acute gastritis About gastritis has been said so much that it is unlikelyyou can say something new. But, nevertheless, the vast majority of people still do not have a clear idea of ​​what gastritis is and how to act when its symptoms appear. And such ignorance can be very expensive - if treatment does not start in time, it is possible to develop more serious complications, for example, peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum. It is about gastritis and will be discussed in today's conversation. And we will talk specifically about the acute form of the disease - in fact at this stage it is easiest to cope with the disease. And if you ignore acute gastritis and do not take the necessary measures, the disease can take a chronic form of the flow.

Causes of development of acute gastritis

Of course, gastritis can not occur on emptyplace, for no reason. And these are the very reasons that provoke the development of acute gastritis, not too little. Doctors distinguish two main types of aggressive factors: endogenous and exogenous. Exogenous - external - factors include:

  • Disturbance of nutrition

What has the most direct impact onthe mucous membrane of the stomach? That's right, it's food. And that's why the health of his stomach depends on what a person eats. And the use of poor quality food very often leads to the strongest inflammatory process of the gastric mucosa. And, as a consequence, to the development of acute gastritis. Therefore, carefully monitor the quality of products used, for their shelf life, storage conditions. Try to avoid eating at fast food outlets. In addition, the development of gastritis can be provoked by the reception of unusual food for a person. For example, you are used to Russian cuisine, and ate a dish of the Caucasus, too spicy and fat. Do not then wonder why your stomach rebelled so much. Incidentally, this very often occurs in holidays, when people go to rest in hot countries. As a result, the vacation is spoiled. Often inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach develops due to banal overeating. If the stomach is constantly overloaded, sooner or later there will be a violation of all enzymatic systems. And there already and to an acute gastritis a hand to submit. Such cases of acute gastritis are most often observed after the holidays, during which abundant feasts are common.

  • Alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic beverages are a serious testfor the whole human body. Including for the mucous membrane of the stomach. Well, in the event that alcohol is taken in too high doses, it is possible to develop an inflammatory process. The same thing happens if the alcoholic drink is of poor quality. Just a couple of drinks of this kind of drink - and an acute gastritis is guaranteed to you.

  • Medications

Sometimes acute gastritis can develop inThe result of exposure to the gastric mucosa of certain pharmacological agents. In the event that the pain in your stomach has started while taking any medications, ask your doctor for help as soon as possible.

  • Exposure to chemicals

Sometimes a lesion of the mucosa can becaused by the ingestion of chemicals in the body, for example, household chemicals. Most often, such incidents occur with little children, who all that comes across their eyes, tend to taste. However, adults can also face this situation - for example, if the dishes have been rinsed badly, and there is a detergent left on it.

  • Extreme food temperature

Sometimes the main cause of inflammation of the mucosathe shell becomes a person's love for very hot or very cold foods. Therefore, do not get carried away by such dishes - it is best to eat about 37 degrees. By the way, it is very useful for your teeth too - tooth enamel reacts negatively to temperature changes. So, we sorted out the external factors. It's time to talk about endogenous - internal - factors. Yes - yes, in some cases it is certain diseases that can provoke the development of acute gastritis:

  • Extensive decay of proteins

In the event that acute gastritis develops afterextensive burns or after a blood transfusion, most likely the cause was a massive decay of proteins. In this case, the doctor will take all necessary measures to eliminate acute gastritis.

  • Viral infections

Sometimes the development of gastritis can beprovoked by the sources of acute infection in the body. For example, dysentery or viral hepatitis. In this case, there is an infectious gastritis. Treatment of similar cases of gastritis is carried out in parallel with the underlying disease, in the conditions of an infectious hospital. In any case, self-treatment is unacceptable.

  • Diseases of internal organs

In some cases, the cause of acute gastritis is chronic kidney or liver disease. The same is true for metabolic disturbances. Acute gastritis symptoms

Symptoms of acute gastritis

The course of acute gastritis can not remainunnoticed - signs of the inflammatory process are expressed very clearly. There are certain symptoms that indicate the presence of acute gastritis. These include:

  • Painful sensations

Pain in the stomach is one of the firstsymptoms of the fact that the gastric mucosa is inflamed. And very often the pain is so strong that a person with difficulty endures it. After eating, the pain increases many times. This is why a strict diet is shown in the first few days of the disease. And only after the symptoms of the disease are weakened, you can begin to introduce products. Especially strong pain in the event that the person was struck by an acute erosive gastritis. With this type of disease occurs not only inflammation of the gastric mucosa, but also its subsequent ulceration. Without gastroscopy to determine exactly what a person encountered with an erosive gastritis, it is quite difficult - all the signs are typical.

  • Nausea and vomiting

Very often gastritis in the acute stageaccompanied by a feeling of nausea, and sometimes there is vomiting. And these symptoms also often appear after eating, and sometimes even simple water. Although sometimes these symptoms may be absent altogether.

Diagnosis of the disease

In order to prescribe the right treatment,the disease must be properly diagnosed. For this, a sick person should seek help from a gastroenterologist. The doctor will examine the sick person, listen to all complaints, evaluate the symptoms and prescribe certain studies. As a rule, for the diagnosis of acute gastritis appointed:

  • Gastroscopic examination of the stomach

This type of research is as follows. In the stomach cavity is placed a special probe, at the end of which is a video camera. The mucous membrane of the stomach is shown on the screen and the doctor can evaluate its condition in real time. And accordingly, and diagnose the disease. In addition, this probe is equipped with special devices that allow you to immediately take pieces of the mucous membrane, for their further laboratory testing. Many people are extremely worried about and refuse from gastroscopy, believing that it is extremely painful. However, this is not at all - before the application the doctor will make anesthesia of the throat and you will not feel any painful sensations. Of course, you can not avoid a few unpleasant minutes, but they can be tolerated. After all, a more reliable method of diagnosing gastritis for today simply does not exist. You can not rely on some symptoms.

  • Determination of acidity level of gastric juice

For a full-fledged diagnosis, you can not do withoutdetermination of the acidity level of gastric juice. This is necessary in order to understand what kind of gastritis a sick person has encountered. After all, the success of treatment depends on this - for each type of gastritis it has its own. And incorrectly selected medications can only worsen the situation.

  • Ultrasound examination of abdominal organs

You can not do without ultrasonicstudies of the organs of the abdominal cavity. It is necessary for the doctor to be convinced of the absence of any accompanying pathologies. Do you remember that sometimes the acute form of gastritis is a direct consequence of certain diseases of internal organs? In addition, the symptoms of gastritis can be similar to a number of other diseases - for example, with acute pancreatitis. And focus only on the symptoms of the disease can not be - very high probability of error. Acute gastritis treatment

Treatment of acute gastritis: diet

Medicinal treatment should be prescribed onlydoctor-gastroenterologist. He, if necessary, will prescribe a physiotherapy treatment. From a sick person the strict observance of all appointments of the doctor, his recommendations and instructions is required. And first of all the sick person should strictly observe a diet.

  • Starvation

In the first few days of illness to the patienta person must completely refuse to eat. Although most often the sick person does not feel any desire to eat - the pain completely suppresses the appetite. The only thing that is allowed during this period is the liquid. It is best to drink pure non-carbonated water or unsweetened compote of dried fruits. Especially important is drinking in the event that a sick person has vomiting. Otherwise, he is threatened with severe dehydration.

  • Exit from fasting

Approximately on the third - the fourth day, whenthe pain will subside, you can start eating. However, it goes without saying, it is necessary to do this very carefully, so as not to overload the stomach after prolonged fasting. On the first day a sick person is allowed to eat not more than 200 grams of any slimy soup. On the second day to the soup can add a bowl of boiled porridge and a glass of jelly. And only on the third day a sick person can afford 100 grams of meat puree or steam cutlets.

  • List of strictly prohibited products

At the time of treatment - until complete recovery - fromThe menu should strictly exclude the following products: spicy, smoked and salted, all products containing artificial preservatives and colorants. In addition, it is necessary to completely exclude all kinds of spices, seasonings and sauces, except perhaps skimmed sour cream. Watch and what a sick person drinks - it is necessary to exclude coffee, alcoholic and carbonated drinks, too acidic and sweet juices.

  • List of allowed products

Without limits, you can use anyfermented milk products, low-fat meat, fish and poultry, thermally processed vegetables. You can drink non-carbonated water, sour-milk drinks, fruit drinks and compotes from dried fruits. All dishes must be boiled, fried or baked in the oven. And try to make such a diet of the norm of your life, and not just a forced measure for the treatment of acute gastritis.

Folk methods of treatment of acute gastritis

Treatment of acute gastritis is a veryresponsible. And it should be carried out under the strict supervision of a doctor. But you can also treat gastritis with the help of traditional medicine recipes. Of course, only after a preliminary consultation with your doctor. Recipes of traditional medicine can only be a help in the treatment of gastritis, but not an alternative to the main treatment. Treat gastritis only folk remedies is unacceptable.

  • Elimination of pain

In the event that a sick person is being harassedacute pain, you can try the following remedy. You will need one ampoule of novocaine, three aloe leaves and three tablespoons of dried inflorescences of chamomile, one tablespoon of honey. Put chamomile in a thermos, pour one glass of steep boiling water and leave to infuse for at least an hour. At this time, clean the leaves of aloe from the peel, using a strainer to grind to a puree state. After an hour, strain the infusion and pour it into a glass container. Add the honey in the infusion of chamomile mix thoroughly. After the infusion has cooled to room temperature, add aloe vera and novocaine. Thoroughly mix all the ingredients - you should get a homogeneous mass. All the resulting volume of a sick person should drink for 10 minutes, then lie down. As a rule, in only half an hour even the most severe pain recedes. To abuse this remedy is not necessary - in a day it can be taken no more than twice. Remember that this remedy is not a cure for gastritis, but only an ambulance.

  • Elimination of the inflammatory process of the gastric mucosa

You remember that acute gastritis is not thatother, as an inflammatory process of the gastric mucosa? So, the treatment should be directed first of all to the elimination of this very inflammatory process. And this can be done with the help of St. John's wort. You will need five tablespoons of dry St. John's wort perforated. Place it in an enamel saucepan, pour a liter of water and boil for 30 minutes. After that, leave to infuse for two hours. Strain the broth with gauze cloth, add a few spoons of any natural honey to give a pleasant taste. The resulting broth a sick person should drink during the day. As a rule, relief comes in a couple of days, but gastritis should be treated exactly one week. Do not prepare broth for future use - it is not stored for more than one day.

  • Honey broth

Probably, we will not distinguish a largeoriginality, telling you about the next tool - it is used very often. However, it is worth recalling it. You will need only warm water and natural honey. Dissolve one tablespoon of any natural honey in a glass of warm water, drink in the morning, on an empty stomach. Honey is very quickly absorbed into the mucous membrane of the stomach. It has the strongest anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect, normalizes the acidity level of gastric juice. The course of treatment should last 10 days. Pay attention - this tool can be used only for those people who do not suffer from allergic reactions to honey. In the event that you will follow all the recommendations of a doctor, strictly follow the curative diet, very soon you will forget about acute gastritis. Be healthy! We advise you to read: