car accessories As a rule, the auto-lady is much smaller thanmen, worried about the power of the motor or the time of acceleration of the car to the maximum speed. Much more important is the sense of security, comfort and comfort. Sitting in the car, I want to feel "at home". And how to achieve this? Help useful and original car accessories.

Car Cases

Who came up with that covers simply protect the salonmachines from dirt? Definitely - men! Car covers are not less important than, for example, furniture or curtains in your apartment. Do you really care what kind of furniture you have? Changing the covers, you can change the mood. Are you going on a long trip with the children and are afraid that they will get bored on the road? Then you can use cases with your favorite children's characters. Snoopy, Kitty, Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh are a wonderful company. And the kids will not feel abandoned, while mom concentrates "taxis". The summer is over, the next vacation is still far away, and colleagues with a bewildered look at Mickey Mausov, comfortably located on your seats? Well, in some ways they are right ... In the cold season I want warmth and comfort. Just for this kind of weather, fur coats and pleasant to the touch, cozy covers made of special, heat-retaining fabrics are thought up. On the calendar is already spring, but you are so tired for the winter, that for some reason it is absolutely not welcome? You just need something bright, festive and sweet. Suitable, for example, shirts-T-shirts. You will not even notice how the spring depression will disappear without leaving a trace.

Car organizer

Well, this is a thing almost indispensable in the femalecar. You in fact like all "to lay out on shelves", the truth? Some models can be attached to the back of the seat. Others - just put it in the trunk. The main thing is to make sure that your organizer has reliable locks. And then the children quickly put things in order! women's car accessories

Interesting novelties

That's really who understands all the difficulties that fall onthe share of the auto-lady, so it's the British company Sheilas' Wheels! Both employees and clients of the company are exclusively women. Despite the fact that their main line of business is the insurance business, ladies do not cease to please the beautiful half of humanity by inventing original women's automobile accessories.

"Female" seat belt

The insurers conducted their research and found out,that very many women do not use a seatbelt. At first this fact aroused surprise - after all it is considered that women are much more careful at the wheel than men. And what happened? It's not about irresponsibility. Most women who do not use a seat belt are ladies with very lush forms. The belt presses them on the chest, restricts movement and makes breathing difficult. Careful British have ordered the American association MIRA, which developed a miracle strap. It is designed in such a way that it can be easily moved up or down so that it does not press against a magnificent bust. At the same time, as it should be, the belt perfectly ensures the safety of the driver and passengers. car accessories as a gift

Inflatable companion

Another funny, but certainly very usefulfor women, the invention is an inflatable man. No, no ... no sexual implication! According to British statistics, more than half of women are afraid to drive behind the wheel during the dark. And it's not that they doubt their skills. Just a lonely female figure at the wheel often provokes male drivers for aggression. And now - the output is found. The inflatable companion is comfortably located in the glove compartment of the car. If necessary, simply connect it to the cigarette lighter. In a minute you are already provided with an "accompanying person." In this case, your "man" will not give you invaluable advice about where you need to slow down, where to add speed, and where to turn to the right. What else is needed for happiness?

"Sheila's driver's heel"

The old female problem is which shoes to wear incar. On a flat sole - cozy, but ugly. "Studs" - stylish, but uncomfortable and even dangerous. Many found a way out for themselves - a spare "automotive" pair. But this is also far from always convenient. Therefore, the British decided to approach the issue seriously. As a result, shoes-transformers appeared. Elegant, feminine shoes on the hairpin easily turn into comfortable "boats". To do this, just press the secret button. In this case, the heel folds and retracts into a special groove, and the sole straightens. The special coating of the padding allows the legs to not slide off the pedals. As you can see, there are many ways to make your favorite car really cozy and stylish. By the way, soon holidays. Maybe ask your loved one for flowers car accessories as a gift? What do you think?