Computer games for children Many of us remember the nineties, whenthe computer was in great deficit. And at that time it was difficult to imagine that there would be a personal computer in almost every house. That is why computer cafes, clubs were then sky-high popularity. And the Internet, respectively, was at the stage of origin. In those days, the computer was something new, unusual, was considered a big toy, so every new computer game was considered a masterpiece, was the only and unique. Today, any game is essentially the same game as thirty years ago, only it takes up more space on the hard drive, due to improved graphics performance. At that time, twenty megabytes was the largest game size, but with the content constantly increasing, new opportunities appeared. In the modern market of computer games there are always new items that it is not possible to try everything and pass from the beginning to the end, because there will not be enough free time. Especially since many new games are copies of already existing ones, so not everyone will want repetitions only in other design. Today, the world wide web is widely developed, so you can see the reviews and description of the game you are interested in before buying it, if this is not a free game. Unlimited Internet allows you to download free demo versions that allow you to play the game we need and evaluate its capabilities and graphics quality. Also on the Internet, you can find a sufficient number of sites where you can play online games that do not need to be installed on a computer. In addition, there is an opportunity to use different directions - separately games for boys, for girls, puzzles, racing, simulators, etc. Modern industry has made a huge step forward, while the power of computers has increased, the number and variety of computer games has increased. But at the same time, time is getting less and less, although many of the busy adult people now would be happy to sit for an interesting game. We advise you to read: