ballet shoes 2012 It's no secret that in the wardrobe of every modernwomen have at least a few pairs of shoes, among which a special place is occupied by ballet flats. These incredibly stylish, comfortable, practical and elegant women's slippers have long conquered the hearts of women from many countries around the world. And all thanks to the fact that they perfectly harmonize with many things - both with everyday clothes, and with formal-business style clothing. The 2016 ballet shoes are a great opportunity not only to replenish or renew your spring-summer wardrobe, but also to change your style and image. And although traditionally this type of footwear is designed exclusively for the warm season, many women of fashion would not refuse to wear their favorite shoes all year round. Given this desire, modern designers have created many models that women can happily wear at work and at home in winter cold, and in summer in the city and on vacation. To be aware of fashion trends, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the most popular models of 2016. Flat-soled shoes this year are more popular than ever. Even those designers who in previous years were explicit supporters of high heels, this year decided to include in their collections shoes on a wedge, which, undoubtedly, pleased fans of such shoes. 2012 fashionable ballet shoes

Fashion trends of 2016: materials, colors, shapes and decor

Fashionable ballet shoes 2016, photos of which you see onour website is mainly fabric, leather, lacquer, suede and combined models of pastel tones, embroidered with gold, decorated with metal chains, various satin bows and decorated with glitter crystals. From the presented variety of stylish shoes every girl will be able to choose the ideal option for any occasion of life, be it a solemn ceremony, her own wedding or a business dinner in a restaurant. A large selection of fashionable and stylish ballet shoes is presented in the collections of 2016 in all fashion houses in the world. Meet the most relevant models of the new season:

  • Ordinary fabric ballet flats - the most suitableoption for daily wear. The color scheme of comfortable and stylish slippers on a flat platform this year is so diverse that it is rather difficult to single out the most popular of them. Present fashionable women will surely like pink, purple and turquoise colors, as well as metallic shades - ballet shoes of silver or golden color. In the designer collections of spring-summer 2016, there are also a lot of models of denim, mostly motley and predatory colors - jaguar, leopard, zebra, python and the like. It is in such models that some celebrities prefer to appear in public. Take an example from the stars, and you will always be in a trend! The fashionable couturier took care of the warmth of the ladies' legs, including in his collection models of warm fabric, which are ideal for wearing indoors: at home and at work in the cold season.
  • Wedding ballet flats in collections of famous brandslook very chic and at the same time quite "innocent". To create models designed for such exceptional cases as marriage registration and wedding, most designers choose natural leather, shiny satin and other fabrics of delicate shades. As the decor of wedding shoes, sparkling and iridescent stones, rhinestones, fabric draperies and small bows are traditionally used. Having given preference to such shoes, no bride will be disappointed. After all, in addition to the fact that the wedding ballet dresses are very beautiful and elegant, they are also very comfortable, which is of no small importance when choosing shoes for a wedding celebration or another identical event. In such shoes your legs will not get tired, even if you spend the whole evening dancing, dancing and participating in various recreational activities.
  • As modern fashion dictates, women's ballet shoes2016 are characterized by a discreet and elegant decor. Fashionable ballet flats of this season often have a fairly simple appearance. Most often they are executed in reserved colors and are characterized by laconic forms and modest design. But this does not deprive them of grace and does not prevent them from being considered the most universal footwear suitable for work in the office, and for any other case.
  • Judging by the latest fashion shows, on the catwalks inabundance was present as beloved by many women of fashion ballet with rounded socks, and with a narrowed toe, even models with a "mouse" face were seen. Unusual ballet flats, which have a very original shape, will undoubtedly attract the attention of those girls who are accustomed to always be in the spotlight.
  • If fashionable and stylish shoes, whose name"Ballet shoes", have not become a part of your daily life, stylists advise to think carefully, because these lovely and comfortable "slippers" can not only supplement your collection of shoes, but also greatly facilitate your life!