causes of acne on the calves It is currently difficult to find a woman whoI would not care about my appearance. Men are attracted by a beautiful female body, but what if they have pimples on their legs, they itch, giving discomfort, and these same legs have to be hidden under trousers, long skirts and dresses? Why do you get red spots on your legs, small dots and even big blisters? We understand the reasons for their appearance and get rid of them! the appearance of acne on the calves of the legs can be caused by the use of a depilator

Causes of Acne

If they appeared in winter, this is due to the fact,that under the warm clothes the skin does not breathe and the pores are clogged with sebum, and even purulent pimples can result from hypothermia. In summer they can appear because of sweat, dust and dirt, which get on the skin irritated from epilation. Various cosmetic products: creams, lotions, balms, scrubs, gels, soap and any ointment that you use, for example, from bruises, to improve blood circulation, can cause rashes. Epilation is a very big stress for the legs, after it the skin turns red, the growing hairs "hide" under the skin, forming ugly tubercles at the site of hair growth, which itch. Why it should be done with great care. And if on the calves and thighs there are vascular asterisks, sensitive skin, then for such legs the use of the epilator is contraindicated. Hormonal restructuring of the body, mainly this occurs in adolescence and in women in the premenstrual period, some time before the onset of menstruation. Including stress affects the hormonal background. Why does it affect the appearance of acne? The fact is that the production of sebum increases, its composition changes, and why it appears in the pores of the plug. Diseases of the thyroid gland and other internal organs, dysbacteriosis, constipation, staphylococcal infection, which must be treated, may be accompanied by acne. Taking certain medications, for example, steroids, helps to cure a number of diseases, but can provoke the appearance of acne.

Types of Acne

Non-inflamed: small black dots and comedones, the so-called "white pimples". Inflamed: red, purulent, nodules - red pimples of large size, even a slight touch to which causes painful sensations, and cysts are pimples with a strong inflammation and a lot of pus, which must be eliminated. application of medicinal ointment for the removal of acne

Diagnosis and treatment of acne on the legs

Diagnosis is necessary to determine, with highaccuracy, the reason for the appearance of acne. That is why a qualified specialist should be engaged in treatment! It is the dermatologist who examines the patient and prescribes laboratory tests, such as general and biochemical analyzes of blood, urine, feces. First you need to cure the cause, and then remove the pimples themselves, if after treatment the rash does not go away. And for women and men these reasons are different. If the pimples are itchy, then, probably, they appeared as a result of an allergic reaction and most likely, antihistamines, tablets and ointment will be prescribed. If the doctor determines that acne on the legs appear as a result of an internal disease, then, in order to cure them, he will prescribe a comprehensive treatment. In this case, not only the dermatologist, but also, probably, an immunologist, an allergist, cardiologist, endocrinologist, gastroenterologist will be treated. For the treatment and prevention of daily hygiene procedures, and in the summer twice a day. After the shower, you can wipe your feet with cotton wool discs, with a weak solution of salicylic acid, it dries well and disinfects, and then apply a sulfuric ointment or ointment containing salicylic acid, they will also help get rid of acne. The temperature in the room is very important, it should not exceed 23-24 degrees. This will reduce sweating, which causes the clogging of pores. In the treatment of acne in both men and women, an integrated approach is important. Along with medicines, to get rid of them, use ozonotherapy. Purulent acne should be treated with local antibiotics, such as Dalacin, Zinerit, etc., but strictly following the instructions. Why? These preparations very strongly dry, therefore if in 10 days the skin will start to be shelled, and the eruption will not be cured, it is necessary to address to the doctor. From herbs for rubbing, a decoction of chamomile or calendula, which are natural antiseptics, can be used, an ointment with these plants can be used. Remove the pimples well helps glycerin, mixed with acetylsalicylic acid, produces an ointment that is applied to the affected areas. Of great importance is nutrition. At the time of treatment, it is necessary to remove sweets from the diet, there are foods rich in vitamin A, B, E, they help get rid of pimples. If these are medications, then take only under medical supervision. Great trouble can bring funds with chlorine, so when you wash you need to use only hypoallergenic drugs. And at the time of treatment, exclude scrubs, i.e. Do not use them on calves or other places that itch and where there are rashes. When choosing clothes, in particular tights, pay attention to the composition, it should have more cotton than synthetics. Warm pants, jeans should have an inner layer of cotton. Remember that it is possible to cure acne on the legs, having understood the reasons why they appear, having picked up the correct treatment and following all the recommendations of the doctor.