Usually after long holidays comesthe realization that excessive consumption of various foods and alcoholic drinks did not go unnoticed. All this has affected our figure. However, do not blame yourself for this. Having listened to the advice of psychologists and physiologists, you can quickly regain your former form. First of all, you need to get rid of toxins accumulated in your body. To do this will not be difficult: eat plenty of vegetables and drink freshly squeezed juices and herbal teas, while avoiding protein foods. To achieve a positive effect, a bath with aromatic oils and sea salt will help. Also, take care of your hair: rinse them thoroughly with shampoo and swipe a piece of ice on them. This procedure will give shine and radiance to your locks. Now you need to get rid of circles under the eyes. To do this, use a corrector, whose tone should be lighter than your own skin color. Conduct a line under the eyes and distribute the corrector with a light touch of your fingers. To distract attention from the circles under the eyes will help the blush of peach color. From red and pink shades it is better to refuse, they only underline your tired appearance.