atone for guilt So often we offend relatives and people close to usjust because the rain wet your favorite shoes or the head rejected the report! It seems that everything can be explained: Well, will not you scream at the rain, or even more so on the boss? So, the very closest suffer for the sins they did not commit. And we suffer from the fact that we understand the absurdity of the situation. And we do not know how to atone for the loved one in the recent outburst of rage. Worst of all, when there is no way out of their situation. You are in the role of executioner. Beloved is the victim. But is it worth it to delay the quarrel, especially if it arose because of your incontinence? Or is it better to apologize and try to atone for your guilt? Now many readers will raise their eyebrows in surprise: what kind of redemption are we talking about? About that which will show your close person that you did not just automatically apologize to him for the offense, but did it consciously and really feel guilty. Indeed, in fact, many of our apologies sound like this: "Of course, I'm right, but you are dear to me, therefore I ask your forgiveness". However, before you redeem yourself, you must accept it. To see what was wrong, how exactly they offended the native person. Then sincerely admit your wrong. Is it difficult to do this by looking at the eyes? Call him on the phone. Tell us about the feelings that made you lose your temper. Complain about the rain, the boss. Are you ready? And now think: what good can you do for a loved one? Can bake a fish pie? Or wash his car? Any manifestation of your feelings will be appropriate. Just do not repeat the same action whenever you quarrel. Otherwise, a man will develop a persistent allergy to fish cake, and a clean machine will be associated not with joy, but with your angry look. But let's hope that you seldom lose steam on your loved ones. So, the redemption of guilt will not become a habit. Otherwise, neither baking nor saving on a car wash will be saved. And more: do not wait for forgiveness, if they themselves in response to the slightest fault of the beloved pouted at him for several days in a row. Want an instant remission of sins? Learn to forgive yourself. And most importantly: be able to restrain yourself. No matter how evil your boss is, it's not a reason to spoil relations with your loved one. Agree: it's easier to change jobs than to suffer from divorce and build new relationships. How to keep from rudeness? There is a simple and effective way. Before you say something unpleasant to a loved one, count to ten. The desire to be rude was not lost? Maybe he really deserves to be swallowed today? By the way, especially hot-tempered we advise to increase the holding time from ten to fifteen minutes. Live peacefully! We advise you to read: