how to make makeup Each woman gives her appearance a lottime, whether care, cosmetic treatments or make-up. Moreover, it is the make-up that we make every day, because a woman needs to look attractive, and for this - to emphasize all its advantages and hide faults. Each of us is familiar with the approximate technique of applying make-up, however, many women still make makeup incorrectly. How to make make-up at home? Perfectly, make-up technique is owned by professional make-up artists or make-up artists. Have you ever noticed that they apply make-up and makeup on the face in stages? That is, the correct make-up includes the division of the process into successive steps, following which one can achieve perfection in the make-up skill and make it flawless. No less important is also the proper skin care and preparation for make-up. In addition, you must choose the cosmetics that suit you, the best professional. Makeup tools do not have to include the entire list of professionals, but the most basic set of brushes and applicators you should have. A consecutive enumeration of all the stages of the process will tell you how to make make-up yourself.

Skin Preparation

Any cosmetics should be applied tohealthy and clean skin. To make the make-up go smoothly, beautiful and lasted for a long time, the skin needs to be pre-prepared. Cleansing The first step in the preparation of the skin is its thorough cleansing. To do this, use a gel for washing, you can even take a soft scrub or peeling. The skin should be soaked with water, apply a scrub, massage in circular motions and rinse well with warm water. Avoid aggressive scrubs so as not to injure the skin, do not do too intensive movements to prevent redness of the skin. Pat the face with a towel. Toning After washing with tap water, which will undoubtedly be tough for the skin, it will need toning. Wipe the skin with tonic or lotion, choose the product depending on the type of your skin. This step eliminates dryness and tightness, removes excess sebaceous secretions, prepares the skin for application of the cream. Moisturize Apply a moisturizing cream to the skin with a light texture, do not use a fatty nutrient before makeup. Allow the cream to soak completely. If the skin is too over-dried, apply a lot of the cream. After absorbing the right amount of moisturizer, the remnants can be removed with a cotton swab. how to make eye makeup


Not everyone of us can boast of an idealcomplexion. To make it so, we will be helped by various toning means. The application of tonal creams and will be the basis of all make-up, a kind of artist's painting, on which we will later "draw" the eyes and lips. Base for make-up Base or make-up base is a silicone-based cream that smooths the surface and skin texture, hides defects, provides an ideal "grip" of all make-up with the skin and, accordingly, its durability. The base can be without a pigment, transparent, or have its presence. Then you need to choose the base according to the color of your skin, which also harmonizes with the color of the foundation. Corrector and concealer The corrector is designed to hide minor flaws - acne, pigment spots, and concealer - to lighten the dark circles under the eyes. The corrector is usually white, or greenish to hide redness. A concealer can have a set of yellow and pink colors. Apply corrector and concealer is best with a thin soft brush or fingers. Tonal cream After applying the base and hiding the shortcomings, apply a foundation. It should perfectly match the color of your skin. To apply a foundation cream should also be on the neck and décolletage area, so that the face does not look like a mask. There are special spongy sponges for applying a foundation, but the last advice of professional makeup artists is applying it to the skin with a few damp fingers, the body heat will allow a good and even distribution of the cream over the face. Give the foundation to absorb well and adapt to the skin - about 10-15 minutes. Powder Apply crumbly powder, matched to the tone of your skin and in harmony with the color of the foundation. Compact compacted powder lies denser, it is more suitable for emergency cases, to correct the already finished makeup. Friable powder will lay down a more light and invisible layer, will not make the skin heavier, but it will give it enough haze. Apply a powder with a large volumetric brush made from natural nap. Walk on the forehead, nose, chin especially carefully. On the cheeks, the brush should be carried from the top down, as if shaking the powder from his face. how to make make-up of lips

Eye Makeup

Eye makeup is performed especially carefully andtake a lot of time. Regardless of what you focus on - on the eyes or on the lips, eye makeup takes an important place in the entire makeup process. Eyebrows In the first place, it is necessary to emphasize eyebrows. Preliminarily, of course, it is best to give them the necessary shape with the help of correction. But do not make a correction immediately before applying makeup, since the sensitive skin of the eyelids can turn red and swell. If your eyebrows are dark and thick, then it will be enough to comb them with a comb or brush and put them in a special gel. But thin and light eyebrows need to be emphasized with a pencil for eyebrows, imitating strokes of hair. Professional makeup artists advise eye shadow, this will create a background and will not be too intrusive. Shadows Shadows must be chosen according to the type of make-up - day or evening, the color of the eyes or hair, the color of clothing, style and image in general. Gray and blue-eyed women will be approached with cold shades, but green and hazel-eyed women are warm. Shadows are worth taking several shades of the same color - from light to darker, you can use contrasting colors. Light shadows are applied as a base on the entire eyelid, but dark emphasizes the outer corner of the eye and the lower eyelid. Light pearly shadows can also be applied under the eyebrow itself, this will give the gloss look. Do not use creamy shadows, they have the property of rolling down, it's better to pick up quality dry shadows. Pencil and eyeliner Pencil and eyeliner are used to give the look even more expressiveness. They are most appropriate in evening make-up, especially their black color. Pencil is good to draw arrows on the outer corner of the eye and the lower eyelid, which then are shaded with the help of dark shadows and brushes. In this way, the effect of smoky make-up is achieved - the "Smokey Ice". But the eyeliner is used in the modern retro make-up - it draws a persistent bright arrow along the eyelash line throughout the upper eyelid, stretching the corner of the eye to the eyebrow. Pencil and eyeliner can be used in various colors, in harmony with the color of the shadows. There are even special festive versions with sparkles and shining effect. Mascara It would seem - there is nothing easier than to put mascara on the eyelashes. However, here, too, has its own nuances. A variety of mascara brushes - a classic brush or rubber comb - offers you to choose the most suitable. But you need to apply mascara in a special way. If eyelashes do not have a strong bend, you can twist them with special tweezers. To apply mascara is necessary in several layers, giving a good dry out to each previous layer. Do not overdo it so that eyelashes are not stuck together, it is better to comb them with a dry comb or brush. Many layers of carcass can then crumble, so do not put more than three. how to make makeup

Lip Makeup

To the make-up of the lips, especially for the evening version,should be treated no less responsibly than to the makeup of the eyes. Before applying lipstick, the lips must be prepared. Nourishing the skin of the lips No lipstick, even the best and the best, will not look good on your lips if they are dry and cracked. It would be good, while preparing the skin for make-up, to make a soft peeling for the lips. To do this, you can use sugar or coffee grounds. The main thing is not to overdo it so as not to injure the delicate and thin skin of the lips. After that, apply a nourishing balm on the lips and let it soften your lips well, absorb a little. Contour pencil Applying on the face of a foundation, it should be applied to the lips and a light layer. This will give them colorlessness, so the lipstick you pick will show on your lips your true shade. Use a lip liner that matches the color with the chosen lipstick, or the tone is darker than it. Circle the pencil outline, starting from the middle of the upper lip and moving to the outer corners. Lower lip to emphasize the movement from left to right. Lipstick Lipstick should be applied with a special brush, this will give firmness and uniformity to the coating. Apply a thin layer of lipstick, let it absorb a little, easily pat your lips with a thin napkin, lightly powder. After that, apply a second, more saturated layer of lipstick. Movement of the brush should be performed from the center to the corners of the lips, evenly distributing the pigment, and not leaving the contour outlined in pencil. Reception with a powder and a napkin will make the makeup of lips much more resistant. Lip Gloss Lip gloss is able to give the lips extra volume, seductive radiance, the effect of sexual moist lips. For daytime makeup, lip gloss can be applied to the lips without applying lipstick. But in the evening make-up, the shine applied to the middle of the lower lip over the main lipstick will give it volume and plumpness. For holiday make-ups, there are also glitters with small glitters, sparkling pigment, pearls of different colors.

Blush and bronzing powder

The last step in makeup will be applying blush. Without them, make-up will look painted as if on a canvas, they give the person a liveliness and completeness. Blusher Blush is usually applied to the cheeks, with their help highlight the cheekbones. However, with their competent use, you can even correct the shape of the face. Blush should not be placed on the skin with a stain. Use a wide volumetric brush to apply them and blend well. To start, you should type a little blush on the brush, so as not to overdo it, and if that's not enough, you can add color. For any skin color, a blush of a natural peachy hue is suitable, but you can use both pink and terracotta. Bronze powder Bronzant or powder with reflective particles, golden or bronze, can give the skin the effect of radiance and glow. This powder is good to emphasize the cheekbones, to put a little on the upper eyelid under the eyebrow or on the chin. This way you will reproduce the effect of sun tanning. Very often, this powder is interfered with with blush or applied instead. At the very end, once again, lightly pass over the face with a brush with matting powder to brush off the remains of shadows from the skin or reduce the intensity of the color of blush and bronze powder, remove excessive shine. Do not forget about the neck and décolleté zone, and if you have a hairstyle with your hair up, you should also touch your ears with a brush. This method will give the skin of the body velvety and compare its color with the complexion. Your perfect makeup is ready! Carrying it out in stages, according to all the tips given, you can easily achieve a beautiful and effective make-up that does not differ from a professional one. We advise you to read: