adoption of a child data bank photo Children are the greatest happiness that onlycan be in a person's life. But, unfortunately, sometimes a couple for one reason or another does not get to give birth to your own baby. Some married couples for years continue expensive treatment and make attempts to give birth to a child, others resign themselves to this state of affairs and forever resign themselves and part with the hope of becoming a dad and a mom. However, there is a third way out of this difficult situation. This, of course, is the adoption of a child. Adoption of a child from a baby house is a real opportunity for childless couples to feel the joy of being parents. What should be done first of all to couples who decided to adopt a child? Do not be rash to cling to this idea - for example, the adoption of a child from the hospital is often hasty and rash. Thoroughly weigh all the pros and cons, and enlist the support of all members of your family - this will help to avoid misunderstandings and disagreements in the future. If a unanimous positive decision is taken, you simply need to find "your" baby, as well as learn the requirements for the adoption of the child. If you have taken such a responsible step as adopting a child, the photo database will help you make your choice. The database of children for adoption contains complete information about all children. Further, future parents should apply for a decision on the possibility of being adoptive parents. Such an application is submitted to the guardianship and trusteeship bodies at the place of residence of the parents. Together with the statement you need to prepare and attach a number of documents. Below is described what is needed for a child's adoption:

  • A brief autobiography, written in an arbitrary form.
  • Information from the work place of both parents. The references should indicate the positions held by them and the amount of wages. Take such a certificate is necessary in the accounting department of the company where the parents work.
  • In the bank it is necessary to take an extract on the status of the financial account, if such is available for applicants for the adoption of the child.
  • Extract from the home book and documents confirming ownership of the dwelling.
  • A certificate from law enforcement agencies that applicants for adoption do not have a criminal record for crimes against life or health of a person.
  • The medical report on the state of health of persons,pretending to adopt a child. A medical report must be issued by a municipal or state medical and preventive institution.
  • A notarized copy of the marriage certificate.

Remember that when you contact the guardianship authorities andguardianship you will be asked to present a passport or other document proving the identity provided for by the legal legislation of the Russian Federation. Be sure to keep them with you, and do not forget about the need to make photocopies of these documents and notarize them. They will also explain to you the order of adoption of the child. In order for future parents to be given an opinion about the possibility or impossibility of being the adoptive parents of a child, representatives of the guardianship and trusteeship agencies should draw up an act of examining the living conditions and lifestyle of the applicants. To this end, representatives of guardianship and trusteeship bodies must leave at the place of residence of the applicants. After reviewing the application and enclosed packages of documents listed above, as well as after drawing up the act of examining the housing conditions of the applicants, the guardianship and trusteeship authorities are required to decide within 15 days whether or not to be the adoptive parents of the child. The decision must be in writing and be issued to the applicants. This statement will subsequently serve as a basis for the applicants to be included in the list of candidates. In the event that the guardianship and trusteeship bodies have adopted a negative decision and refused to bring applicants into the base of candidates in the adoptive parent, the guardianship and trusteeship bodies must notify the applicant within five days and give him a written refusal with a substantiation of his negative decision. Along with the decision, the applicant must be returned all documents submitted to him earlier, and also explained the procedure for appealing against such a decision.

Selection of a child for adoption

In the same case, if the guardianship authorities andguardianship gave their approval and put you on the list of candidates for adoptive parents, applicants are provided with a database of children on adoption, and all information about such children, and also gives directions for visiting the selected child at his place of residence. In the event that candidates for adopters have not found a suitable baby for themselves in the place of their residence, they have the right to apply to the guardianship and trusteeship agencies of neighboring subjects of the Russian Federation. There they will also be provided with a list of children awaiting the queue for adoption, and all the necessary information about them. In order to apply to other bodies of guardianship and trusteeship, future parents do not need to take any special directions. For parents to be able to obtain information of interest to them about a child who is to be adopted, future parents should write an application to the guardianship and guardianship authorities at the place of residence of the crumbs, enclosing a copy of the conclusion on the possibility of being adoptive parents. If you want to get information about children left without parental care and are to be adopted from the federal base, you need to present your passport and the following documents for the adoption of the child:

  • A statement written in an arbitrary form, in which it is necessary to indicate its desire to take the child to be raised in his family.
  • Fill in the application form forcitizen who wants to adopt a child. This questionnaire contains information about the applicant's name, surname and patronymic, place of birth, marital status, citizenship, contact numbers.
  • If the adoption is made by a foreign citizen, he also needs to submit an opinion on the possibility of being an adoptive parent.

Specify more precisely, is this list alldocuments for the adoption of the child. The application of the applying candidate to the adoptive parents must be considered within 10 working days. If for any reason the documents do not meet the requirements, or for some other reason the applicant will be refused, the operator must return all documents to the applicant and in writing give reasons for his refusal and the procedure for appealing the decision. And in the event that the application is reviewed and a positive verdict is passed, the applicants will receive a full list of the children waiting for adoption, as well as detailed information about those crumbs that potential parents were interested in. After the adopters get acquainted with the information about all the children and can make their preliminary choice, the operator must give the adoptive parents a referral for visiting the selected baby. The given direction is valid for visiting only one child and only for 10 days. However, if the applicant has a valid reason, such as a business trip or illness, when the document proving this fact is presented, the validity period of the referral can be extended. After the candidate for adoptive parents has visited the child chosen by him, he is obliged to notify in writing the bodies of guardianship and trusteeship about the results of the child's visit and about the decision made by him. Applicants, before making a decision on adoption, have the right:

  • To receive full and objective information about whether the chosen kid has any relatives - brothers, sisters, grandmothers, and also to know about their whereabouts.
  • Apply to any independent municipal orState medical and preventive institutions for medical examination of the child selected by him. However, it must be remembered that this examination will be carried out in the presence of medical personnel of the childcare institution where the selected child is currently located.

Do not forget that in addition to the rights of the adopterthere are also a number of responsibilities. The first thing that future parents need to do is to get acquainted personally with their future baby and try to get in touch with him as soon as possible. Good contact with crumbs is a very important step to success. Preparing a child for adoption first of all is precisely in establishing contact with foster parents. After all, during the trial, the fact of having a good emotional contact will be a big plus in the direction of making a positive decision about adoption. Also, the adoptive parents should not neglect the careful study of all information concerning the child. This measure will help in the subsequent to avoid many difficulties, for example, if suddenly the grandmother of the child or his mother appears. Of course, the presence of living relatives from the chosen crumbs - this is not an excuse to refuse adoption, but awareness is the key to your peace of mind. You also need to carefully read the medical report on the health of the crumbs. The fact that you have read it must be confirmed in writing. Even if you do not fundamentally have health problems, and it can not affect your decision, be sure to take this information into account, because taking care of the baby's health after adoption will fall on your shoulders. You need to know what you need to be ready for. In the same case, if the chosen crumb for some reason does not suit you, you should notify the guardianship and trusteeship agencies about this. The bodies of guardianship and guardianship, in turn, must give candidates for adoptive parents the right to visit another chosen crumbs. In the same case, if the adoptive parents could not find a suitable crumb for them, they have the right to apply to the guardianship and trusteeship agencies with a request to continue searching for crumbs. The guardianship and trusteeship bodies must accept the application from the candidates for adoption and fix it in writing. A representative of the guardianship and trusteeship bodies must notify the adoptive parents awaiting the appearance of the child at least once a month in writing about the appearance of new forms of children waiting for adoption. Or, on the contrary, about their absence. After receiving such notice from the guardianship and custody authorities, the adopter must within 15 days have the right to get acquainted with the crumbs that are to be adopted. If for some reason he can not get acquainted with the questionnaire within the established timeframe, he is obliged to notify the guardianship and trusteeship agencies in writing about this, attaching documents confirming this fact-a hospital or business trip sheet, etc. In the same case, if the applicant has not, two times in a row, after receiving notification from the guardianship and trusteeship authorities, been informed of the child's new questionnaires without good cause, the search for a child may be temporarily suspended. And it can be resumed only after receiving by the guardianship and trusteeship agencies of the corresponding application from the candidate for adoptive parents. Also, a citizen who aspires to adopt a child must inform the guardianship and trusteeship agencies about:

  • Adoption of a decision on the adoption of the chosen crumbs and filing a lawsuit on adoption in court.
  • If the applicant has changed his decision, he must in writing refuse to further search for the child and the availability of information about him in the database of adopters.

Judicial consideration of the case of adoption

adoption of a child from a baby house The procedure for adopting a child is quite simple. The adoption process itself occurs during the court session in the manner established by the civil procedural law of the Russian Federation. In order to adopt the crumb chosen by you, you need to apply the prescribed form to a court located at the child's place of residence. In the application submitted by the adoptive parents, the following facts should be indicated:

  • Name, surname, patronymic of the applicants, as well as the address of their registration and the address of the place of actual residence, if they differ.
  • Name, surname, patronymic, as well as the date of birth of the adopted child, the address of his whereabouts at the time of application.
  • If there is an adoption of a child by a single woman - it is necessary to indicate the motivation.
  • Full information about the presence of the child close relatives - parents, brothers, sisters.
  • The reasons that prompted the adoptive parents to decide on the adoption of this particular crumb.
  • Also, the application should indicate the request of the adoptive parents to change the child's surname, first name and patronymic, and also all the information recorded in his birth certificate.
  • Written notification that the applicant knows the conditions for the adoption of the child.
  • If the adoption of Russian children by foreign nationals takes place, the applicant's residence permit in the territory of the Russian Federation must be indicated.

To the application for adoption of a child, submitted to the court, it is also necessary to attach the following package of documents:

  • If the adopter is not married, a copy of his birth certificate.
  • If the applicant was previously married, a copy of the divorce certificate must be attached.
  • If the applicant is married - a copy of the marriage certificate is attached to the application.
  • Conclusion on the medical examination of the health status of the adoptive parents.
  • Reference from the place of work of the applicants, which must be taken in the accounting department of the enterprise.
  • Documents confirming ownership of a dwelling.
  • Conclusion on the possibility of being an adoptive parent, issued by the guardianship and trusteeship authorities.
  • Conclusion on the registration in the database of adopters.

Remember that all the documents necessary foradoption must be submitted to the court in two copies, notarized. We have described everything that is necessary for the adoption of the child. After the submission of all necessary documents to the court, the claim of the adopters will be considered during a closed court session. At the trial there must be:

  • Representative of guardianship and trusteeship bodies.
  • The prosecutor.
  • The child himself, if he has already reached the age of 14.

The court, after reviewing all the materials of the case,makes a decision on the satisfaction or refusal to adopt a child. In the event that the decision will be positive, you will be given a judicial decision on the adoption of the child. Such a judgment provides sufficient grounds for making a change in the records of the birth certificate. After adoption of the decision on adoption, it is necessary to make state registration of adoption. The basis for such registration of adoption in the bodies of the REGISTRY OFFICE is also the decision of the court, which comes into force after the expiration of ten days from the date of the decision. In the event that the applicant for any reasons did not write an application for registration of adoption, the registry office will register it only on the basis of a court decision. And it is only the court that has the decision to abolish the adoption of the child. The civil status records will include the following information:

  • Surname, name and patronymic of the child, which he wore until the moment of his adoption.
  • Surname, name and patronymic of the child, received by them after adoption.
  • Passport data of the child's adoptive parents - surname, name, patronymic, age, residence permit.
  • The record number of the birth certificate and the date it was compiled.
  • All requisites of the court decision on the adoption of the child.

Payments for adoption of a child

Cash payments for the adoption of a child are the same as for the birth of their own:

  • Maternity benefits. It is paid if the adopted child has not reached the age of three months. It is paid on the basis of a certificate from the registry office at the place of work of the mother.
  • One-off allowance, paid by the state in the transfer of crumbs to education in the family. To date, its size is approximately 8,000 r.
  • If a child is less than one and a half years old, the mother is paid a monthly allowance for the adoption of the child, until he is one and a half years old.
  • In addition, in the event that the adopters have alreadythere is a child, or they adopted two kids at once, they have the right to receive maternity capital. To do this, parents should apply to the pension insurance fund at their place of residence.

In some regions with the adoption of a childadditional payments are provided. For further information, parents should contact the local social protection authorities. Of course, the adoption of a child is a very responsible and rather long process. But in this case time plays on your side - in fact next to the child you have chosen you will have to go through many years of a joint and happy life. It is also very useful to visit the school of adoptive parents, which exists with each body of guardianship and guardianship. Experienced teachers will help you prepare for the appearance in your family of a new little man, tell you what problems you can wait for, and most importantly how to deal with them. Be a little patience and endurance - very soon you will hear such treasured words "Mom" and "Dad"! We advise you to read: