acne treatment There is no limit to perfection! It is under such a slogan that most of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity march through life, sweeping innumerable quantities of all kinds of jars, bottles, tubes and boxes on their way. But all the same, when you look in the mirror, something will spoil the mood. And very often the cause for discontent are pimples. Those people who naively believe that acne on the face - an exceptionally teenage prerogative, is very lucky. But about a third of women know first-hand what acne can be at any age. What money does not go into use! And more often than not, the war with acne goes with varying success. But do not despair - in most cases get rid of acne is quite realistic, if you follow a certain algorithm. So, attention is the treatment of acne.

Causes of Acne

The first step towards getting rid of acne isdetermine the cause of their occurrence. If this is not done, you can fight the rashes for a long time, stubbornly and, most importantly, unsuccessfully. It is best for this to consult a doctor who will prescribe the necessary examination. And if this or that problem arises, optimal treatment will be selected.

  • Skin Care

In most cases, acne occurs in people withcombined or oily skin. Which, by the way, requires particularly careful care. And if it's wrong to take care of such skin, the appearance of acne will not keep you waiting. Of course, you can experiment and choose a skin care program yourself. But it's best to go to a cosmetologist.

  • Hormonal background

The second most popular reasonacne - a change in the hormonal background of the baby. Surely many noticed that very often pimples occur at a certain time of the menstrual cycle. In addition, the same is typical for teenagers and pregnant women. And also for people who suffer from these or other diseases that cause a violation of the normal level of hormones.

  • Diet

Few people think about it, but acne canappear for such a banal reason as an improper diet. Fatty and fried dishes, sweets, flour, coffee and carbonated drinks most negatively affect not only your lovely ass and waist, but also the skin condition. And if, as a result of such a diet, you have constipation - write was gone. You do not see beautiful healthy skin like your ears.

  • Allergic reaction

Of course, in most cases, allergy is easyto distinguish. But completely to dismiss this possibility it is not necessary, especially if rashes itch. Or if they appeared unexpectedly and in large numbers. For your own peace of mind, contact your doctor - an allergist. correct acne treatment

Cleansing the face skin

How the Motherland begins, we all know from childhood. And where does the right skin care begin? That's right, with her cleansing. It's not for nothing that a simple truth, also familiar to all children, says that cleanliness is the guarantee of health.

  • Daily cleansing of the skin

To wash it is necessary at least two times a day -in the morning and in the evening. But do not rush to grab for soap - there is a risk of drying even the fattest skin. It is best to purchase a special cleansing gel or, in extreme cases, to use ordinary baby soap without any additives. And to wash with a washing-up liquid it is necessary only once a day, before a dream to wash off all the dirt which has collected on a skin of the face for a day. In the morning just wash with warm water. It is generally believed that with oily skin of the face it is necessary to wash with hot water, which expands the pores, which means it is easier to remove dirt. So it is so, but we must not forget that hot water provokes the increased functioning of the sebaceous glands. So, the pores will clog even more. Therefore, it is most sensible to wash with hot water, but to finish washing - cool, which will quickly narrow the pores.

  • Scrub

Two or three times a week will be usefulscrub. You can use the finished product, but you can do it yourself. Before applying scrub, do not forget to steam up your face. This can be done in two ways - either with the help of steam trays, or with the help of hot compresses. It is best to use a decoction of chamomile - it perfectly removes inflammatory processes. And its preparation does not require from you special efforts: boil 0.5 liters of water, put in three tablespoons of pharmacy chamomile and boil for 10 minutes. If you use compresses, strain the broth. Cool it to an acceptable temperature to avoid burns. After about 10 minutes, when the skin breaks up, apply a scrub, carefully massage the skin and leave for 5 minutes. Then rinse with a very large amount of water - first warm, then cool. After the skin dries, apply your moisturizing cream - it is necessary for any, even the most oily skin. self-management of acne

Healing Masks

Proper skin cleansing in most caseshelps prevent the recurrence of rashes. But with those that already exist, it is necessary to fight. And this can be done very effectively with the help of folk recipes:

  • Honey and egg yolk

Treatment of acne with the help of this tool takesnot so much time - from five to 30 days, depending on their number and degree of inflammation. On a water bath, melt two tablespoons of any honey, pour into a glass container. When the honey is slightly cool, add a raw egg yolk into it and mix it very carefully. The resulting mixture is applied to the previously cleansed skin and leave for 30 minutes. Residue the mask with water and allow the skin to dry itself. Important! This remedy is contraindicated for people suffering from an allergic reaction to honey.

  • Lotion of Sage

Get a dry sage at the pharmacy. Boil a glass of water, put five tablespoons of sage in a thermos and pour boiling water. Insist an hour, then pivot the steamed grass on a gauze napkin, allow to cool slightly and drain excess water. Sage with a uniform layer spread over the steamed skin of the face and leave for 15 minutes. Then rinse the skin with cool water. And remember that acne and acne alone should not be treated for too long. If after a month you do not observe any improvement, then go to a dermatologist. We advise you to read: