Loneliness. At least one hour!

Even if you are extremely lucky and you havea unique talent to properly manage their time, with the advent of the child everything will change. The most strict pedants are often drowned in affairs related to the baby. Young mothers seriously forget to eat and even brush their hair. So an hour of silence (for example, while a dad is walking with a child) is a true happiness. You can turn on your favorite movie and just drink tea. Without shouts, tears and the need to pull out from under the bed of his restless explorer.Photo: Getty Images

Bath treatments

Previously, washing was an unpleasant necessity. After the birth of the baby - it's a hell of a work that never ends, because everything gets dirty every hour. It's time to iron, clean, wash ... One of my friends once confessed that the last time she took a bathroom ... before the birth of a child! And when she succeeded, she was unspeakably happy. No foam and candles. Just lie in the warm water for 15-20 minutes - it's really a buzz.

Preparation of only one dish for dinner

You can be proud of yourself if you succeededto teach the child is what you are. After all, thousands of parents spend every day for several hours preparing individual dishes for their fastidious eaters.


It seems that no one ever wants to be bored,but some young moms just dream about it. They do not have a second of free time. And if suddenly a miracle happens and all things are redone, boredom sets in. And it's just amazing!

Long distance flights

A photo: Getty Images Having tried one hell in an airplane (when a kid starts screaming without stopping for several hours in a row), young parents prefer to fly to rest for relatively short distances. But, when the moment comes that you can fly far away, a lump of ... joy comes to your throat. After all, how wonderful it is: to sit on the plane for 9 hours, watch a movie, read a book and do nothing more.

Sleep until 8am

After the birth of the baby, it seems almostunrealistic. After all, if a miracle happened and the child did not make you get up at least a couple of times a night, then at 6 am his "fire alarm" will sound exactly. But there are rare cases when the grandmother and the grandfather heroically take away the kid on target and it is possible to sleep.