affirmations for every day Affirmations are justthis or that topic, formulated by us consciously or automatically pronounced. Sometimes we say, for example, that the cutlet was burnt almost together with a frying pan: "Oh, what a nightmare!" And we feel terrible disappointment and unwillingness to tear the cutlet from the frying pan and to clean the frying pan. And we can purposefully change our attitude to the situation and say: "What trifles! Five minutes - and as if nothing happened! And what's interesting: what kind of phrases we often say (positive or negative), of the same nature, our attitude and behavior becomes decisive for us. If we make positive statements and repeat them again and again, they will influence our life positively. And if we give preference to negative statements, then, accordingly, in life we ​​do not all get along. Given this pattern, psychologists around the world recommend using informed affirmations for every day. Such affirmations are like drops of water falling on a rock. If there are only a few drops, they will not matter to the rock; but if they are methodical, day after day they will drip and drip, then over time, protrude and stone. correct affirmations for every day

How affirmations work for each day

We go through life, guided by our ownbeliefs. For example, we know that touching something hot will lead to a burn, so never touch with your bare hands, such as an iron. But in young children, the belief system has not yet formed. Consequently, they do not know what is the difference between hot and warm, and, unattended, will surely grasp hands for the hotter. After they get burned and experience pain, they will never repeat the same action. An alternative to such a sad and completely undesirable experience can be repeated parents' explanations that it is impossible to touch a hot one, because it is very bad and because "it will be bo-bo". Both negative experience and parents' explanations form a belief system for children, which will then become the basis of their personality. All our beliefs are stored in the subconscious. So if you find that you can not earn a lot of money, for example, or you immediately spend money and can not keep them in your hands, it is possible that in your subconscious mind such beliefs as " I do not deserve to prosper "or" money is bad, it's evil. " In order to change our beliefs, and with them our lives, we must act at the subconscious level. Our subconscious mind is like a computer. It takes the input information, processes it and gives the corresponding stimulating impulses to the output. And the subconscious does not analyze the information and does not know the difference between good and bad. You, probably, heard the expression concerning the computer: "Nonsense at the entrance - nonsense at the exit"? That is why our mothers in our time so strongly advised us to avoid bad companies and to be engaged only with good girls! In a good company you will hear only good and positive thoughts, you will see that only the right actions are performed. Constantly rotating in such a circle, you absorb all this into your subconscious, and your thoughts and actions, in turn, also become good and positive. So, in order to change your beliefs and create a new reality for yourself, you must literally "bombard" your mind every day with thoughts of your desire. At the same time these thoughts should be formulated correctly, otherwise you can get at all the results that were expected. Therefore, there are certain taboos and rules of behavior that must be observed, optimally using affirmations for each day. These taboos and rules are listed below:

  • Using the Present Time Do not useFuture tense. If you say: "I will be rich," then your wealth will forever remain in the future! The subconscious literally perceives the message that they are asking to do it. Therefore, it is necessary to say: "I am rich" or "I am ready for prosperity". According to some psychologists, it is very useful to use the word "choose", because then it becomes just your choice ("I choose prosperity", for example). Perhaps they are right; in any case, it's hard not to agree that our present life is the result of the choice we made in the past.
  • Need to be positivethe required result is only positive statements. If you say to yourself: "I'm not fat!" - in the subconscious, "not" is ignored, because the main emphasis is on the word "fat", and in the end it turns out that you inspire yourself: "I'm fat!" The subconscious mind will focus on then, in order to preserve and even multiply your kilograms as safely as possible. Therefore, it will be more correct to say: "I keep the ideal shape", "I lose weight every day" or "My body burns unnecessary fat every minute".
  • Affirmations can be pronounced or written If wesay them in the mind or (which is preferable!) out loud, then it is necessary to pronounce them resolutely and confidently. It is advisable to pronounce several affirmations throughout the day, or you can repeat them in the morning and evening, only then at least twenty times at the beginning of the day and the same in the evening. Another great way is to write affirmations at least fifteen times a day. Both methods have a rather rapid influence on the subconscious. There is another technique - a mirror. It is necessary to stand in front of a mirror and, looking to yourself in the eyes, vigorously repeat the affirmations. Looking into your eyes, you can quickly connect with your subconscious. Only to do this is necessary on a regular basis, then the effect will be very strong.
  • Reiteration. In order to achieve significant changes in your life, affirmations need to be repeated daily (for good reason they are called "affirmations for every day") and several times a day - until you notice that your statements are already became a reality. If you do this only a few days, you will not see the expected result.

In support of the last rule, we wanttell a story about two guys - about the smart and about the clever man. This story illustrates the importance of repeating affirmations on a regular basis. Two guys decided to train muscles to build the beauty of their bodies. Their coach advised them to perform special exercises for one hour a day, five days a week for one year. The first guy immediately began to practice, training for an hour (and sometimes more) every day, as advised the head of the sports section. And he acted, I must say, clever. And the second, the clever man, did some calculations. He really did not want to wait a year for him until his muscles poured in strength and the body became beautiful! He estimated: five days an hour a day means five hours a week. In a year fifty two weeks. It means fifty-two times five hours, that is, two hundred and sixty hours. If you engage in eight hours a day, then the annual "norm" can be accomplished in thirty-two and a half days. Thus, the wise man decided, I'll work hard eight hours, and not in a year, and in a little more than a month I will become strong and beautiful! Do you think he did something? No, of course, because the muscles can not form so quickly. In addition, with unaccustomed he was so tired that he experienced the strongest aversion to the sport and generally abandoned it. And with envy glanced at the smart guy, who, although he did not become even a few months the same as he wanted to become, but already noticeably prettier. The same goes for daily affirmations. The word "daily" is very important here. Only when you train your brain, thinking daily in a certain way, and so day after day, over a period of time, your mind will get used to perceive what you say as your own attitudes. Your subconscious mind will begin to change your behavior so that it matches the new way of thinking. And then positive changes will come into force in your life! At the same time, it must be understood that we humans are not sinless. It may happen that on some days we do not find the time, energy or desire for affirmations. It's not scary, only from the next day it will be necessary to start pronouncing our affirmations with new strength and energy. Just because we missed one or several days, you should not stop at all. "Restart" will be the key to our success. Think: when a baby is just learning to walk, it also falls over and over again. But he does not stop his attempts! He continues again and again until one day he makes his first sure move. So should be our attitude to work on your subconscious, or rather it would be to say - to work on your life. useful affirmations for every day

Affirmations for every day

We will give you several affirmations that can successfully "work" for you:

  • Every day my life improves in every way.
  • All the forces of nature and the universe come together to fulfill my wishes.
  • Every breath I make fills my body with health and beauty.
  • Success is my second nature, I choose success in any activity.
  • I am grateful for everything I receive in my life, and for what else I will get.
  • I effectively control my thoughts.
  • I always get what I want.
  • I am rich, successful, healthy and happy.
  • I let go of the baggage of the past and concentrated only on the present.
  • I release the need to get approval from others, I'm always happy with myself.
  • I'm always the best in everything.
  • I am perfectly healthy mind, soul and body.
  • I take responsibility for my life, therefore I am able to have such a life as I want.
  • My life is full of joy and happiness, I radiate joy and happiness.
  • I deserve and receive the good from the world, and I myself give good to the world.
  • The more I give, the more I get.
  • I understand that the universe is unlimited, and I am open to receive all the benefits that are intended for me.
  • I am a loving and caring person, and I am surrounded by loving and caring people.
  • I love, respect and accept myself for who I am.

Work on yourself, on your life, and always be happy! We advise you to read: