acne on the face of the cause When a person has acne, he beginsseek a way to get rid of them. However, this is not always possible, in spite of expensive preparations and numerous cosmetic means. Which, however, is not surprising - it is foolish to treat the consequences (acne) without eliminating the cause of their appearance on the face. Therefore, if you have pimples on your face, you need to look for the causes first. Of course, only the doctor will determine the exact reasons, but it will not change the basic ones. And an interesting fact - acne on different parts of the face is often different reasons for their appearance.

Acne in the chin

If the pimples appear on the chin, you canto suspect problems with the hormonal background: gynecological diseases in women, thyroid disease. Therefore, the first thing to do when an acne on the chin - go to the doctor. The doctor will give you the necessary examination and, if necessary, appropriate treatment. In addition to hormonal problems, pimples on the chin can sometimes arise due to an excessively weakened immune system, with colds and viral diseases, as well as bacterial infection. In this case, the typical appearance of acne alone, without acne. A little less often, but sometimes there are cases when the cause of acne on the chin is a stomach disease, in which the normal process of digestion is disrupted. In the event that the food is not digested well enough, the body produces a huge number of different toxins. And these toxins are extracted through the skin, and the chin to them is particularly sensitive. But most often the reason for the appearance of pimples on the chin is ridiculously banal - ordinary dirt. A lot of people have one very bad habit - to prop up your head with your hand. As a rule, dirty hands touch the chin. And acne does not make you wait too long. causes of acne on the face

Acne in the forehead area

Skin on the forehead is part of the T-zone where the pimplesarise most often. On the forehead is a huge amount of both sweat and sebaceous glands. And so many people have skin on the forehead that is always fat, as the active work of all glands goes on. As a result - not only shiny oily skin, but also the formation of acne and acne. And in the event that you have a bang - the risk of developing acne on the forehead occurs at times. Especially if a person washes his head not too often. In addition, sometimes acne on the forehead may occur due to diseases of the gallbladder or pancreas, as well as the intestines. Dysbacteriosis, pancreatitis, cholelithiasis - all of them can cause acne on the forehead. By the way, if you have acne on the line of hair growth, you need to check the condition of the gallbladder. Acne in the eyebrow area signals that your intestines are very uncomfortable and he is struggling with his last efforts with his work. But all this is true only with regard to a small amount of acne. In the same case, if the rashes on the skin of the forehead are very abundant and acne joins to the pimples, it is worth seriously worried. Most often, this happens if certain toxins are collected in the human body due to improper nutrition. As a rule, sweets, chocolate and carbonated drinks lead to this outcome. In addition, in some cases, the appearance of acne on the forehead is due to the use of too much vitamin-mineral complexes, some drugs. And, incidentally, a similar effect is often given by hormonal drugs - including contraceptives. The body does not cope with the load and begins to remove unnecessary substances through the skin. Hence the pimples.

Acne in the area of ​​the lips

A very serious reason for concern isthe appearance of pimples on the skin in the area of ​​the lips and even more so on the lips themselves. With a high probability of a man suffers all without exception, the digestive system: the esophagus, stomach, intestines. Needless to say, this state can not go unnoticed. In addition to the appearance of acne, there will be either chronic constipation or, on the contrary, frequent upset stomach. First, a person should consult a doctor as soon as possible. And secondly, if the problem is constipation, reconsider your diet. In the menu, you need to include as much fiber as possible. Bran, cereals, untreated vegetables and fruits will benefit you. Often, this measure is enough to not be afraid of the appearance of new rashes. unpleasant acne on the face of the cause

Acne in the nose

Regardless of the type of your skin - whether it is dry,oily or combined - it is on the nose of the most enlarged pores. And the fatness of the skin of the nose is much higher than in other places, because it is there that a huge amount of sebaceous glands. And they open, by the way, on the surface of the skin. In most cases, the appearance of acne on the nose occurs in adolescents who have hormonal changes. And, as a consequence, the body develops a temporary hormonal imbalance. incidentally, this phenomenon often occurs in future mothers. As soon as the hormonal background stabilizes, the problem disappears. Well, of course, you need a thorough skin care. In the same case, if pimples on the nose appeared in an adult, you can assume problems with the digestive or immune system. And sometimes the culprits of unwanted guests on the nose are problems with the intestines or heart, causing weakness of their muscles. So, for example, if acne occurs on the tip of the nose, the cardiovascular system is highly likely to suffer. If the pimples are localized in the region of the bridge of the nose, we can assume that the person suffers from a liver. And it was she who caused them. It is absolutely not necessary that the liver is sick - perhaps it is just too overloaded, and therefore can not fully cope with its functions. Especially often this is due to the consumption of too much protein food - meat, yogurt, cottage cheese and milk. And, of course, fatty, smoked and fried foods are also not included in the list of the best friends of the liver. It goes without saying that the location of acne on the face can not serve as a basis for diagnosing. However, a small clue of where to look for the problem, this fact can become. And finally I would like to remind once again - the exact reasons for the appearance of acne on the face can be established only by a doctor. First, go to a dermatologist. He will assess the condition of the skin and will appoint a checkup. Yes, and without a beautician you are unlikely to manage - because the proper skin care is very important. Even if the causes of the occurrence are known. We advise you to read: