children's wear winter 2016 Parents of young fashionistas and women of fashion in the summerthought out the autumn wardrobe of their children, before the onset of cold weather, the necessary children's clothing was bought, winter 2016 - the season, things for which worried now parents the most. In order to replenish the wardrobe of children, you need to understand the latest fashion trends. A distinctive feature of the children's fashion 2016 is that it will be actual almost any clothes, which can not please mothers and dads. Stylish and fashionable will be any beautiful and comfortable thing that the child or parents will like. The main trend in the collections of designers is the imitation of adult clothing, because children really like to copy adults: moms, dads, older sisters and brothers, famous personalities.

Color spectrum

In the color solutions of the fashionable outfits of this seasonthe emphasis is on all shades of gray. But this does not mean that children's winter clothes 2016 will look boring, because any bright colors in combination with gray only benefit. So you can safely add items of blue, red, pink, green colors. For example, a light gray winter coat with bright pink pants, a gray jacket with a bright blue hat and scarf, will look very good. The violet color will also become popular, it will prevail in outerwear, sweaters, dresses, jumper. White things remain fashionable, and black does not lose its relevance. In the winter outfit will add warmth things purple, lilac, orange, terracotta shades. As for color solutions, there are no restrictions here - it is interesting to look at both monophonic things and combinations of bright colors. Very stripy and cage becomes fashionable.


In children's clothing, the material from which sheis made, is of paramount importance. Things should be primarily safe for health and comfort, so manufacturers increasingly prefer natural fabrics. They are hypoallergenic, pleasant to the touch, have good thermal insulation properties. For the production of top children's winter clothing, the use of synthetic materials is often more appropriate - they are more practical, more convenient, more economical, more durable. In this case, you need to choose things on a 100% cotton lining. Popular materials this winter remain wool, knitwear and jeans. children's fashion 2016

Details and decorations

Children's clothing by definition can not be boring. Different decorations are only welcome:

  • For boys and girls, designers have not forgotten to include in the collection things with funny prints, drawings, applications, images of your favorite cartoon characters.
  • Do not go out of fashion beautiful original embroidery.
  • For the young fashionistas designers added a little luxury: rhinestones, chains, laces and fur decorations.
  • As decorative elements in winter clothes, various buttons, fasteners, rivets are used.
  • Relevant this winter and Scandinavian drawings. Deer, snowflakes and northern patterns on sweaters, knitted dresses and vests look fashionable and cozy.
  • The details in the clothes give the style and originality, the main thing is that they fit together and do not introduce disharmony into the image.

    • Fashionable classics

    Another trend of the children's fashion in 2016 will bea combination of classical lines in children's things. At the same time, designers did not forget to take into account the mobility of the little ladies and gentlemen when creating clothes - they made her beautiful, elegant and very comfortable for the active life of the child.

    • Military

    The style of "military" has very successfully moved fromadult fashion in the nursery. Blown jackets, coats, jackets, military-style shirts will be particularly relevant this season. For girls, you can find dresses and skirts with military prints, which, oddly enough, look very gently and beautifully.

    • Jeans - as always in fashion!

    One of the most favorite types of children is clothing -jeans - does not lose its relevance. This season will again be popular "careless shabby." Fashionable will be jeans, overalls, denim jackets with pronounced abrasion, torn, with decorative darning and patches.

    Choose a hat

    Such an important detail of the winter wardrobe, like a hat,fashion designers pay due attention. The hat should be warm and protect the ears from the wind, made of natural materials, comfortable and comfortable. It can not but rejoice that many manufacturers emphasize this. The choice of models of caps is huge: from simple everyday to exclusive. Let's see what kind of caps will be fashionable this winter:

  • For cold and boring weather, designers offer funny and hilarious hats. Children are so far from the usual stereotypes that they are happy to wear them.
  • Knitted hats with "northern" patterns and snowflakes return to fashion. Hand made is also very popular, so the child in a hand-tied hat will look stylish and fashionable.
  • Do not lose relevance caps, covering ears and helmets, they are warm, well save from wind and frost.
  • It should be noted that the children's fashion for 2016 hats is very democratic, so you can wear one that the child likes and copes with its basic functions - not to let it freeze. children's winter clothes 2016

    Fashion Trends for Girls

    Mod is dictated by famous designers and designers, children's fashion is no exception. Let's see what they have prepared for our kids:

    • Dolce & Gabbana returns fashion to leopardcolors. It can be a leopard dress, a skirt or a blouse, there are even shoes in the collection. Or they can be used as a decorative element: appliqués on a blouse or a picture. Stylish look leopard inserts on shoes or clothes.
    • Also, D & G offer to use in outfits foryoung fashionistas contrasting trim, including for outerwear. Very stylish look kits that combine dirty pink with gray - the most fashionable trend of the 2016 season.
    • Moschino turns the classic combinationblack and white flowers in a very cheerful and mischievous image: on fashionable children's clothes depicted cool black and white geese. This outfit will definitely attract attention.
    • Also in the collection is a black and white cage. Combined with a bright red outfit will not be boring, whether it's an item of clothing or an accessory. Moschino suggests using a cowberry or a purple color. It can be a coat, a warm winter jacket or a hat with a scarf. These colors very well complement the image, even as small details - jewelry for the hair, girdle, bow.
    • Unusual and original set for girlsoffer D & G and Sonia Rykiel - this dress and coat, and the lining of the coat is made of the same fabric as the dress. A girl in such a dress will not go unnoticed.

    Very beautiful collection of children's winter clothing 2016presented and more democratic brands: Zara, Gap, United Colors of Benetton, so parents can choose fashionable clothes for their child with different financial possibilities. Beautiful and elegant clothes will allow a little fashionista to feel like a real lady. Mom should teach the girl to focus on tenderness and simplicity in the image.

    Dress fashionably boys

    As for the boys, for them the designersoffer both a classic style and a sporty one. By the way, in many collections of famous fashion designers, the image of a mischievous boy and a bully is traced. To achieve it, you need to add to the style of light negligence, comfortable athletic shoes and a good mood. The main rule - things should be comfortable and comfortable. From the outer clothing suited jackets, down jackets, leather jackets. Fur finishing in children's winter clothes 2016 is very popular - it's beautiful and warm. Fashionable this year will be a sheepskin, it can be used to trim the collar or cuffs cuffs, or as a podstezhki.

    We instill taste and style from childhood

    Buying a fashionable and stylish clothes for a child, my motherthereby developing the taste of the baby. After all, a person's outlook is formed as a child. The child can be dressed beautifully from the first days. The aesthetic appearance of the baby causes positive emotions in the parents and surrounding people. Even if the child does not yet understand what he is wearing, he gets a charge of positive energy. When the baby grows up and sees that it has beautiful clothes, he gets used to it, his taste begins to form. Therefore, parents need to know what are the trends of children's fashion in 2016. This will help them navigate in a huge number of children's clothes and choose for their child the most beautiful and fashionable outfit. We advise you to read: