feminine fragrances by March 8 Soon a special day for every woman is March 8th. Even those who do not consider this day as a holiday will be glad to accept gifts and a bouquet of flowers, no matter what they say. Choose and give a gift - everyone's business, but we want to advise something special, perfectly fragrant in an elegant bottle. For example, what to remind a girl about a paradise on the ground, and it does not matter if you were there, or just dreamed to go - give her the tropical fragrance of magnolia Magnolia Nobile from Acqua di Parma. Also popular are the fragrances of magnolia and geranium - Idylle from Guerlain, Eau Verte from Chanel, and others. In traveling around the world, the Guerlain series is calling: the flower-berry Paris-Moscow, the delicate green flavor of Paris-Tokio and the spicy vigorous Paris-New-York. Your chosen one will conquer new spirits on the basis of a synthetic molecule - Escentric Molecules. This line of aromas also has exciting flavors, which are so relevant in our time - it's a cool, fruity-floral fragrance, there is also a very fresh woody flavor - a cocktail of sandalwood and cedar. For connoisseurs of oriental aromas - perfume with ambre. For the spring holiday, a wonderful gift will be the aroma of freesia and geatsinta with their delicate and fresh sweetness. This is an elegant Beige from Chanel Exclusifs, Chamade from Guerlain with a powdery train, a restrained flavor of Ofresia from Diptyque, Yuzu ab Irato No. 9 from Parfumerie Generale splashing energy. Such aromas give lightness and inspire freshness in your head, whirling you in a waltz. Modern fashionistas live in the scents of jasmine and lily, peony and rose, tuberose, tropical ylang ylang, sweet vanilla and styrax on the background of patchouli, delicious aromas of caramel, chocolate and praline. For young girls, the DKNY Delicious Candy Apple series - Ripe Paspberry, Sweet Caramel and Juicy Berry is perfect. Jasmine notes are present in the aroma of Songes from Annick Goutal, a rich eastern flavor - Sarracine from Serge Lutens, and a cheerful fragrance for carefree girls - La Chasse Aux Papillons from L`Artisan Parfumeur. The notes of the rose sound in the traditional flavor of Joy from Jean Patou, sweet Nahema from Guerlain, in modern fragrances Jeanne la Rose from Lanvin and Fiore d`Ulivo from Xerjoff, as well as in novelties - Aire Loco from Loewe and Parisienne from Yves Saint-Laurent. In perfume shops now a huge selection of fragrances that would please your beloved woman. You just need to know her tastes and spend a little time choosing the right flavor. We advise you to read: