breakfast for slimming Have you ever woken up early in the morning and decide,what is today - this is the day when you begin to lose weight? What will suffice from you extra pounds, that you are a strong woman and will be able to overcome your desire to eat everything? Surely such a moment in the life of every woman at least once happened (oddly enough, but slender girls lose weight even more often than full). And how is this remarkable day? Most often, full of determination young lady, with a contemptuous look refuses breakfast, with a proud appearance is content with an apple for dinner and nervously revels in a kefir at noon. Well, in the evening ... What in the evening? Finally a hot soup, cutlets with fried potatoes and a pie that my mother baked. God be with him, with losing weight, some other time. Common situation? If so, you can name the exact moment when everything went awry. No, no, the decision to lose weight was correct (unless your weight borders on the child's), the error lurked a little later. Your main puncture is that you so casually refused breakfast. Deciding to reduce the amount of food used to a minimum, you forgot that by evening you will still want to eat. And, having tormented yourself day and day, you took revenge on your body in the most ruthless way: ate on an empty stomach a daily calorie rate. Well, the fact that breakfast for weight loss is not just permissible, but necessary, you probably did not know, or forgot. proper breakfast for losing weight

About the benefits of early breakfasts

Of course, breakfast can and should be. If you decide to lose weight, then you have a wonderful opportunity to saturate the body with calories from the very morning and calmly spend them during the day. In the morning you can afford both sweet and pastries - by the evening of extra calories and there will be no trace. Of course, that you should not go too far and eat a two-tiered cake with whipped cream for breakfast - so you'll only gain a couple of extra pounds. But to use the right breakfast for weight loss you just have to! So, what is the benefit of breakfast for weight loss and why is it so important for the body? Surely you know that metabolism plays a very important role in losing weight: the higher its speed, the faster melts the extra pounds. At night, when you sleep, your metabolism also sleeps, metabolic processes work in the minimum mode (that's why they do not recommend overeating at night). Having woken up, the metabolic rate increases, but in full force it starts to work only when your digestive system starts working. Conclusion: the sooner you have breakfast from the morning, the faster the metabolism will burn excess calories. In addition, refusing breakfast is very harmful to health. The fact is that in the morning the blood sugar level is minimal, and the body simply needs food. By refusing to eat, you punish your body, depriving it of energy and nutritional elements. Even if you are used to do without breakfast, if you are sick at the thought of eating in the morning - overpower yourself. It's just a bad habit with which you have to fight. And thanks to the morning meals in the blood, the level of leptin, the substance responsible for suppressing appetite, increases. Scientists have proved that those women who for some reason skip breakfast, during the day eat much more food than those who are used to morning meals. Therefore, to decide to start losing weight and refuse at the same time from breakfast is stupid and short-sighted, so you put your own sticks in the wheels. slimming breakfasts

Useful breakfast menu

Few of us have the opportunity, and most importantly,desire, to stand early in the morning at the stove and prepare the right breakfast for losing weight. Therefore, the usual sandwiches with sausage and a cup of instant coffee are quite a common pattern in most cuisines early in the morning. Of course, this is better than nothing, but if you decide to lose weight, then it's worth taking a more serious look at the menu of your morning meal. So, what would you like to eat for breakfast, so that it would be useful, and did not take long to prepare? The ideal breakfast should be balanced. We present a useful morning menu, the main idea of ​​which is "cheap and angry".

  • The fastest and most useful morning dishthere was and remains oat porridge. If you want to get the most benefit for the body, then fresh fruit, low-fat milk and oatmeal are the best solution. Yogurt and milk will provide the body with the necessary valuable nutrients, bread and cereal - fiber, and fruit - vitamin C. Oatmeal and fruit contain a lot of soluble fiber. And do not forget that cooking oatmeal - is simple. Take oatmeal, pour it with boiling water and go to wash, brush your teeth and dress. While you finish your "morning" business, your breakfast is ready!
  • Thin, flat lavash is an ideal option forthe right breakfast. When preparing this lavash, yeast is not used, which means it will not be possible to gain weight with it. Wrap a piece of chicken breast, a turkey cutlet or two hundred beef boiled beef. We assure you that, along with fruits and freshly squeezed juice, you will get an ideally tasty and healthy breakfast.
  • The most popular, most nutritious and healthy breakfast- chicken eggs. Not so long ago, doctors urged to remove eggs from the diet, explaining this high in cholesterol. But now biologists have found out that cholesterol is "bad" and "good", and that eggs contain "good" cholesterol.
  • Chicken eggs are easily absorbed by the body, theycontain twelve essential vitamins and many useful substances that help preserve women's beauty. American scientists conducted an experiment: one group losing weight for breakfast was given croissant bagels, others - chicken eggs. Weight loss of the second group was sixty-five percent more effective. The English proverb says: "We must have breakfast as a king, dine like a lord, dine as a beggar." And if we want to find a truly royal figure, we should listen to the ancient wisdom and include healthy, delicious breakfasts for weight loss in your daily diet. We advise you to read: