how very quickly lose 10 kg For some reason everyone wants to lose weight very quickly. Yes, and the rates themselves at the same time set: "I want to lose 10 kilograms per week!". Well, you want - thin. But after all these extra kilograms are growing not in a week or even in a month. However, you want to get rid of them very quickly. And if you set a goal, then you can drop these hateful pounds. It is best, of course, to lose weight gradually, but extreme measures can also be taken. There are such ways! And even proven in action. But, firstly, we are all different, that's why the tried methods of weight loss are applied to us in different ways. Secondly, to lose ten kilograms per week is easier for those who have a really big weight. And third, very quickly discarded kilograms are returned even faster than they leave, and even "take" with them a couple of kilos. And if these warnings have not stopped you, and the slogan "I want to lose 10 kg in a week!" Is still relevant for you, then you can (and need to!) Start to act. Try to start small. The first and most simple: to give up flour and sweet. For an even more rapid effect, refuse from potatoes. Include fish and meat, fresh vegetables and fruits, dairy products and cereals in your diet, do not eat fatty, salty and smoked. Remember that in any case you can not eat after six in the evening. This method of losing weight is not very difficult. Provided nemerenogo consumption of sweets buns and smoked products (before the diet), and even a sedentary lifestyle, the rejection of all harmful delicacies can produce a miracle effect. And if you still start doing gymnastics, then a week later ten kilograms as never happened (instead of 110 - only 100 kg). Yes this is not a joke. Very quickly, with such a diet, only the weight of very, very fluffy ladies goes. Provided that your weight does not exceed eighty kilograms, you too can lose weight, but the process will go smoothly. And in this case, more effective measures are needed. I want to quickly lose 10 kg

Sport to help lose weight

Refusal of sweet, flour and fat plus lessonsSports - also a very effective way. You can, for example, go to the pool or practice at the fitness club. But if you do not have such an opportunity, then you can train at home. At one time, the famous model Cindy Crawford developed a set of exercises for weight loss. The complex is good because for training no special devices and simulators are needed. You will only need dumbbells, which are sold in any sports shop, and an ordinary chair. One workout involves exercises that involve all muscle groups, and lasts one hour. Exercise is quite intense, but if you have some health problems, then you can perform lightweight exercises. According to the tested complex of Sindi Crawford on personal experience, for one workout (with the load on all muscle groups, lasting one hour), you can lose weight by 1 kg. If there is no time for sports and for constant control over your diet, then short-term, but more stringent restrictions - diets - will work for you. There are many, but choose the most effective ones.

Diets for fast weight loss

  • Ducan's diet

This protein diet is considered the most effectivejust for quick weight loss. The main emphasis in this diet is on fish, meat and eggs. You can eat these foods in unlimited quantities. Although proteins do not contain many calories, they perfectly satisfy hunger. And in order to digest proteins, your body will additionally consume calories.

  • Salt Free Diet

On the second place on efficiency. Its essence lies in the fact that for ten days you can not eat salt. On the first day you can drink only water and green tea, the next three days you need to eat boiled rice, then three days - white chicken meat (a day you can eat no more than 1 breast). Then two days - vegetables and fruits of green color (cucumbers, kiwi, apples), on the last day - boiled beets. Everything must be cooked without salt. For 10 days of compliance with all prescriptions, a loss of 10 kg is guaranteed.

  • Buckwheat diet

Also very effective diet for fastlosing weight. The duration of this diet you can determine yourself. On the day it is allowed to drink either 1 liter of kefir (1% fat), or to eat buckwheat cooked without oil and salt (the amount you determine yourself) and drink half a liter of kefir. One day - the loss of one kilogram. So with this diet, you can also lose weight quickly: ten days per 10 kg. Small secrets of rapid weight loss are also available. There are two products that burn fats: pineapple (fresh!) And lemon. If you eat one lemon at night, then in the morning you will weigh one kilogram less. In general, even with complete starvation, a person loses just one kilogram per day. So decide for yourself how much realistic to lose 10 kg per week. Maybe you should not exhaust your body, leading yourself to a semi-faint state? Maybe it's better not to lose weight quickly, but slowly, but surely? Maybe a week will be enough and 7 kg of weight loss? Lose weight on health, but please, without fanaticism. Good luck to you! We advise you to read: