chinese cabbage salad Every hospitable hostess knows a lotvarious recipes. And the most experienced will be able to present you with a culinary masterpiece, which includes a couple of products, so to speak, daily necessities. But besides all, often want to try some light dish of fresh vegetables, and at a time when the refrigerator is filled with pickles. The best and most useful option in this situation will be a salad of Chinese cabbage. Chinese (Peking) cabbage is grown in Japan, China and Korea. This plant is cold-resistant and early-ripening. Previously, this cabbage could be found in expensive supermarkets at an insane price, but now it has been learned to grow in almost all countries, so it has become much more affordable. Outwardly it resembles a cabbage salad, so it is often called salad. The fact that salad leaves and cabbage for their remarkable nutritional and healing properties were always appreciated, many know. But the fact that a pekinka can easily replace two of these products is certainly not known even by housewives with a serious experience.

Recipes of Chinese cabbage salads

In addition to all the main advantages, Pekinese cabbageis a part of dietary nutrition, and in fact it is remarkable, because many girls follow their figure. Today we will consider several options of salads from Chinese cabbage. Another advantage is that their preparation takes a minimal amount of time, and the taste of this dish, as a rule, remains above all praise. Chinese cabbage salad

Chinese cabbage and greens salad

This option can be called the simplest andfast. All you need to make such a salad is cabbage, greens (it's better to take aromatic dill, parsley, basil) and mayonnaise. First, wash, dry and chop the Chinese cabbage. Finely chop dill, parsley, basil and other herbs that you decide to take. Then mix everything, salt, pepper to your taste. In the end, fill the resulting dish with mayonnaise. All mix well and leave for a few minutes, in order to let the cabbage juice (then the salad turns juicy and incredibly tasty). If you do not use mayonnaise for any reason, then choose a recipe with soy sauce, vegetable or olive oil. Piquant sourness to your dish will give balsamic vinegar. Mix everything thoroughly, and lettuce is ready!

Peking cabbage salad with croutons and chicken

This salad is more nutritious and high-calorie,so for girls who follow their shape, it does not fit. This recipe is very famous, simple and tasty, so you can safely choose it for a holiday or celebration. In addition, it can be served for breakfast or dinner. In order to prepare this dish for four, you will need:

  • Five hundred grams of chicken fillet
  • Four pieces of medium potatoes
  • One piece of onions
  • One head of Chinese cabbage
  • Two hundred grams of cheese
  • A small handful of wheat croutons
  • Mayonnaise to taste

Chicken fillet should be boiled until cooked,thirty-forty minutes will be enough. Then cool and cut into small cubes. At the same time, cook the potatoes, also allow to cool, grind. Then you need to cut into small pieces. Grate the cheese on a large grater. Chinese cabbage cut into thin slices. Mix everything, add crumbs and season with mayonnaise. You can decorate the salad with black olives and grated cheese. The dish is ready to serve! Tip: add mayonnaise and biscuits best before serving, otherwise it will get wet. salads from Chinese cabbage

Sea Breeze Salad

Such a recipe for a crispy, juicy salad, which is filled with light yogurt dressing, can be prepared both in ordinary everyday life and on holidays. Four servings you will need:

  • Four hundred grams of Chinese cabbage
  • Four hundred grams of shrimp tails
  • Two packets of cream cheese
  • One glass of canned corn (about one pot)
  • A bunch of fresh herbs (parsley, dill)
  • A few spoons of red caviar
  • One and a half cup unsweetened yogurt
  • Seasonings to taste (garlic, salt, black or red pepper, basil)

Wash the Beijing cabbage and slice it thinstrips. Cut the cheese into small cubes. Add corn and finely chopped greens. Condiments that you have chosen, mixed with yogurt. At this time, boil the shrimp. First rinse them, bring to a boil, add salt and cook for another three minutes. Add everything to the salad and mix thoroughly. For each plate put a portion, decorating it on top with a spoonful of red caviar. Salad from Chinese cabbage is ready! It is worth saying that there are many ways to prepare such dishes. Peking cabbage is combined with a variety of products: apple, onion, potatoes, peas and corn, meat, cucumbers and radishes, carrots, peppers, fish and other seafood. In addition, there are recipes with sour cream, mayonnaise, various oils, vinegars, yoghurts and yogurt, as well as with any seasonings; in general, with everything that your heart desires! Chinese cabbage can keep its vitamins throughout the winter, unlike other salad products, which, if stored for a long time, lose all useful properties. That is why the recipes of salads with Peking cabbage are simply indispensable in autumn, winter and early spring, because during this period such product is the best source of fresh herbs, ascorbic acid and the most necessary vitamins. We advise you to read: