causes of acne on the head Acne on the scalp disturbed moreour ancestors many thousands of years ago. The Egyptian pharaohs and the ancient Roman patricians thought about how to get rid of this strange disease. This defect in the skin can manifest itself in people belonging to absolutely different age groups. Appear pimples quite unexpectedly. This disease causes not only physical, but also psychological discomfort. The non-aesthetic appearance of the scalp will not be pleasant to a few. But the appearance is not the worst. Caring for hair is very uncomfortable, the constant itching starts to bother from the slightest touch of the comb. And if you try to scratch your head, itching and painful sensations are even stronger. A vicious circle and constant torment.

Why do white spots appear on my head?

This question, of course, interests all people,suffering from acne. The cause can be absolutely any failure in the body. Often, aches on the head under the hair, appearing in adolescents, pregnant women or women before menstruation, signal that the body has a hormonal failure. To determine why there were pimples on the head under the hair, it is worth a complete examination of specialists, because the reasons can be much more serious and signal about a disease. But there are also household reasons for the appearance of acne on the head. These include elementary failure to comply with the rules of personal hygiene, in this case, small purulent pimples literally dot the entire scalp, causing itching and redness. Acne originates as follows. As is known, our skin consists of a cellular level of 3 layers: hypodermis, dermis and epidermis - each layer carries special functions. So, the dermis (connective tissue) contains the sebaceous and sweat glands. These glands are located on the face and head. If there is excess fat in the skin cells, it penetrates through the pores outward (together with sweat). The skin of a person is covered with a hydrolipid film, it protects the body from excessive loss of moisture and from the ingress of bacteria from the surface of the body and the environment. If the hydrolipid layer is broken or poorly functioning, the bacteria still overcome it and enter the pores, then inflammation begins. As a result of this process, red painful acne appears. Children also face this problem. Why do babies, who are kept in practically sterile conditions, also have acne on their heads in their hair? The causes of acne in children are very different. In infants, acne can appear due to malnutrition of the nursing mother. And in children a little older, they appear as a result of allergic reactions to certain products, skin care products, medicines and even low-quality toys. Parents should pay special attention to the pimples on the head in children, because this is often the first sign of the baby's chickenpox appearance. The child should immediately be examined in the hospital from a pediatrician and a dermatologist. acne treatment on the head

Acne in children 13-16 years old

Adolescents are one of the most riskyage groups. It is at this age that subcutaneous fat begins to develop more intensively than before. A companion of acne is often also purulent white pimples. What else is the reason for the appearance? It is possible that the appearance of such acne provoked an incorrectly selected shampoo and other means to care for scalp and hair. Maybe you are too often or, on the contrary, wash your head too seldom. Remember: you need to wash your hair every other day, at least, and if your hair is greasy, then do it every day, so that there are no pimples. Malnutrition, too, often provokes the appearance of acne. Harmful products, in particular, a large number of sweets will certainly affect the condition of your skin. In this case, you should visit a nutritionist who will prescribe a special balanced diet. You can also eat yourself right, remembering the general rules: in the morning - porridge, for lunch - fruit, at lunch - first and second, for dinner - mostly protein food. If you can not refuse sweets, then give preference to natural goodies, which should be eaten in the morning. Adhering to such rules, you not only get rid of hated acne, but also increase the overall tone of the body, accelerate the metabolism, which is important in the fight against acne. Why there were spots, although with health and hygiene all right? Less common causes of the appearance of acne on the head are stresses, neuroses, menstrual cycle disorders. But they too should pay attention.

To delay with treatment in any case it is impossible

To quickly get rid of acne,provoking itching and flaking, you should immediately begin treatment. Not self-medication alone. There are several types of skin, and a person not versed in dermatology will not be able to choose the right medicine that is right for him. After all, the reasons for the appearance of acne are many, and to prescribe the right treatment you should consult a dermatologist in order to avoid complications. It has been known for a long time to at least slightly soothe the itching and painful sensations, you should take sulfur baths with the addition of a small amount of sea salt. After this procedure, the scalp is a little "dried", the inflammation and itching gradually go away. Only now the sulfur bath in our time is unreal. Of course, you can add to the bath funds containing sulfur and sea salt, the effect should be the same. But many products based on natural products are practically inaccessible. But there are many good modern drugs based on artificial components. They will help quickly get rid of boring pimples on the scalp. For example, special shampoos dries pimples and contribute to their disappearance. This is the "harmless" remedy, and if acne has just appeared, then such a remedy should always be at hand, so that when the first manifestation of the disease you can immediately neutralize it. Treatment with such a drug is not more than 2 weeks. If the shampoo does not help, then you should again seek the help of a dermatologist. Treatment of acne on the scalp: popular means

  • Antibacterial ointment. If you have been prescribed it, then do not forget to follow the instructions and apply the ointment in small portions to washed and slightly dried hair.
  • If the ointment did not help, then you should try the ichthyol. You need to spread it thin slices directly on the pimples. Change the bandage every day.
  • Around each acne skin rub with salicylic or camphor alcohol. Be careful not to burn your scalp.
  • And the most extreme measure in the fight against acne on the skinhead is the intake of antibiotics. Pharmacology does not yet have a more effective means. But, as you know, taking antibiotics can lead to terrible consequences, so apply this method should be against acne on the head under the hair in extreme cases.

Please note that popular means,Such as Skinoren or Chatty, are only used to remove acne on the face. For the head they are simply useless. Purulent pimples on the head in the hair should never be pushed and pinched, even if the itching does not give you rest. Endure, otherwise by your actions you will only aggravate the situation and the condition of the skin will deteriorate noticeably. rinsing hair folk remedies

How to cure acne on the head under the hair folk remedies

Such funds may well help, but they should be used only after visiting a doctor and, accordingly, with his own permission.

  • Apple vinegar. We prepare the solution, for this we mix the vinegar with water in the proportion 1: 1. The washed hair is rinsed with this solution. We wait 5-7 minutes, then rinse the head under running water.
  • Tea tree oil is a wonderful antiseptic,which can soothe the itching and redness. Oil can be added to hair masks or shampoo. This means you can not only treat acne, but also use as a prophylaxis.
  • Mask of cinnamon and honey. Mix one teaspoon of cinnamon with two tablespoons of honey, after washing the head, apply the mixture to the problem areas of the scalp and leave for 20-30 minutes. Then rinse with warm water. We do this mask 2-3 times a week.
  • Do not forget about proper nutrition, because the excessharmful food badly affects the skin and the body as a whole. It is necessary to include in the daily ration of wheat, rhubarb, prunes, cabbage and fruit. Eat porridge, especially useful buckwheat, oatmeal and wheat. Refuse the flour products. As a drink, it is better to use sour-milk products, green tea, mineral water and natural juices.

Following simple recommendations, you will cope with acne on the head under the hair and will never know what is itching and flaking.