signs of bronchial asthma The nature of the course of an asthmatic attackdepends mainly on the type of disease. Infectious-allergic type of asthma is characterized by sluggish-flowing symptoms, the first signs of which appear imperceptibly, and then begin to slowly increase. The reasons for them in adults may be stress, emotional stress or respiratory diseases. The cause of atopic asthma is usually contact with the allergen. In this case, the signs of the disease appear suddenly and begin to develop rapidly.

The main symptoms of an asthmatic attack

Being a chronic respiratory diseasepathways, asthma, can be the cause of different on symptomatic and severity of attacks. Some people suffer from asthma almost without noticing, and others are constantly tormented by symptoms such as dry cough and shortness of breath. The main symptom of asthma is difficulty breathing. This symptom is always accompanied by shortness of breath, a feeling of tightness in the chest and a sense of lack of air. During an attack, a person tries to occupy a strictly vertical position, standing or sitting, and lean forward, as if helping himself to exhale. But because of narrowing of the respiratory tract, exhalation is not effective, although the lungs of the patient are overcrowded with oxygen. The breathing of a patient during an attack of asthma is accompanied by wheezing. This occurs as a result of the passage of air through compressed bronchi due to spasm. However, wheezing alone can not be a proof of asthma, as they are observed in other diseases. Therefore, to diagnose asthma in adults, it is necessary to observe other symptoms. The main symptoms of asthma accompanying a patient at night are coughing and choking. Why these symptoms most often appear at night, is still not clear. But it can be assumed that the cause is the natural narrowing of the person's airways at night. And for a patient with asthma, whose airways are already narrowed due to illness, this process causes great anxiety. For some adult patients, the only symptoms of asthma that bring considerable discomfort are dry cough and small wheezing. Starting in this way, sometimes the attack leads to the appearance of sputum. If there is no infection in the lungs and bronchi, it should be of a transparent color. In rare cases, sputum is yellow due to the presence in it of eosinophils - immune cells. Sometimes, mistakenly diagnosing inflammation of the lungs, the doctor appoints a patient with antibiotic treatment. But with a cough caused by an asthmatic attack, antibiotics do not help. correct treatment of asthma

Symptoms requiring medical attention

During severe asthmatic attacks,adult patients lose a lot of physical and moral strength, because they have to apply a little effort, just to breathe. Symptoms of the disease, prevent a person from talking and do not allow to occupy a horizontal position. During acute asthma attacks, adults may have signs of oxygen starvation: bluish skin tone, confusion. Breathing becomes superficial and does not fill the lungs. All these signs are very dangerous and require immediate medical attention. Also, others should pay attention, if a patient with a sharp asthmatic attack, sharply stopped wheezing, audible at first. It is a mistake to think that this means an early termination of an attack. In fact, the cessation of wheezing indicates a worsening of the condition due to an even greater blockage of the airways. This condition is dangerously complete by stopping breathing, and requires immediate medical intervention. But even in the absence of severe attacks, it should be understood that asthma is a serious disease that requires treatment under the supervision of a specialist. A qualified doctor prescribes treatment based on the history and symptoms of the disease. The treatment of asthma always includes not only medications, but also a special regimen and certain actions during seizures. Often, in order to cope with the disease, the patient has to radically change his lifestyle.