affirmations for success Why are some people always lucky, but others have everythingcomes out on the contrary? Surely each of us attended a similar thought. We will reveal to you one small secret: these people believe that success and success accompany them everywhere and always. They know what they want, and they achieve it. And you too can become such, using affirmations for success and good luck.

How to use affirmations for success

What is the power of these affirmations? There is such a thing - positive thinking. Its essence lies in the correct perception of the world and programming itself to achieve the desired. The universe is simply magical: it always gives you what you are tuned to. Unfortunately, most people, without knowing it, program themselves to fail instead of dreaming about the best. But you absolutely do not necessarily adjoin to their number! You can use positive settings that will set your mind on the right wave. The power of affirmations is that they set the right direction for your thinking. This is a unique and very simple tool that helps people to change their lives for the better. In some ways, they even look like a magical spell. But there are certain rules on which affirmations are made:

  • Use these words andmaking affirmations, so that they caused you to have exceptionally positive feelings and state. You should completely lack resistance when they are pronounced. "Spells of Happiness" should enthrall you and motivate you to achieve success.
  • They must be composed from the first person, so be sure to include such pronouns as "I", "me," me "in the affirmations. Only then will your personal participation and energy be added to the formula.
  • Use the present tense. The past is in the past, and the future is unknown when it comes. You are powerful over your present, so do not miss this chance! Instead of "I'll be happy" say: "I'm happy," and only then affirmations will work.
  • In some cases, when using affirmationspeople have resistance. It is associated with real obstacles in achieving the conditions you need. Simply put, something is written in the text of the installation, which is hard to believe here and now. To get rid of this, change the formula from sharp to gradual improvement. For example, a long and seriously ill woman is difficult to think: "I am healthy". But the idea that she is recovering will be quite appropriate and energetic.
  • Affirmations should be short. It is not necessary to write life-asserting installations on five lines - it will not work. Affirmations should include from two to ten words - this is the only way to ensure their convenience in repetition. In addition, short formulas quickly gain strength in your mind, because you do not need to spend memory resources on their processing and memorization.
  • Below we have given you examples of effective andworking affirmations, however, most likely, you will have a need to change something in them to fit yourself. Do not hold back - on the contrary, positive attitudes should take into account your individual characteristics and be motivating for you. However, it is not very good to form affirmations - you also need to be able to apply them. It is possible that you have already tried to do this, failed, and now you are visited by the thought: "Yes nonsense all these affirmations! Deception and fiction for stupid girls! ". Usually it is not in the settings themselves, but in the fact that you misused them. The main secret of affirmations working is their repeated repetition. You should use them quite often and for a fairly long period so that they can really change your consciousness. It's like in the famous saying: "Tell a man a hundred times that he's a pig, and for a hundred and one he's grunting." Sooner or later you will listen and begin to implement the instructions received from positive attitudes. First, you will probably have to make extra efforts, but you will soon get used to it, and affirmations will start to rise by your own accord in your mind. Another important aspect is the belief that affirmations work. Of course, one should not expect instantaneous confidence in their miraculous power. However, the use of the type "yes, I'm still here all sorts of nonsense" I will not do any good. Sarcasm and irony are not very appropriate in positive thinking - at least in the early stages of practice. Be moderate in using affirmations. Some people believe that the more, the better, and begin to take immediately for many installations, for example, just reading them. You do not need to do this - better concentrate on one or two of your favorites and use them for a couple of months, and then go on. Speak affirmations only in a good mood and with a positive attitude. It is very important! Pleasant emotions put their energy into the work of "magic" formulas. Well, if you do not have a good mood, then you will learn how to please yourself and raise your spirit. You can also work with affirmations at rest, using, for example, techniques of meditation and relaxation. The state of trance provides quick access to your subconscious, and the power of positive settings increases several times. In order to get a good result, you need to work with affirmations every day. Only the regularity of classes will ensure you success, so do not look for excuses and do not postpone for tomorrow such an important matter. You must say affirmations at least three hundred times a day, or better. It is quite obvious that it is better to break up the occupation into several approaches - in the morning and in the evening, for example. And be sure to concentrate on them, otherwise the effect will be miserable. You can enhance the effect of the settings with music or visualization, which are related to the affirmations you make. correct affirmations for success

    22 affirmations that really work

    The Internet is full of articles in whicha variety of positive attitudes and affirmations are listed. However, the question arises about their quality and effectiveness, because you do not know if anyone tried to use them in life and what it gave him. Especially for you, we have prepared a list consisting of proven and reliable affirmations. They are offered by Laura Silva and other talented and successful people as positive attitudes that can bring happiness to your life. What kind of affirmations for success can you use every day?

    • Success is the only possible outcome of my actions;
    • Where I am, there is luck;
    • I will transform all my possibilities into success;
    • Today, my abilities and determination are the key to success;
    • I rejoice in all my achievements, and they come again and again;
    • I'm the winner;
    • I create my own success;
    • I believe that I will succeed;
    • My resolute actions and my talented thoughts will lead me to success;
    • Here and now I create a lucky ticket for myself;
    • I like to be successful, and I do everything to go through it again and again;
    • I imitate really successful people, and my luck multiplies;
    • Today, I will overcome all obstacles on my way to a good day;
    • Success permeates every cell of my body;
    • I am worthy of success and luck;
    • I am grateful to the universe for all my present and future successes;
    • Every success leads me to a new success;
    • Every day my life is getting better and better;
    • Everything I touch turns into success;
    • Any of my endeavors end with luck and achievements;
    • I choose to move forward towards my goals;
    • Every minute I create a new wonderful reality for myself;

    Many successful people have already realized and are activeuse weapons such as affirmations. Following their example, you will be able to achieve all your goals and reprogram your thinking in the right direction. It's up to the little thing to take the first step and start applying this technique every day. Who knows, maybe this is what separates you from your personal success? We advise you to read: