Monica Bellucci. It gives the image depth and femininity, softens it and makes it even more attractive. And such an asymmetrical bangs, like that of Hayden Panettiere, will help not only hide the plump cheeks, but also make the small features more expressive. This seemingly simple trick is achieved by harmony, and some shortcomings give way to undoubted merits. The semicircular shape of the bangs, like that of Agnes Dane, visually hides thinness. Therefore, it is ideal only for girls with a narrow face and is absolutely contraindicated to the owners of the square. A smooth, thick bangs and loose hair, like Lou Duayon's, are now out of fashion. Do not forget that strands that fall on the forehead, should serve as a beautiful frame of the face, and not hide it. A bang with an oblique parting, laid on one side, like Cate Blanchett, is an element of a very elegant hairstyle. She will allow her owner not to look like a strict teacher, even with her hair gathered in a ponytail. Asymmetric short and slightly bangs, like that of Keti Perry, will not decorate anyone. It is suitable only for a scene or carnival. bangs for a round face

Practical advice and advice at the initial stage

These secrets are useful to know for all womena beautiful half of humanity, because they help make the image attractive and stylish. But most of us are interested in the question of which bangs are suitable for chubby women and girls. Why? Everything is very simple. Suffice it to recall portraits of village beauties, lovingly created by artists of the time. The Slavic type of appearance is first and foremost a rounded face, soft features and light brown hair. It was these women described in their imperishable works Pushkin and Nekrasov, Tolstoy and Turgenev. Therefore, many of us inherited from great-grandmothers got those same traits that favorably distinguish the Slavic breed. It's not for nothing that foreign men admire the abundance of incredibly beautiful women who can be found on the streets of any city in Russia, and not just in magazines or television screens. However, in addition to being proud of such a rich gift, many of us unsuccessfully try to pick up a variant of a bang for a round face, which can not be better suited only to them. And often unsuccessfully changing one form to another, and not getting the expected result. Is it really that hard? Not at all, because the main thing in this business is attention to detail, several professional advice and vivid examples of modern "stars". First of all, you need to make sure that you have this particular form of person. Collect the curls and look at yourself in the mirror. Do you still doubt and tend to see an oval or a notorious heart? Just circle the reflection of the face with a felt-tip pen and all the questions will disappear by themselves. Now you can only be proud of the beautiful metaphorical comparison with the moon, which the poets rewarded the round-faced representatives of the fair sex. Is it not true, the epithet "lunolikaya" sounds romantic and slightly mysterious? Types of bangs for a round face vary in variety and depend on how your hair is - long or short, thick or curly. This element of the hairstyle is especially attractive for those of us who want to correct some of the shortcomings in the form of an overly protruding nose, chubby cheeks or the first wrinkles on the forehead. After all, instead they want to draw the attention of others to undoubted merits - to beautiful expressive eyes, a clear form of eyebrows, radiant skin. And now, when you clearly understand what you want to highlight and what to hide, try to imagine how the bangs for a round face will change you. If you are going to dramatically alter the image, you need to decide whether you really need this element of the hairstyle, because the desired novelty will make and the usual short haircuts. To understand this, separate a small strand of hair from above the forehead and fasten it with a hair clip so that the free ends cover your forehead. Such a simple way will allow you to see how a bang for a round face will change its shape, obscure some parts and so on. If you liked the new image in the mirror, and you just got stronger in wanting to have short locks hiding the forehead, then listen to one important advice. It consists in making a bang of such length that would allow it to be removed with the help of pegs, if the result of changing the image will seem to you unsuccessful. oblique fringe for a round face

What bangs will adorn the face of a round shape?

A bang for a round face, if for its executiona true professional is taken, really able to decorate almost any image of Variations on a similar topic, there are many, but one condition must be observed. It lies in the fact that the "moon-faced" young ladies definitely do not go straight fringe. It can give your face an unnecessary width and make it disproportionately short. Therefore, no matter how you experiment with color, length, density and direction, avoid exactly this classical form. Remember that a straight fringe will ruin any round face. And now we turn to the consideration of successful examples.

  • Extended elongated strands should be forehead - this is excellentoption for those girls who are not ready for cardinal changes of the image, but do not mind slightly diversify the hairstyle. This detail will make your haircut fashionable and very modern, and the resulting smooth transition to the rest of the hair will avoid obvious changes. If you like to conjure over all sorts of styling, while not having short curls, and those that are called medium-length hair in the language of professionals, then with the help of such a bang you can try on the image of the famous Hollywood beauties of the last century. You only need to lightly twist the strands and fix them like a wave, rising smoothly with your forehead.
  • A universal option that goes as younggirls, and business women, - an oblique fringe for a round face. Its great advantage is an excellent combination with both loose hair and curls gathered in a bun or tail. At the same time, your image will remain equally modern and stylish. The oblique fringe of medium length has been relevant for several years in a row, it can be seen on models that deflate in many fashion shows. Yes, and Western actresses bring this element into their image, enriching them with light short haircuts.
  • Owners of streaked and colorizedhair should be preferred cascading or torn bangs. It will allow you to create a daring image - the main thing is that it does not go against your character warehouse. True, this version of the bang has one drawback. It consists in a rather complicated laying. Although, if you adhere to the style of the "unruly girl", you can do without it at all, while preserving the naturalness of the haircut.
  • Separately, mention should be made of fussy shortbangs. A young round face, bright shine of eyes, a mischievous smile and a cheerful "hedgehog" have a forehead - and before you are symbols of a carefree youth, charming and unrepeatable. If you belong to the category of girls who live a vibrant busy life, trying to catch everything and always, then you should try this variant of a bang, but do not forget about the main rule - short, but not straight. True, it will have to be watched, because the growing hair quickly spoil the original shape, so you will often visit the hairdresser.
  • To understand what kind of bangs are able to successfullytransform a round face, you can refer to illustrative examples - photos of Hollywood actresses. So, the long strands should be forehead, like Cary Mulligan, are ideal for owners of soft, slightly curly locks. This form is very suitable for those girls who have too high a forehead or are clearly pronounced "lunolikost". But the symmetrical long bangs, divided by parting, like Jennifer Lopez, will only emphasize the wide cheekbones and the square bottom part. Uneven strands, easily falling on the forehead, like Renee Zellweger, fit exclusively round-faced owners of sparse hair. Therefore, if you do not have a large head of hair, then use such a clear example and turn the existing defect into dignity. Lush bangs, like Heidi Klum, goes to almost all the girls, except for the owners of a square and round face. Therefore, do not experiment with unsuccessful forms, because a beautiful photo of the "star" is not a sign that its image is ideal for you. We advise you to read: