how to celebrate a silver wedding 25 years of marriage - a very serious date for the celebrationwhich must be approached with all enthusiasm. And it's not just about hiking in a luxury restaurant or a trip to rest - folk traditions play a very important role. Therefore, we want to tell you how to celebrate a silver wedding in accordance with established traditions. Let's see what customs should be observed on this day, how to celebrate 25 years of marriage so that everyone says that you did everything right in your holiday. Of course, it is not necessary to adhere to all the rules, because such a day happens once in a lifetime. But there are fundamental customs, without which we can not do without them - we will consider them first. There are three things that should definitely be done on the day when a quarter of a century is celebrated from the day of marriage.

Tradition one: washing

Having woken up and without fail having kissed, spousesmust collect the crystal clear water (best in the living source) together in a silver jug ​​and proceed to joint water procedures. The husband and wife need to wash each other three times: for the first time the heaviness of the lived years is washed off, in the second - the experienced and pressing problems, and in the third - the experiences about the future. After that, the couple gently rub each other with a white linen towel, symbolizing the purity of their love, and expose a silver jug ​​with the remaining water in the sun - to dry. It is believed that together with the evaporating moisture all the misfortunes and hardships of the family go away. Immediately after washing, you can proceed to the second part of the celebration - to exchange rings. In fact, everyone knows about this tradition: even those who do not particularly follow the rules try to keep it, because it symbolizes the very romantic nature of the relationship between a man and a woman. So let's get acquainted with all the nuances of this custom in order to know what and how to do on the day of the silver wedding. how to celebrate a wedding

Tradition two: the exchange of rings

Of course, spouses need to think aboutobservance of this ritual. They need to choose rings that are popular in design, fit in size and necessarily silver. The precious metal echoes the date and symbolizes the strength and value of feelings that have been verified by time. The ceremony of exchanging rings should be made really solemn: it is necessary that people close to their spouses be present: parents, relatives, friends. And, of course, it should be a holiday that takes place under a certain scenario. Again, it is important to choose the program of the ceremony, and here are the options, Here are the most common of them:

  • Many couples like to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversarysame as in his time and the wedding itself. The husband and wife choose the same outfits, invite the same witnesses and guests, go to the same registry office and restaurant. A peculiar return to the past is very popular - it can be called the classic of the celebration of the silver wedding.
  • Another option is to meet this event inunderlined a cozy atmosphere, for example, at home or in the country, with family and close friends. Usually it is chosen by quiet and modest couples who do not want noisy celebrations. This option is perfect for a husband and wife who want to emphasize on an important day for themselves that for them the family comfort and attention of native people is more important.
  • Recently, more and more popularityacquire thematic celebrations, celebrated by analogy with the first wedding. In this case, both the guests and the perpetrators of the celebration are dressed as gangsters, pirates, aristocracy of the Victorian era - in a word, those images are chosen which are prompted by the fantasy of the perpetrators of the celebration. This option of celebration suits fervent couples who are accustomed to live happily and have not lost the enthusiasm of youth.
  • However, the romantic celebration tooit is popular enough - it is usually chosen by people who are free enough to traditions. There are couples who want to celebrate this day together, going to a luxury restaurant, to the place of the first date or abroad, for example, to the city of love - Paris. And they, of course, can be understood, because this is their silver wedding.
  • But no matter how a couple celebrated this day, the apotheosisall the same, the exchange of silver rings becomes. In doing it, the husband and wife prove to all and to themselves the strength of their feelings, not fading with the years. In accordance with tradition, the spouses exchange silver rings at noon, putting them on each other's fingers instead of gold ones. At the same time, the latter fit into the family casket and are carefully stored for a whole year, until the next memorable date. Traditionally, witnesses from the wedding should be present at the ring exchange ceremony, but in some cases, for example, when celebrating together abroad, this rule need not be adhered to. After the exchange of rings, a feast or a romantic dinner, you can proceed to perform the third important rite - a family tea party. Let's see how it should pass and what kind of meaning it carries in itself.

    The third tradition: family tea drinking

    This rite is performed immediately afterthe last guest leaves. Usually this tradition is observed when a silver wedding is celebrated in the company of close people in a home setting - in a restaurant it will not be relevant. According to the "rules of the genre", the wife pours two cups of strong aromatic tea, to herself and her husband, and the couple drinks it, sitting at an untidy table (the last moment is very important). This rite symbolizes the confidence of the spouses in the future together, that among the vanity and the outgoing they will be able to preserve their home, warmth and love. And now let's look at another tradition, maybe not that primary and obligatory, but better emphasizing the hospitality of the broad Russian soul. We are talking about inviting guests: parents and children, friends and relatives. Let's find out how to call them according to the rules of the silver wedding. celebrate the silver wedding

    We invite guests, observing all the rules

  • The first rule tells us what is neededcall people close to the heart exactly 25 days before the date of the silver wedding. As you understand, the symbolism is that every day, as it were, embodies the year of family life.
  • The second rule reads: You need to invite at least 25 guests, and among them there must be witnesses. And in this case, the symbolism in the figure: so the spouses will show that they appreciate the people who were close all the years of their family life.
  • The third rule: it is necessary to regale guests. Of course, you can not offer them 25 dishes, but here the loaf on the table should be obligatory. By the way, his husband and his wife need to be cut into two parts, holding the knife together. Two halves of the caravan will symbolize family life before and after this date. Then it can already be cut into so many parts that each guest will have enough, and treat all people who came to the party.
  • Here are the traditions that are worth observing in a daysilver wedding - as you can see, they are quite simple and interesting. We wish you an excellent celebration of 25 years of marriage in full accordance with the rites and rules passed through generations. We advise you to read: