autumn shoes 2016 The coming season says not only about the changeweather and mood, but also about updating the wardrobe of a modern girl. Of course, autumn things should be more comfortable, warm, practical - this should not be forgotten even by the most notorious fashionista. Especially when it comes to boots, boots, boots - it is very important that the graceful legs of the girls are kept warm all the time. But, again, with your choice it is impossible not to take into account the high style, beauty, elegance - so what, we face an insoluble problem? Not at all, because the autumn footwear 2016 promises to be both fashionable and practical - it will justify the expectations of Russian beauties. Let's begin our review of popular trends of the coming season and see what the European design houses will do, than they can surprise us in a good way.

All attention to the heel

autumn shoes 2016 photos From what depends largely on the harmony of the combinationbeauty and practicality of any boots, boots or ankle boots? Of course, from the heel, so we'll talk about it first. By the coming season there were three trends - let's look at each of them: The hairpin did not lose its positions at all, and even gained in popularity, because it remains the most stylish option for going out, a spectacular appearance at a disco or party. It will be chosen by girls who want to emphasize the grace of their chiseled legs, visually extend them and emphasize their beauty. An excellent embodiment of fashionable shoes for women's autumn of 2016 are models on a high, but rather wide and stable heel. Often their sole is a wedge - such boots, ankle boots, boots are comfortable enough and at the same time look great. That's why shoes on a pretty high and solid heel in the coming season will become an adornment of office looks and interesting images in the style of Casual. But at the same time another popular trend is, or rather continues to be, shoes without a heel, or completely on a low heel - its practicality will be preferred in the coming season. Such ankle boots, boots, boots are as stable as possible and give the girl the comfort of sensations, without overstressing her tender leg. And while they look impressive and modern, they can go as a visit to friends, and to a restaurant - you will agree, it is very convenient. Even the most inveterate women of fashion appreciate shoes that decorate the Casual style, which is why the most practical shoes, boots and boots should be included in your wardrobe. At the same time, the models on the platform remain actual: they can be met literally everywhere and in any combination, for example, with a wedge or with a hairpin. Triumphantly return and "retro-heels" - low and wide: they will ideally complement models of boots and ankle boots with an artificially narrowed toe. By the way, among other things, their convenience is impressive - the solidity of retro models is good in ice, sleet and other vagaries of nature.

Let's talk about the styles

fashionable autumn shoes 2016 In the coming season, Russian beautiesreally will be what to choose, because interesting, original and impeccably stylish models will suffice for girls with absolutely different tastes and preferences. Looking at the collection from the best European houses, we can say with confidence that much will be popular, ranging from high boots or closed boots to light shoes. But, of course, several significant trends and win-win trends can be identified and even needed - let's talk about them. With confidence, we can say that an excellent example of autumn footwear 2016-2017 and one of the main decorations of the upcoming season will be ankle boots. After all, in essence they are a stylish combination of spectacular boots and elegant shoes, a reasonable compromise between beauty and practicality. Therefore, in the coming season, we can count on a huge variety of them, a rich finish. Popular will be ankle boots, originally designed straps and lacing - they look interesting and attract attention to themselves at first sight. Another stylish solution is bright prints, because with them the models look more luxurious and original, becoming more individual and emphasizing the bold tastes of their owners. Fur will also be relevant in the design of practical and fashionable autumn shoes 2016: photos of the botanists from Donna Karan us in this just convince. Particularly impressive are models on the stud and platform with a narrowed and open toe - for a caressing September and still quite a warm October they will fit just perfectly. Another trend of the coming season is the classic, impeccable in its grace. Thin lines of elegant "boats" on the hairpin will attract the attention not only of women of fashion, but also of their gentlemen, who admire the sharpened female legs. If in the last warm days of autumn you want to win the heart of a beloved man, choose interesting shoes from Oscar de la Renta or Celine, or similar to them, and you will not go wrong - the classic will be one of the no-lose options. When choosing the style, many designers agree that the autumn 2016 footwear can not only, but also should be elegant, to cause admiration and admiration for lovers of luxury and shine. A great example of this are Louis Vuitton shoes on a wedge, originally decorated with rhinestones. The combination of suede, high soles and shiny accessories is especially effective - this option is created for girls who like to attract attention and make a splash in the society. A huge audience already chooses bold models, impressive with their androgynous style. Now we are talking about shoes that carry a few typical male features: they are restrained, without bright details, screaming inserts and accenting accents - that's what attracts you. By the way, girls are not afraid to change their image - look all the same will remain emphatically feminine. After all, the original "Oxford boot" will give an interesting combination of the fragility of the elegant maiden's leg and the confidence of the men's casual shoes - that's why there will be demand for such an option. The conclusion is one: taking into account the variety of models, every Russian beauty can easily choose those boots, boots or boots that will please her and those around her.

What will be the color of autumn shoes?

fashionable shoes women's autumn 2016 Models are quite diverse, but their colorgamma remains classical and in the coming season: on the wave of success will be already familiar and flawlessly refined boots, ankle boots, boots of beige, brown, gray hue. Although there are very interesting options - let's pay attention to them: We advise you to enrich your wardrobe with coal-black models - they always look emphatically stylish. These boots are the finishing touches in the portraits of business businesswomen, charming and self-confident subjugators of men's hearts and simply cheerful young girls. It should be said that the autumn shoes of 2016 are generally rich in combinations with black, and one of the best options is a monochrome combination - with white. And interesting and attractive look not only contrast patterns, for example, prints or embroidery. Effectively look black boots and shoes with a white heel or a sock - they elegantly emphasize the beauty of women's legs. Worthy place in the wardrobe beauties will take the model of a brighter, but still of a classic color, for example, red or silver, especially when it comes to shoes. To see this, it's enough to see what the "boats" look like - the fashionable autumn shoes 2016: photos of the same Oscar de la Renta or Celine impress with their elegance and sophistication. Of course, our beauties will be able to give due attention to the brightest colors, despite the popularity of the severity and coldness of pastel shades - just need to choose models in which the same purple or caramel will be subtly combined with black. It is such shoes that will be moderately original, interesting, attractive and at the same time stylish enough to suit not only an extravagant young girl, but also a confident woman. Again, looking at the latest designer collections, it's safe to say that women of fashion will find shoes, boots, boots of favorite color and easily fit them into their rich wardrobe.

What will designers please us with?

autumn shoes 2016 On the attractiveness of the retro style with his collectionFendi reminds us of Karl Lagerfeld. He boldly offers the girls canary yellow, coffee, chocolate and even gold lacquered evening shoes, made of satin and leather and featuring their thick high heels. Similar ideas for the creation of their collection of women's autumn shoes 2016 were guided by Marc Jacobs - this can be judged by looking at his collection of Marc by Marc Jacobs. Her retro shoes are made in classic style, decorated with original and massive buckles, tassels, laces. Moreover, they have their well-recognized "chips" like a high heel and a dull sock. But the brightness of the multicolored models surprises us in a nice way with the collection of Prada - it seems that the spectacular and without exaggeration the chic boots have come off the pages of American Pin Up comics. There is everything here - a combination of snake skin and satin, velvet and suede, and this is understandable, because most of the shoes are made in the best traditions patchwork. Of course, not all girls recognize such boots practical, but in their originality you can definitely not doubt - this is an option for a spectacular appearance. Luxury lines of velvet models inspired many designers - Alberta Ferretti and Dries Van Notten demonstrate their views on impeccably elegant and even gorgeous shoes: they perfectly blend the daytime style with the evening. Spectacular boots of emerald or gentle-blue hue, boots-stockings, retro shoes from suede - all this can be found in their collections. Seeing their masterpieces for the first time, even the most rational girl forgets that demi-season models must be practical. There are design houses that believe that in autumn shoes in 2016, several styles can merge into one another, for example, the fashion house Louis Vuitton thinks so. After all, in the framework of one collection, he presents to our attention and lace-trimmed velvet boots, and pointedly sexy open boots made of reptile skin, and extravagant botchels in patchwork style, and laconic retro shoes. The emphasis on exotic is made in the collection of Roberto Cavalli - this brand presented vintage boots with high heels to the demanding audience. And fashionable women very warmly met such a model - all were attracted by a combination of courage, sexuality, originality and impeccable taste. Creatively, we are pleasantly surprised by Gucci - this design house gives us a bold look at the classic python leather that has already become classic. The thing is that the designers represent the most original colors - shades of shoes and boots become emerald, yellow, red and even purple or pistachio. They look more than impressive - in such shoes, a woman of fashion is guaranteed to make a splash on a social event or evening reception. On the masterpieces of suede accent several design houses at once, and we perfectly understand their stylists, because the choice in her favor is always refined. In his collections Christian Dior prefers brown, beige, powdered boots, Emilio Pucci, on the contrary, chooses dark colors, Phillip Lim - demonstrates all the optimism and gaudiness of the red. As you can see, there are enough options - every girl can easily find boots, shoes, boots or ankle boots with the original "chip" and from her favorite designer house. Today, women's fashion footwear can easily be chosen - autumn 2016 gives us a huge variety of stylish, practical and simply cool models. We advise you to read: