fresh cucumber salad Fresh cucumber salad always by the way, it's alwaysjuicy and always low in calories. Recipe? Be sure to be, and not alone. Well, for now, a little history. Cucumbers can be rightly considered the most common vegetable, which is on our table since time immemorial. And we know about it to an insulting little. Let's try to correct this defect and tell about some details of the life of this beautiful vine that gives us the amazing crunchy fruits that we eat immature. Ripe cucumber, which is amazing, absolutely inedible. The homeland of the cucumber is India, in which it was cultivated several millennia ago. Cultivated this vine both in Ancient Egypt, and in Ancient Greece. And in Russia, the cucumber appeared long ago. Nevertheless, disputes about the benefits of this vegetable, which, ponder, are 95 percent water. But only water is not simple, but "living", structured. The remaining 5 percent - all sorts of usefulness in the form of vitamins and trace elements. Do not believe it, but in our modest unripe cucumber is contained almost the entire table of Mendeleyev! It has a sufficiently high content of potassium, and therefore cucumbers are useful for the heart muscle, and are also an excellent remedy that relieves us of swelling. You do not need any chemistry in the form of tablets - several cucumbers during the day, and you are in great shape. In all respects: in terms of health, and in terms of appearance. Want to lose weight? Cucumber diet will give an excellent result. Any nutritionist will confirm these words. And if you take the rule of arranging at least once a week cucumber unloading day, a slim figure, release from slags and a good complexion are guaranteed. And now the first recipe for a delicious salad.

Fresh cucumber salad


  • 4 cucumber
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • dill greens
  • 2 tablespoons of unrefined sunflower oil
  • salt pepper
  • teaspoon of vinegar

Cooking method: Cucumbers should be washed if the peel is too hard, peeled, and cut into slices. Garlic crush and grind. Fold the cucumbers in a suitable container, cover with garlic, dill, sprinkle and pepper, sprinkle with vinegar. Utensils with salad to shake several times so that the cucumber and all the other ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Put in the refrigerator for an hour. Spread a salad of fresh cucumbers beautifully on a flat plate, pour fragrant oil and decorate with a sprig of dill. A simple recipe, but it turns out an excellent snack. fresh cucumber salad

Salad of fresh cucumbers and cabbage


  • 3 cucumbers
  • half a head of cabbage
  • juicy bulb of salad varieties
  • a few stalks of green onions
  • on a bunch of dill and parsley
  • chili pepper
  • 30 ml of fragrant vegetable oil
  • salt, pepper, sugar to taste
  • vinegar to taste

Cooking method: Cabbage thinly chopped, pour salt and sugar, sprinkle with vinegar and lightly crumple. Fold in a suitable salad bowl. Cucumbers wash, clean (if necessary) and add to the cabbage. There, too, send the onion, chopped onion, green onion, greens and finely chopped chili pepper. Mix everything, pour with oil and balance the taste, adding, if necessary, salt, pepper, sugar, vinegar. Serve immediately after preparation, so that the salad of fresh cucumbers and cabbage is as fresh and crispy as possible. The recipe attracts the availability of ingredients and excellent taste, as well as health benefits.

Fresh cucumber salad with yoghurt dressing


  • 4 cucumber
  • bunch of green onions
  • bunch of dill
  • 150 ml of natural yogurt
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • salt, pepper to taste

Cooking method: Cucumbers to wash, peel and cut into strips. Garlic chop, chop the green onions and dill. Combine all the ingredients in a salad bowl, salt, pepper and season with yoghurt. This recipe is a real find for those who want to lose weight. recipe for fresh cucumber salad

Fresh cucumber salad with sour cream


  • 5 cucumbers
  • handful of lettuce leaves
  • juicy bulb of sweet varieties
  • 2 eggs
  • 150 Mo of sour cream
  • salt, pepper, sugar
  • lemon juice
  • teaspoon Dijon mustard

Method of preparation: The recipe is uncomplicated. Cucumbers to wash, peel and cut into fairly large cubes. Add chopped onions, finely chopped eggs and greens to cucumbers. All mix well. Salad leaves to sort, wash and dry. On a large flat dish lay the leaves of lettuce, cucumber with all the other ingredients and pour sour cream sauce. The recipe for the sauce. Sour cream mixed with salt, sugar, pepper and mustard, add lemon juice and lightly beat. There can be a lot of such salads. Cucumbers are combined with almost all products that are part of our usual diet, so that the field for creativity is immense. Bon Appetit! We advise you to read: