Accessories: fashion spring-summer 20161 With the arrival of a new fashionable season, any womanas if reborn, taking the image that can emphasize her dignity at this time of the year. In this it is helped not only by the original decisions of the leading fashion designers in terms of clothing, but also, seemingly insignificant, but complementary to the image accessories. So, let's look at the accessories that are fashionable in the spring-summer 2016. They can only be a light touch to the image or a powerful accent that can completely switch the attention of others around. Sometimes, in order to make the image as complete as possible, it is necessary to assemble an entire ensemble, while another outfit requires only a small ribbon or a thin strap so that the style is formed. Modern fashion - a classic wardrobe in combination with fashion accessories and enough to complement them with fresh notes once a season, and the reputation of the inveterate woman of fashion is provided. One of the popular accessories for the next summer season will be belts. Their function of creating a fitted silhouette in the past is now an independent element. Leather, from textile, suede, with spectacular buckle or completely inconspicuous, wide and narrow, with a simple design, shiny, reminiscent of a wide corset or sash belt - all this , vividly represented in many fashion magazines,including the site of the magazine Vogue, which draws new ideas and inspiration from many women of fashion. It should be noted that it is in this edition that the latest collections of leading designers are most fully represented with the relevant photographic material. Of course, the summer fashion season will not do without hats that protect the delicate skin of girls' faces from the searing rays of the spring and summer sun. In the foreground are wide-brimmed hats, which were relevant last season. But now their rows are diluted straw hats in the style of the 20's, which will especially suit the fans of retro style, and amusing "fedora." Shawls, scarves, bandanas and scarves also return to fashion, which can be made both in the fur version for early spring, and from the finest silk for hot summer. Bright trend of the season - bandages. This can be a ribbon, and a knitted strip with a miniature bow, as well as lace. As without jewelry? After all, what can not jewelery bring to the strict "lifeless" outfit of playful colors. So, to the glory I tried to present the most actual ideas of the summer season Chanel House. Among his models, the leading positions are taken by brooches, which were undeservedly abandoned to oblivion. Perhaps, women of fashion accessories need to fall in love again, because many associate them with grandmother cameos. And, of course, Chanel originally managed to solve this problem, only by changing the location of this accessory. When a brooch was fastened only a decade ago, today it will not be superfluous also on scarves, bags, pants, belts, skirts, and even a wedding bouquet. As for necklaces, their motto in 2016 is "Throw in the eye." Necklace from large beads, oval pendants, differing originality and bright tones, especially if they are dominated by contrasting colors, ethno-pendants, all kinds of chains - all this will be appreciated by fashion fans as never before. Also on the world catwalks are religious decorations. Pendants, earrings, bracelets with crosses will decorate the outfit and add to the image of some detachment from the world. By the way, the latter is recommended to be worn in a "different-sized" and "multi-textured" combination. It is the combination of thin and wide bracelets that represents the hit of the season. Of course, fashion makes our life brighter and more interesting, and in the search for new solutions, most of its fans develop unprecedented creative talents. So "new" designers and designers are born, which bring something new and original to this world. We advise you to read: