Chillon Castle Going on vacation, it is worth thinking in advancepossible options for leisure, because in a relatively short period you need not only to rest and replenish the energy reserves of the body, but also to acquire new knowledge and get maximum impressions. Became a long time popular Switzerland offers a lot of options for a great pastime, but the sights of this country, despite its small size, can not be inspected for one short trip. The sights of Switzerland are so interesting and varied that it is worth visiting several times, especially to lovers of ancient medieval buildings, national culture, as well as to true connoisseurs of nature. Gruyères Castle

Architectural monuments and interesting places

Switzerland - infinitely beautiful and diversea country with several cultures, languages ​​and climatic zones. Architectural and natural monuments, collected on a modest in terms of the area of ​​Switzerland and carefully preserved by the local population, attract hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world. The main attractions of Switzerland are numerous castles, monasteries, bridges, fountains and museums. Once in this wonderful country, you must visit Bern - the capital of Switzerland. Particular attention should be paid to the highest in the country cathedral and granary, turned into an unusual cultural center. Among the sights are very curious sports exhibitions of the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, as well as a fair center, located in the same place. Equally interesting is Geneva, proudly bearing the title "Capital of the World". In this colorful Swiss town, located at the foot of the Alps, you should certainly admire the hours in the English park, made of fresh flowers, visit the magnificent botanical garden and enjoy the magnificence of the Lake Geneva with the world's highest fountain. Among the architectural attractions of the city a certain glory was gained: St. Peter's Cathedral, the Old City Museum and the Russian Church. From Swiss museums, the museum of watches, the automobile museum with rare and prestigious brands of Swiss cars and the museum with products made of crystal and fine porcelain are very popular. Switzerland is also rich in natural attractions: there are many lakes and waterfalls on its territory, most of which are of glacial origin. Only in Switzerland there are waterfalls located inside the mountain. This unique sight, created by nature, is open to tourists. A huge popularity is enjoyed by the 14-cascade Swiss waterfall. Due to the large number of lakes, Switzerland is also considered a country with a developed beach holiday. A variety of historical attractions and sightseeing routes, extraordinary beauty of natural landscapes and excellent service - all this makes Switzerland attractive in winter and in summer.

Attractiveness of the country for tourism

Switzerland is a unique tourist country,where the picturesque slopes of the hills harmoniously merge with the medieval architecture of the well-groomed elegant cities. Excursion tours of Switzerland are interesting at any time of the year, whether it is a trip to a lake, a mountain trek or a visit to a spa resort. Swiss cozy hotels with magnificent service, beautiful and majestic mountains, unspoiled lakes, rumbling, amazing with their power, waterfalls and an excellent entertainment infrastructure are indispensable components of an ideal holiday.