house by feng shui Ancient Chinese science about a happy life inharmony with oneself and the world, which is based on an equal exchange of energy flows between man and nature, was given the beautiful name of Feng Shui. In literal translation from Chinese, feng shui means "wind" (fan) and "flow" (tui). The main goal of this science is the search for a positive flow of Qi energy and its direction to human well-being. Wise Chinese believed that the sources of favorable energy Qi are parks, alleys and forests. Therefore, the most successful location of the house by Feng Shui or workplace was directly next to them. Flower gardens and gardens also generate favorable Qi energy, and even the Chinese place a special place for evergreens and water. Coniferous trees, ponds, fountains and ponds will attract financial prosperity and career growth. direction of the zones in the house by feng shui

The art of feng shui in our time

Buying a house, we have little to change in hisplanning, and we have only a little to correct it. It is quite another matter if the house is built from scratch on a new plot. In this case, everyone is free to do anything. You can easily start building the building by all the rules of feng shui, especially as this type of building is gaining popularity. After all, the meaning of the doctrine is also that the relief, climate, environment and the house itself should be in the aggregate approach to a certain person, since only in this case he will be mentally and physically completely healthy. The art of feng shui helps the owners of the future house to naturally and harmoniously unite with the environment due to their dwelling, which will fully suit them. If the house is suitable for a person, then it will be peaceful and easy for him to live in, his career growth will increase, happiness will multiply, and the housing itself will be less likely to be repaired. The selection of a site should be approached very responsibly. It is better to immediately consider a clean and good terrain for development, than to correct it later. Ideally, there is no noise near the roadway, swamp, dump, cemetery. To feel protected, it is good, if behind the house there will be mountains, a forest or other houses, and ahead - an open area. Masters of this ancient science believe that any living plant will bring only positive energy. The more there is on the vegetation, the better. But only healthy, strong and beautiful plants will be able to retain positive energy, so you should take good care of the green plantation, water it, water it, fertilize it and get rid of sick and dried greens. Those who dream of making their lives productive, you need to plant any bushes without thorns and fruit trees: apple tree, plum, pear. It is desirable to have on the site of any pond, but must be kept well-kept and clean. The water should be in front of the building and not in any case behind it. The pond can be absolutely any: the sea, the lake, the pond, the river. The best option is a calm, quiet river with winding banks and clear water. It is she who will bring in the positive energy of Qi. Since the space in front of the house should be open, then when planning the construction of all economic buildings better to move beyond the house. The same place is better used for the location of the garage. The garage should stand separately from the house or at least not have a door leading to the house. Because negative energy will penetrate into the rooms together with harmful odors. Housing should not be blocked by a tall building, a neighboring house, a hill, a large billboard. Any obstacle before the eyes programs a person for malaise and failure. But the leakage of money can cause standing in front of the door water tower and wide drainage or sewer pipes laid under the house. Scientists feng shui for building a house recommend using only natural materials. Well, if they are connected with the terrain on which the house will be built. Thus, nature itself will give energy and protect health. But from metal and reinforced concrete it is necessary to refuse. Iron perfectly conducts electricity and, being very often in the zone of electromagnetic fields, a person runs the risk of seriously injuring his health. the proper location of the bedroom by feng shui

Making adjustments to a built house

But what about those who do not have thisa wonderful opportunity, how to build your house from scratch? What actions should they resort to? They too can make feasible changes and improve the energy of the positive flow. So, you can design a path to the house. It should not be absolutely straight. It is better to make it winding, and on its way you can build a small fountain or a small flower bed. Owners of small houses should not make very high fences. They will interfere with the easy penetration of Qi energy and will stagnate negative flows. To fill the apparent empty space, it is better to plant a tree. But inside the house, on the contrary, it is necessary to free the corners and get rid of all unnecessary. Otherwise, the financial difficulties for a long time will overcome the family. The ceiling beams above the bed and the dining table are inadmissible. They block the positive flow, frighten off luck and damage health. All sharp corners and square supports in the house need to be ironed out. Any climbing plants can do this. The dining table is better to buy round and put it in the center of the room, and the chairs and sofas in the living room should not be turned back to the door. It is better not to put a spouse bed in the middle of the bedroom. It is better to move the head to the wall. It will give a strong sleep and a sense of security. The lid of the toilet bowl should always be closed, otherwise the money will "drain" like water. For the same reason, you should always monitor the serviceability of the faucets in the bathroom and in the kitchen. In the kitchen, do not put the stove next to the sink. Fire and water are not the best neighbors. The door to the kitchen should not be viewed from the hallway, and when preparing food, it is undesirable to stand back for a long time to the door. Otherwise, domestic injuries can not be avoided. In general, the Chinese people have a special attitude towards the plate. In their opinion, the stove is one of the main symbols of the well-being of the family. You must always keep it clean, use all the burners, and to attract wealth put on fire only the most beautiful and absolutely whole pans. And any other cracked or broken dishes should not be kept in the house, it should be thrown out immediately, and plates should be washed immediately after eating. Mirror in full growth opposite the front door is better not to hang. It will not let Qi energy into the house. To attract good luck and cash prosperity, it is better to place special bells near the door - "wind music". Mirrors better hang out in the living room. There is also better to put a room fountain or a waterfall. You can buy an aquarium with one black and eight goldfish. It will attract wealth and prosperity. Improve the overall energy of the house and give its residents the power to make important decisions will help live flowers. The most popular flower is the pink peony. He is the owner of a powerful energy field. The harmony of family relations will be supported by the rose and lotus flower, and an elegant orchid will help to achieve inner harmony. The symbol of wealth, prosperity and abundance is usually considered a lily. Career advancement is symbolized by narcissus. Chrysanthemum will attract good luck. Of great importance is also the place where the flowers will stand. According to art, each side of the world has its own symbol. The center of the house is a zone of well-being and health, the south is glory, the north is work and career, the west is responsible for creativity and children, the east for love and romance. directions of zones on feng shui

General recommendations on the arrangement of the house on Feng Shui

Unfavorable location of the house is considered if there are the following factors:

  • Inhabitation of a small number of people in a very large house.
  • A house or an office built on a plot in the form of a triangle.
  • Finding under the house a tunnel, sewerage, pool, garage, that is emptiness.
  • The fence is very close to the door or the windows of the house.
  • When the kitchen, bath and living room were located in the south-west.
  • The location of the house is in a dead end street.
  • If there is a staircase or toilet in the center of the house.
  • Construction of a single-storey house with a roof with a ledge.
  • If the house has a transparent roof.
  • Favorable location of the house is considered if there are the following factors:

  • A wide straight road to the west of the house.
  • Large trees in the north-west of housing.
  • A house built on a plot in the shape of a square.
  • The length of the house is more than its width.
  • Kitchen and bedroom are located in the east or south-east.
  • If the main door of the house is in the south, there must be a canopy on it.
  • The best location of the house: in front - south, behind - north.
  • If we take into account at least some of these recommendations, then the future life in the house will be filled with positive energy, and negative flows will not be able to stay there for long.