aft epilation To the great pleasure of ladies, progress is notstands on the spot, and in the beauty industry, new ways of hair removal have been developed, among which one of the best is considered to be aft hair removal - the reviews speak for exceptionally positive emotions, since this method is absolutely painless. With it, you can remove hair from any part of the body, and it does not matter what hair it is - light, thin, curled or very small. AFT (Advanced Fluorescence Technology) - in English means "improved fluorescent technology". Aft epilation is based on a combination of photoepilation and laser hair removal. Its uniqueness lies in the painless removal of hair even in the bikini zone.

Advantages of aft epilation

  • Efficiency of the procedure. The power of its impact is very high, which allows you to use fewer sessions to achieve results.
  • Aft epilation does not bring painful sensationsthanks to the unique technology InMotion (translated from English into motion), which provides for gradual heating of the treated areas of the body and soft preparation of the skin in the area affected by the laser beam. The technology used completely excludes the effect on the pain receptors, while keeping a dense, powerful flow of energy that destroys the hair follicles. Only in areas with very thin skin, it is possible in rare cases, the occurrence of minimal pain. The InMotion technology excludes the omissions of unfinished areas, in contrast to other methods of epilation, which use the mode of consecutive flashes. Coverage of the treatment zone reaches 100%. We will clarify that the technique of aft epilation is the most painless of all known techniques at a given time.
  • The technology includes a combined effect of two energies - laser and light. Thanks to this, hair removal is not critical to skin color and type of hair.
  • Security. The new epilation technique is absolutely safe and combines the most modern laser hair removal technologies with the comfort of SPA procedures.
  • Aft epilation technology

    aft epilation reviews The technology of aft epilation is aan advanced combined technique combining photoepilation and laser hair removal with the use of two newest devices - Harmony XL (based on advanced fluorescent technology) and Soprano XL (based on the work of a diode laser, considered the gold standard in the field of modern epilation). The technology is based on the accumulative effect of the effect on certain areas of the skin with two energies, optical and laser. This combination is very effective, because it allows you to remove both hard and dark hair with the energy of the laser beam, and thinner and lighter - using light energy. In the process of removal, hair is thinned with time, changing its density and structure. Therefore, the most competent is the timely replacement of laser light energy and vice versa. Aft hair removal helps to remove hair entirely in the conditions of a professional clinic with the development of an individual course of procedures.

    • Scientific evidence of the effectiveness of aft epilation

    The purpose of epilation as such is to destroyfollicle, after which hair growth becomes impossible. The luminous flux and the diode laser perfectly solve this problem. The intensity of hair removal is selected in such a way that the root bulbs, as well as the vessels that supply them, absorb the energy of the laser beam causing thermal damage to the treated area of ​​the hair follicles. This is the effectiveness of aft epilation - reviews of women indicate the appearance of short-term redness (1-2 hours after the procedure), which is the absolute norm.

    How many epilation sessions will you need?

    The life cycle of the hair consists of several phases. The phase of hair growth in the follicle is replaced by a short transitional stage, followed by a resting phase, during which the hair growth stops and it falls out. Then a new hair begins to grow inside the follicle. For this reason, all available methods of depilation give only a short-term effect, removing the hair shaft, and not destroying its follicle. Hair grows cyclically, and therefore in one session it is possible to exert a maximum of 70% of the follicles. To affect all follicles, several aft procedures are required - an average of 6 to 8 sessions. Depending on the quality and quantity of the hair, these figures can vary from 4 to 12 procedures. At the initial examination, the dermacosmetologist will give a detailed consultation and accurately determine the required number of sessions. A positive result can be felt even after the first sessions: a noticeable decrease in the amount of hair, a finer structure of newly grown hair. These changes will be observed more and more from one session to the next until the hair is completely removed.

    • Who and where can I carry out aft epilation?

    Aft epilation is suitable for both sexes,possessing any photo type of skin. This epilation is carried out practically on all parts of the body - on the hands, legs, stomach, chest, face, back, neck, in the armpits and on the intimate parts of the body. We advise you to read: