badger oil from coughing Badger fat contains a large amountvaluable substances necessary for the normal functioning of the body as a whole. Badgers accumulate fat in order to maintain strength and energy during the long winter hibernation, as well as during the early spring, when there is practically no food.

What is useful badger fat

Badger fat contains many unsaturatedfatty acids - irreplaceable substances that support immunity and provide "longevity" of cells and the body as a whole. A sufficient number of unsaturated fatty acids, coming from food, normalizes metabolism, protects against chronic diseases, reduces the risk of cancer and promotes longevity. Linoleic and linolenic fatty acids are not produced by the human body independently, so their supply with food is an indispensable condition of health. With a shortage of these substances, a rapid accumulation of "bad" cholesterol is observed, which blocks the blood vessels, settling on their walls with plaques. Polyunsaturated fatty acids serve as a basis for the formation of "good" cholesterol, which eliminates the imbalance of metabolism, which ensures the normal entry of nutrients into the cells and energy, which reduces the likelihood of inflammation. Badger fat also contains a lot:

  • carotene, which reduces the dangerthe occurrence of chronic diseases, especially the airways (darkening in the lungs, asthma, tuberculosis) and the genitourinary sphere, reduces the risk of malignant tumors, helps maintain healthy hair, skin and nails;
  • B group vitamins, which support the normal production of hormones and metabolism;
  • mineral substances.

Due to this, badger fat is a powerfulimmunostimulating, restorative, anti-inflammatory agent, promotes faster regeneration of tissues, reduces the likelihood of atherosclerosis. When you take the fat inside, organic acids, vitamins and minerals are quickly absorbed into the blood. Their digestibility is 100%. Due to this badger fat contributes to the improvement of protein metabolism, stimulation of the immune system and hematopoiesis system. It has antibacterial properties, normalizes the secretory function of the stomach and intestines, fights inflammation and promotes rapid healing of the skin in such purulent processes as acne, infected wounds, carbuncles, abscesses, phlegmon, raises the general tone of the body, improves the emotional background. badger fat from cough treatment

Coughing with badger fat

Badger fat is a very effective remedy forcough, but it is usually not used independently, but as part of a whole set of therapeutic measures. It is important that the product was purchased not through the hands, but through the pharmacy network and manufactured by a pharmaceutical company, that is, it was pretreated and cleaned. Usually badger fat from a cough is sold in the form of capsules or liquid. Fat, purchased from private traders, does not guarantee quality, because, even if it turns out to be natural badger fat, it will be impossible to check its origin, the way of cleaning and cooking. Also, hand-crafted badger fat does not pass laboratory tests. Fat is consumed by adding one or two teaspoons to the hot milk. With this method, the dry cough quickly softens and sputum is released. If the taste of milk with fat seems too unpleasant, you can add honey to the drink. By the way, the use of badger fat with honey in the treatment of cough is one of the old traditional folk recipes. The greatest effect can be achieved with simultaneous internal and external application. Fat should be mixed with honey in a ratio of 3: 1 (three parts fat per one piece of honey). You can use the drug and in its pure form: two teaspoons of fat are washed down with tea or water, or even better with a decoction of St. John's wort or dog rose. Children can use badger fat inside when treating a cough from the age of five. It can be taken in combination with strawberry, raspberry or currant jam and warmed milk. One-year-old kids and older can be rubbed with fat from the back and chest, as well as the hands and feet. Before use, badger fat should be heated in a water bath. For treatment of severe diseases of the respiratory system, including tuberculosis, the following therapeutic mixture is used:

  • 100 g badger fat;
  • 100 g of honey;
  • 100 g of ethyl alcohol;
  • 100 grams of lemon rubbed together with zest and leaves of aloe.

The composition is well mixed and put inrefrigerator for at least a day. Use on a dessert spoon 3-4 times a day for half an hour before meals. In case of poorly treatable diseases of the respiratory system, for example, chronic bronchitis, the mixture should be used within a month. When tuberculosis is shown, its regular use at rare intervals in seven days. With a tendency to catarrhal diseases of the upper respiratory tract in the cold season, the mixture based on badger fat can also be used regularly for preventive purposes. Badger fat from coughing is taken by adults and children. He copes with bronchitis in smokers, whose distinctive feature is regular irritation of the mucosa of the respiratory tract with poisonous tobacco tar and nicotine. As a result, in the bronchi develops a permanent, mild inflammation of the bronchi that manifests itself on the background of infection. Badger fat in such cases gradually removes inflammation, stimulates the immune system and eliminates cough. badger fat from cough application

Side effects and contraindications

Badger fat has the following contraindications toapplication: inflammation of the skin of an allergic nature, chronic diseases of the liver, pancreas and gall bladder at the stage of exacerbation, individual intolerance. Before using the drug to treat children under five years old, you must first consult a pediatrician. Adults also get better advice from their doctor before starting cough treatment with badger fat. When taking fat inside, there are possible side effects such as the appearance of skin rashes, itching, nausea, upset stomach and intestines, the appearance of edema, allergic reactions.