affirmations for love Perhaps, you are tired of loneliness and dreamsfind your love. Or maybe you have a partner, and you appreciate him, respect him and value your relationship, but feel that the heat in your heart begins to fade. Whatever it is, you can use the power of your word to create a state of deep love within yourself, or attract love, or revive it. Help you in this affirmation of love.

What is affirmation?

Affirmations are positive statements,which describe the desired state of things. When these statements are repeated often, they are postponed in the subconscious, leaving a lasting trace there, and soon it causes a positive impact of the subconscious on your life. Imagine that you and your friends came to the pool, and they made you poke fun at your lack of ability to stay on the water. "And we argue, I'll swim the pool without stopping!" - you say, wanting to prove that you are not so much like a jerk. You start to swim, but at the same time you keep saying in your mind: "I can swim, I'll swim!" You think that you have enough strength to swim the whole planned distance without stopping, and you believe in what you can show it's your friends! What are you actually doing? You repeat positive affirmations! They help you to gather strength and, believing in yourself, achieve your goal. But, unfortunately, most people introduce into their subconscious negative words and statements about situations and events in their lives, and this leads to undesirable results. Our words work in two directions - they can build, but can also destroy. It is exactly how we use them to determine whether they will bring us positive or negative results. Pay attention to those words that you say to yourself in your mind to find out if you do not resort to such negative statements as:

  • I can not do it;
  • I'm too lazy to do this;
  • I do not have enough inner strength;
  • I'm unattractive;
  • I definitely fail, at the first attempt.

Your subconscious perceives as truth that whichhe is constantly told. And as a result, it attracts relevant events and situations in your life. So why not choose only positive statements to get positive results? After all, affirmations program the mind in the same way as the computer commands the entered commands. Duplicate words will help you focus on your goal. They also create in the mind the corresponding mental images, which, in turn, accordingly influence the subconscious. Thus, you program the subconscious mind according to your will. And it, in turn, shapes your habits, behavior, reactions, attitude to the surrounding reality and even your very life. affirmations for attracting love

How to return love to a cooled relationship

Now you already know how powerful a weaponis your word. But in order to master this weapon, you need to understand some things. And above all - why in your life so little love and why you blocked it. They say Buddha said: "What you think about, so you become." And what you say is a reflection of what you think. Listen to your thoughts and try to find those negative thoughts that build a powerful bloc against love. How do you say or think to yourself about others or yourself? Do you have thoughts like these: "I now do not love," "All good men have long been busy" or "I'm not beautiful, these do not like"? And if you have a partner, how do you say or think about it? Always with respect, gratitude, gratitude and love, or do you allow in your speeches and thoughts malicious remarks or complaints about his shortcomings and constant gaffes? What is more - respect or irritation, gratitude or resentment? It's unlikely that you will ever be able to heal a relationship if you focus on how terrible it is and how unhappy you are. Sifting your thoughts through a sieve of awareness, you can be horrified how much you have gloomy and unkind - about yourself, about your partner - reasoning and statements. But the people you have drawn into your life reflect what you feel and how you perceive the world. Without giving love, you can not get it. So, if you want to draw love into your life, you must first start to radiate it. And if you do not know how to do this, then you will help yourself, using affirmation to attract love. They will help you become a loving person who, like a magnet, attracts reciprocal feelings. People can not live without air, food, water and ... love! Love really is among the four necessary conditions for life, only it is an intangible factor. Air is always around us; what efforts need to be done to provide ourselves with food and water - we also know, but how to ensure the presence of love in your life? Affirmations about love! How do they work? Love has many forms. Love between mother and child, between two friends, between lovers, between spouses. Often we see that women who could not find an object for their love among people, transfer it to pets. In one form or another, but love must exist in our lives. However, only what you want love does not mean that you will get it. If you do not know how to love, do not know how to give love, then you can not get it. And in order to learn to love, you must first love yourself. Do you think this is impossible? Then start by using affirmations for love of yourself:

  • I'm worthy ..! (It is worthy of love.) It is worthy of praise, worthy of happiness, worthy of pleasure.
  • I exude good.
  • I only care about my own opinion about myself.
  • I am stunningly beautiful and charming!
  • My life is beautiful!
  • I'm doing everything right.

You can come up with your own statements. The main thing is that they should be formulated only in a positive way. Write down all affirmations of love for yourself on the sheet and hang them near the mirror in the bathroom. Create for yourself a wonderful morning and evening ritual of reading this leaflet with affirmations about self-love. It is better, if you use the mirror to look into your own eyes - this will greatly strengthen your connection with your own subconscious. Once you can change the attitude to yourself, start one by one to say affirmation to attract love in a relationship with your partner. Try to call to the rescue not only your thoughts, but also emotions. Just as your emotions affect speech - as you say what you say - you can use this energy in the opposite direction, consciously changing the inner speech to create within yourself the feeling of love. Emotional affirmations of love will help you create this feeling. Here's how to do it: as soon as you start to wake up in the morning, do not get out of bed at once. First imagine that your loved one is lying next to you. Feel the warmth and love just because you are close. If in reality your relationship begins to deteriorate, try to recreate the same feelings that you had when love was still strong. Such feelings cause vibrations that can awaken love that has fallen asleep. Just the idea of ​​how well you are close to your loved one, can make you experience just such emotions next to your man. Therefore, learn to permeate your feelings with the feeling of love and happiness, helping yourself with affirmations about love. Choose for yourself the statements that resonate with you, and repeat them every day several times from morning to night:

  • I am happy in the presence of a loved one.
  • I am grateful to fate that she sent me the ideal partner.
  • I see love in the eyes of my partner (husband, boyfriend). I love what I see.
  • Our relationship is getting better and better every day.
  • My beloved and I are ideally suited to each other spiritually, sexually, emotionally and intellectually.
  • I draw love and romance into my life.
  • I gladly give unconditional love to my partner (husband, boyfriend).
  • I have a wonderful partner (husband, boyfriend), and our relationship is filled with happiness and love.
  • Love is everywhere, and I am open to receive love.
  • I'm happy with a person who really loves me.
  • Our love is growing every day.
  • I really like to accept and respect our differences - we perfectly complement each other.
  • I support my partner in everything (husband, guy), and he supports me in everything.
  • I love and respect my partner (husband, boyfriend).
  • I want love, and I radiate love.

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How to draw love into your life

Maybe it's that you have not found one yetA young man who would call you his beloved. Is it possible to attract such a man to affirmations about love? You can, of course, but here you must understand: you can not get love simply because you want love. First of all you must give love. Only when you give love, you receive it in return! There are several ways of experiencing and expressing love. Some people dream of trembling with passion, others want to hear a whisper of love near the ear, and still others would like that love be shown to them through gifts or deeds. The best way to get the love you dream about is to radiate that kind of love. Becoming a loving person, we attract into our lives those people who reflect our individuality. Therefore, when creating an affirmation for attracting love, create exactly those statements that reflect your desires as fully as possible. Combine your own assertions with those of the ones we proposed that are best for you, and repeat them again and again, preferably in front of the mirror, up to a hundred times a day, for six to seven months. After a while, you will see that they have become able to love a person and have learned to attract more and more such loving people to themselves. Here are our affirmations for love - to help you:

  • I am surrounded by love and happy with my life.
  • My heart is always open to love, and I also radiate love.
  • All my relationships are long and full of love.
  • I love life and everything that it gives me.
  • My partner is the love of my life and the center of my universe. He loves me just as much as I love him.
  • In life, I always get what I give, in multiple sizes. I'm always ready to give love.
  • I get love always when I enter into a relationship, and I'm happy to receive and give back love.
  • I deserve love, and I get it in abundance.
  • I am the most loving person, and my life is full of joy.
  • I love others, and everyone loves me in return.
  • Wherever I go, I'll find my love everywhere. Life is full of joy!
  • My partner and I are ideally suited to each other, and our love is simply divine!
  • I give love, and she comes back to me repeatedly strengthened.

The key to success is the correct use of affirmations

We want to give you some important tips that need to be considered, using affirmations about love:

  • Always say affirmations in the present tense. Do not program your consciousness that you will meet love in the future, which will always remain and will continue to exist. You want to get love now, do not you?
  • Always build a phrase in the form of a statement, not a negation. For example, do not say "I do not want to be alone", say "I bathe in love," "I have an ideal partner."
  • Do not set yourself limits. Do not give specific dates, for example, "in five months I will find the ideal partner." Who told you that this will not happen sooner? Remember the first advice and take away the future time. Remove and limit (in this case - in time). If it seems to you that now you are not ready to accept love, because your beliefs about yourself, about others and about love are still clouded by negative vibrations, then start with working on yourself first. "I'm getting better and better," for example, or any other statements that will arouse your love for yourself. We talked about them at the beginning of the article.
  • Better, of course, if you say everythingthese affirmations out loud. But this is not an obligatory condition. You can pronounce them and yourself - the main thing is that in either case you speak them regularly, constantly and with feeling, with conviction in the correctness of each statement.
  • Support affirmations with visualization. Imagine a future partner. Just do not be distracted by the specifics - the appearance of a man, his profession and so on. Imagine your emotional state - what you want, that you feel in life, when he is near you. Your emotions, when he hugs you, when you cook dinner together, when you walk in a nearby park. So you can not in the future ignore the partner ideally suited to you on an emotional level only because it does not outwardly correspond to the image of the ideal man that you are fantasizing about.

Working on yourself, you will speed up the meeting with your love. She's already knocking at your life. Are you ready to accept it? We advise you to read: